RCB vs LSG Live Score, IPL 2023: Lucknow Super Giants win by 1 wicket on the last ball

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RCB vs LSG Live Score, IPL 2023, Match 15 Updates: LSG have done the unthinkable as they win the game from a place where they were 22-3 at one point. Chasing 213, Marcus Stoinis started and Nicholas Pooran took it to another level with an unbelievable knock of 62 in just 19 balls! The drama stretched to the last ball of the game but the Super Giants ended on the winning side as RCB faced another heartbreak. Follow the RCB vs LSG Live Score of IPL 2023 at Sportskeeda.


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Player of the Match

Nichola Pooran | Player of the Match: I want to dedicate this performance to my wife and new born. We knew that the game was on, Stoinis and KL had a wonderful partnership. Stoinis kept us in the game and I knew this was a nice wicket. We could chase even over 50 in the last four, it was about cashing in. The second ball I came in and smashed a six. It isn't about getting a look in, if it is in my slot then I will smash it for six. I hope this is the season for me, in a good space and state of mind. Just want to enjoy my cricket, play with a smile and entertain, and win games for my team.

23:58 (IST)10 APR 2023

LSG Captain

KL Rahul, LSG captain: Unbelievable. This is the Chinnaswamy, only venue where so many last finishes are possible. From the possible we were in to end up winning in superb. We had to go hard and the ball swung early, and they got 2-3 wickets to put pressure on us. The only reason we got two points today is for the way the lower order batted. Not ideal for me, I want to score more runs and get the strike rate up as well. We've played on two tough Lucknow wickets, and today we lost 3 wickets so I went slower. I wanted to stay till the end and play with Nicky. Batting 5,6,7 in the toughest positions to play and that's where games are won and lost. We know about the power in Marcus and Nicky, and Ayush has come along as well. He's played 2-3 knocks last innings, and he's continued to perform well for us.

23:52 (IST)10 APR 2023

RCB Captain

Faf du Plessis, RCB captain: Disappointed. They played well through the middle. One ball one run. We backed ourselves to get a run-out. Just looking at the wicket, from 7-14 it was quite slower. The last five overs it started skidding on. Really good for some good cricketing shots. Stoinis and Pooran played everything off the middle. They took on one of our main bowler (Harshal) in his first couple of overs. It is a difficult place to bowl at the death. You have to be on top of your game. I was struggling for most part of my innings. Was happy to give strike back to Kohli, sometimes you have to scratch. When I started hitting a few of the middle I got my flow back.

23:46 (IST)10 APR 2023

RCB's old problem

RCB piled up a competitive enough total but their bowlers couldn't defend it which has happened a lot before. Apart from Siraj's exceptional spell of 3-22, everyone went for runs and the side has some regrouping to do now.

23:41 (IST)10 APR 2023

Nicholas Unbelievable Pooran

Nicholas Pooran's innings changed things in a flash as he bludgeoned the bowlers across the ground! His 62 off 19 gave us a match to remember! Not to forget, Marcus Stoinis' 65 of 30 set the tone upfront for the chase.

23:40 (IST)10 APR 2023

Record shattering chase

This is now the 4th highest-ever run-chase in IPL's history! A truly remarkable effort from the LSG  batsmen.

23:35 (IST)10 APR 2023

LSG win!

LSG has won the game in the most dramatic fashion there could've been! There was first an appeal of run-out at the non-striker's end when Bishnoi ran before the ball was released. Parnell missed the chance and then the batsmen ran a bye to sneak in the victory on the last ball!

23:30 (IST)10 APR 2023

Its not over yet

LSG is 212-9 and they need 1 run off 1 ball and 1 wicket is left! Unadkat departs for 9 and its all happening here in Bangalore!

23:25 (IST)10 APR 2023

Bowled him!

Harshal Patel strikes and things are now interesting! 4 is needed off 4 balls and LSG is 209-8.

23:23 (IST)10 APR 2023

5 off 6

LSG is 208-7 after 19 and they need 5 runs in the next 6 balls.

23:23 (IST)10 APR 2023


Ayush Badoni tried to get too cute with the ramp shot but he gets hit wicket at the wrong time for LSG! Its 206-7.

23:21 (IST)10 APR 2023

Badoni you stunner!

Ayush Badoni hits a boundary at the most crucial moment here. LSG need 7 off 9.

23:15 (IST)10 APR 2023


Unadkat scores a vital boundary for LSG. Its 198-6 after 18 over. They need 15 off 12 balls.

23:13 (IST)10 APR 2023

Big Moment

A full-toss from Siraj has been hit by Pooran but he finds the man. RCB get the wicket they were looking for. Is there still a chance?

23:04 (IST)10 APR 2023

Crucial over

Mohammad Siraj has come in to bowl an important one here and he needs to get it right for RCB.

23:00 (IST)10 APR 2023

Just wow!

Four from Ayush Badoni on the 2nd delivery and six from Pooran to finish. 14 runs came off that one and LSG is 185-5 after 16 overs. They need 28 to win in 4 overs.

22:54 (IST)10 APR 2023

Easy on the eye

Pooran is making it look easy to bat as he gets yet another boundary. This is exceptional from him. LSG is 171-5 after 16. They need 42 off 30 balls to win.

22:52 (IST)10 APR 2023

15-ball fifty

Nicholas Pooran goes HUGE and gets SIX! Its his fifty which has come up in just15 balls and he's taking LSG real close.

22:48 (IST)10 APR 2023

Game on!

Pooran you beauty! Another six off the bouncer and LSG is 154-5 after 14 overs. They need 59 off 36 now to win.

22:47 (IST)10 APR 2023

Cut away

Pooran slashed hard at the delivery and the luck favored him as the ball went in between the keeper and fielder for four.

22:45 (IST)10 APR 2023

Six to begin

Pooran hits the delivery behind and it just crosses the line for a sixer! He is playing a blinder here for LSG.

22:43 (IST)10 APR 2023

Bye Bye Ball

Pooran and Badoni are keeping LSG in the hunt as the two have taken it onto Karn Sharma. Two sixes and a four resulted in 20 runs, its 136-5 after 13 overs.

22:39 (IST)10 APR 2023

Boundary to end

On the good length area and Pooran lashes on it to gain four runs! 11 came of that one, LSG is 116-5 after 12 overs.

22:36 (IST)10 APR 2023

Badoni hits four

Ayush Badoni is the new man in and he strikes the ball down the ground for his first boundary, much needed for LSG.

22:34 (IST)10 APR 2023

Rahul Departs

This is a huge blow to LSG as Rahul looks to clip the delivery on the leg side but finds the safe hands of Virat Kohli. He walks back for 18, LSG is 105-5.

22:32 (IST)10 APR 2023

Pooran doesn't waste time

Nicholas Pooran comes in and smashes the ball off his 2nd one that he faces for a maximum! LSG is 105-4 after 11 overs.

22:31 (IST)10 APR 2023

RCB elated

Karn Sharma gets the last laugh as he gets the huge wicket of Marcus Stoinis. An amazing knock of 65(30) from him comes to and end. LSG is 99-4.

22:29 (IST)10 APR 2023

Into the 60s

Shout of catch it, but well you'll have to sit in the stands to grab that one as its a ferocious strike from Marcus Stoinis! He moves on to 65* with that blow.

22:27 (IST)10 APR 2023

Down town!

Another meaty blow to end the over and its Stoinis, who's willow is doing the job here. LSG is 91-3 at the halfway mark. They need 122 runs in the final 10 to win.

22:26 (IST)10 APR 2023


That's into the stands once again and Stoinis raises his bat as he's reached a magnificent 50 off just 25 balls. He is the man for LSG at the moment.

22:22 (IST)10 APR 2023

Another big one

Four through point and its a 16-run over for LSG! Marcus Stoinis is on the charge and rightfully so at the moment. Its 76-3 after 9 overs. 

22:17 (IST)10 APR 2023


Yes he can, Stoinis goes over the leg side for a six! Great start to the over.

22:17 (IST)10 APR 2023

Karn comes in

Karn Sharma has been brought into the attack by RCB and he is up against Stoinis. Can the Australian lad keep going?

22:16 (IST)10 APR 2023

Huge one for LSG

17 runs came off that one from Harshal Patel. LSG is 60-3 after 8 overs and they require 153 runs in 12 overs to win at 12.75 RPO.

22:13 (IST)10 APR 2023

Brilliant start

The first three have gone for something like this - 6,4,4! That's 14 runs off 3 balls thanks to Stoinis' striking. Can he keep going here?

22:07 (IST)10 APR 2023

Beats the in ring

Marcus Stoinis pulls the delivery behind and it gets past the in ring fielder for a much needed boundary. LSG is 37-3 after 6 overs.

22:02 (IST)10 APR 2023

Boundary to finish

A welcome boundary off the bat of Stoinis ends the 5th over. LSG is 30-3. They need 183 in 15 overs to win.

22:02 (IST)10 APR 2023

Drama in Bangalore

Stoinis went for the big one but only got the height. Siraj ran a good few meters but the ball slipped out of his hands. LSG is in full panic mode at the moment.

22:00 (IST)10 APR 2023

Stoinis in next

Marcus Stoinis has made his way to the middle at no. 5 for LSG. H ereally needs to stick there with the skipper and get going too as the RRR is on the rise!

21:57 (IST)10 APR 2023

Two in One!

This is a splendid from Wayne Parnell into the IPL as he gets Krunal Pandya out for a duck. This is his second wicket in one over! LSG is crumbling at 23-3 after 4 overs.

21:54 (IST)10 APR 2023


Wayne Parnell has got his man with a faint edge off Hooda's bat which carries to the keeper. LSG is in trouble at 23-2. Hooda goes back for 9 runs.

21:53 (IST)10 APR 2023


On the pads from Parnell and Hooda doesn't miss out as he whips it to the boundary! LSG move on to 23-1 in 3.2 overs.

21:47 (IST)10 APR 2023

First boundary

A desperate dive from Harshal goes in vain as his foot hits the ropes and LSG get their first boundary. They're in need of many more here.

21:44 (IST)10 APR 2023

Pressure is evident

Two chances of run-out and then, a sloppy shot from the LSG batters shows they're under the pump. Its 10-1 after 2 overs.

21:41 (IST)10 APR 2023

Rough start

After 1, LSG is 5-1. They really haven't started as they would've liked as RCB is in the driving start first up here.

21:39 (IST)10 APR 2023

Hooda in next

Deepak Hooda is the new man in for LSG at no. 3 and he has got his work cut out here.

21:36 (IST)10 APR 2023

Hits the timber

A big wicket for RCB in the first over as Siraj gets Mayers on his third delivery for a duck! LSG is 1-1.

21:34 (IST)10 APR 2023

The chase is on!

Kyle Mayers is on strike with KL Rahul at the non-striker's end for LSG. Mohammad Siraj will start things for RCB with the ball.

21:33 (IST)10 APR 2023

Impact Player: RCB

Karn Sharma comes in for RCB in place of Anuj Rawat.
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