PV Sindhu vs Akane Yamaguchi, Live Badminton Score and Updates, French Open Super Series 2017 Semi-finals

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 28, 2017 20:03 IST

Yamaguchi def Sindhu, 21-14, 21-9 to enter the final


20:03 (IST)28 OCT 2017

We still have another match involving not just one, but TWO INDIANS! It is currently going on on another court.

Follow it LIVE HERE:

19:59 (IST)28 OCT 2017

But all credit to Yamaguchi, who played a brilliant match and never relented.

19:59 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Wow! Sindhu was nowhere in the match in that second energy speed....that is just not the Sindhu we know! Could it be an effect of playing at the highest level of the sport for nearly a year? Is she feeling burned out?

19:55 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Final score: Yamaguchi def Sindhu, 21-14, 21-9

19:54 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Yamaguchi closes it out, 21-9

19:52 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And 12 match points for the Japanese at 20-8

19:52 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Akane is way up at 19-8 now...within sniffing distance of the finish line now.

19:50 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Sindhu gets just one point to reduce the deficit to 7-17

19:50 (IST)28 OCT 2017

17-6 for the Japanese

Sindhu is just nowhere in the match!

19:49 (IST)28 OCT 2017

But Akane quickly stops that and leads 15-6

19:49 (IST)28 OCT 2017

A mini revival it seems as Sindhu bagged four points and made it 6-14

19:48 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Time is running out fast for the World No. 2.

19:47 (IST)28 OCT 2017

The lead is now of TEN POINTS

Sindhu is behind 4-14

19:46 (IST)28 OCT 2017

There's nothing to derail Yamaguchi.....she is a picture of confidence now while it is the exact opposite on the other side of the net....Sindhu keeps on struggling.

2-12 she trails

19:44 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Akane has an 11-2 advantage at the mid-game interval.

19:47 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Sindhu seems to have no energy left and is so slow on the feet.


19:42 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Sindhu is slowly fading away.....1-7

19:40 (IST)28 OCT 2017

After 13 consecutive points by Akane, Sindhu finally gets a point....1-6

19:40 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Wow! This is totally one-sided now...Sindhu trails 0-6

19:39 (IST)28 OCT 2017


Yamaguchi clearly the one who is in control of things now...she has opened up a 3-0 lead

19:35 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Yamaguchi closes it out, 21-14

19:35 (IST)28 OCT 2017


19:34 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Yamaguchi looks the one who is more comfortable now...19-14

19:37 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Great construction of point from the Japanese.... 18-14

19:36 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Akane making her crosscourt shots doing the talk now...
Leads 17-14

19:30 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And we are back to level...14-14

19:30 (IST)28 OCT 2017

It is still very tight with neither player managing to build a big lead...Akane up 14-13

19:29 (IST)28 OCT 2017

2 points to the Japanese now, who goes up to 13-12

19:27 (IST)28 OCT 2017

This time Sindhu goes up to 12-11

19:26 (IST)28 OCT 2017


19:26 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Akane inches ahead to 11-10 at halftime.

19:29 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And Sindhu makes it 10-10

19:29 (IST)28 OCT 2017

3 points in a row for Akane....10-9

19:27 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Rare error from Sindhu....9-8

19:27 (IST)28 OCT 2017

9-7 for Sindhu

19:26 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Brilliant Sindhu at the net!


19:26 (IST)28 OCT 2017

It is even once more. 7-7

19:26 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Sindhu gets a warning for delaying things

19:25 (IST)28 OCT 2017

What a rally! Akane kept on varying the height of the shuttle and drew an error from PV.


19:23 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Sindhu inches ahead to 5-4

19:22 (IST)28 OCT 2017

It is a tight contest right now.


19:21 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Both players moving the shuttle to a great height.

Error from Akane.


19:20 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And Akane goes up to 2-0

19:20 (IST)28 OCT 2017

It is under way!

First point to Akane

19:12 (IST)28 OCT 2017

The players are arriving on court. The match will begin shortly.

17:33 (IST)28 OCT 2017

As we wait for the match to begin, read Sportskeeda's preview of this match here.

17:21 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Good evening and welcome to the Sportskeeda liveblog of the 2017 French Open Superseries semi-finals. 

Second seed PV Sindhu faces the fifth seed Akane Yamaguchi in a blockbuster semi-final. While Sindhu is ranked second, Yamaguchi is placed at fifth in the world. Sindhu leads their head-to-head record, 3-1 and won their last three meetings.

After two disappointing campaigns at the Japan Open and the Denmark Open, Sindhu should be eager to prove herself once more in a big event. And so far, the India Open and Korea Open champion has shown enough signs that she is highly determined to lay her hands on the trophy.

The kind of performance she put on against her Denmark Open conqueror, Chen Yufei in the quarter-finals yesterday made one wonder how she lost their Odense showdown. She was accurate and took control of the forecourt early on and never let the Chinese feel comfortable.

She has to repeat that same focus and intensity. A flawless, aggressive display should let her have the upper hand in this match.

There's also a chance that the young Japanese might be slightly tired having reached the Denmark Open final last week. Sindhu needs to take advantage of that.
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