Rafael Nadal vs Albert Ramos Vinolas Monte Carlo Masters Final Live Score Updates

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Rafael Nadal is looking for La Decima - his 10th Monte Carlo title!


14:02 (GMT)23 APR 2017

After three deuces and THREE championship points, Rafael Nadal wins the Monte Carlo Masters 2017.

13:55 (GMT)23 APR 2017

But Nadal tips it ever so gently down the tramlines to finish off his 40-30 fightback. HOLD for 5-3 and now Nadal is a break - or a service game - away from a win! 

13:54 (GMT)23 APR 2017

Ramos Vinolas almost had a foot back in the door there on the VERGE of a break back leading 30-0. 

13:49 (GMT)23 APR 2017

 Nadal* 6-1, 4-3 Ramos Vinolas

13:49 (GMT)23 APR 2017

Ramos Vinolas isn't done yet. He has his own love game - his first of the match. He's still down a break at 3-4, but the #15 seed won't go down without a fight! 

13:46 (GMT)23 APR 2017

Rafael Nadal 6-1, 4 -2 *Albert Ramos Vinolas

13:46 (GMT)23 APR 2017

Game Nadal, who holds to love. Dominant and how. 

13:46 (GMT)23 APR 2017

Nadal comes into the net ostensibly to put some psychological pressure on Ramos and it works. He's staring down a love hold at 40-0 right now.

13:41 (GMT)23 APR 2017

Rafael Nadal* 6-1, 3-2 Albert Ramos Vinolas

13:41 (GMT)23 APR 2017

And there's the first break of the second set! Rafael Nadal wins on his second break point to take a 3-2 lead in the second set. Is this where it all goes downhill for ARV, or can he fight back? 

13:31 (GMT)23 APR 2017

Rafael Nadal* 6-1, 1 - 2 Albert Ramos Vinolas

13:31 (GMT)23 APR 2017

After quite the back-and-forth, it's game Ramos on serve, 2-1.

13:30 (GMT)23 APR 2017

He's looking stronger on every single point now, is Ramos, and not as meek to Nadal's brutal attack. 

13:30 (GMT)23 APR 2017

Service hold from Nadal to take scores to 1-1! Defense has been much better from ARV so far this set, much better than set 1...but then again, he held then to start, too..

13:25 (GMT)23 APR 2017

A love hold from Ramos to start off set 2. Not bad, not bad at all! 

13:18 (GMT)23 APR 2017

First set to Rafael Nadal, 6-1.

13:18 (GMT)23 APR 2017

Hoo boy. Nadal wants to wrap this up, and fast! The Spanish ace breezes through that first set, breaking, breaking and it's an, er, broken Albert Ramos who will want to fight back in Set 2. It's been done before.. but with Beast Mode Nadal on, our money's on La Decima. 

13:14 (GMT)23 APR 2017

Albert Ramos Vinolas can't catch a break....literally! He hasn't managed to hold a game either since that first service game, and he's flubbed it royally. Nadal now a game away from the first set. This is looking like quite the straightforward battle...

12:58 (GMT)23 APR 2017

Lightning fast service game from Rafa there to lead 2-1. 

12:57 (GMT)23 APR 2017

PSA - Rafa is yet to win a final this year. Could this be his first or is ARV going to continue that trend? 

12:56 (GMT)23 APR 2017

Rafael Nadal* 1 - 1 Albert Ramos Vinolas

12:56 (GMT)23 APR 2017

Game Albert Ramos Vinolas, on serve! Scores are level at 1-1

12:55 (GMT)23 APR 2017

DEUCE! This is already looking like a proper fight or what! 

12:54 (GMT)23 APR 2017

Looking like Rafa's going to break... at 40-0.

Spoke to soon? Ramos is fighting back and how! 

12:51 (GMT)23 APR 2017

Apologies to all our readers - with no video or live match currently available, we'll be getting you live score updates - and let you know if that changes through the match! 

12:50 (GMT)23 APR 2017

Nadal starts off the serve and he leads 1-0! 

12:50 (GMT)23 APR 2017

Rafa's in form and then some! After some very decisive tennis this year already, he's powered through to the finals of the Monte Carlo Masters. One could say that the early exits of both Murray and Djokovic have helped, but that wouldn't necessarily be true - he's in better form than the World No. 1 and World No. 2 right now! 
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