Real Madrid vs PSG Live Score and Commentary, UEFA Champions League football 2017-18

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Real Madrid 3 - 1 PSG (Ronaldo (P) 45', 83', Marcelo 86'; Rabiot 33')


03:10 (IST)15 FEB 2018



Cristiano Ronaldo's scored a brace, Marcelo ended a man-of-the-match performance with a superb goal, Marco Asensio just reiterated why he's such a delight to watch, while PSG paid for their bone-headedness at the back. For all of Neymar's gliding and dancing, they weren't much good when they really needed to be - with Varane and Ramos putting in their best performances of the season. 

Moral of the story: Never, ever, write off Real Madrid. 

03:07 (IST)15 FEB 2018

93' Rabiot races down the left, plays in Neymar - and he blooters it high and handsome into the Madrid sky. 

03:05 (IST)15 FEB 2018

92' Rabiot tries to thread through a ball to Neymar - but it's got way too much oomph on it. 

03:04 (IST)15 FEB 2018

91' THREE MINUTES TO BE ADDED ON! Asensio once again looks to spring for'ard - and Meunier hacks him down. That's a yellow for the Belgian. 

03:04 (IST)15 FEB 2018

90' Real Madrid race forward on one of their patented counters... Asensio plays it out to Ronaldo - and you know what's coming. A stepover, a body feint, and a shot... but the last bit is simply not good enough to trouble Areola

03:03 (IST)15 FEB 2018

89' Neymar plays in Mbappe... he runs at Nacho, gets a lucky deflection and runs into the box - where his shot is straight at Navas. The corner is punched emphatically clear by the impressive Costa Rican. 

03:01 (IST)15 FEB 2018

87' Write off Real Madrid at your own bloody peril

03:01 (IST)15 FEB 2018

WOOOF! Asensio, again that young man - what a player he is - swings it in... Marcelo, in there, ahead of every man in white, leathers it in off his shin. Superb, superb, finish. Superb, superb goal. Marcelo's deserved that one. 

02:59 (IST)15 FEB 2018


02:59 (IST)15 FEB 2018

85' Emery finally takes off the disappointing Lo Celso and brings on Julian Draxler. 

02:59 (IST)15 FEB 2018

Of course, it had to be him. Asensio surges forward, plays it out wide - it's initially cleared. but Modric plays him back in. The young man then passes it into the box, where Areola palms it out - Ronaldo's there, and knees it into the net. Nice little Pippo Inzaghi-esque finish there from the master

02:56 (IST)15 FEB 2018


02:56 (IST)15 FEB 2018

82' Mbappe is released in behind the Madrid defence, but Marcelo does well to shepherd him out of danger initially, before winning a cheap foul off Alves

02:55 (IST)15 FEB 2018

81' Oh, Asensio came on for Isco at the same time Vazquez did. I missed it because I simply couldn't believe that Zidane had taken his defensive shield out. 

02:54 (IST)15 FEB 2018

80' Vazquez's first contribution is to play a neat little ball to Bale who surges into the box and wins a corner of Kimpembe. Kroos' delivery, though, is easily caught by Areola.  

02:53 (IST)15 FEB 2018

79' Neymar skins three Madrid players in his own half, and offended on their behalf, Nacho takes him out. Yellow for Madrid's utility man.Zidane, meanwhile, takes off Casemiro - NO, REALLY - takes off Casemiro and brings on Lucas Vazquez. He wants this win. 

02:52 (IST)15 FEB 2018

78' At the other end, Modric picks out Bale with a delicious cross. The Welshman plays it back in, but Ronaldo's shot is well blocked by Marquinhos. The corner leads to another corner - which is rubbish. 

02:50 (IST)15 FEB 2018

76' OH WOOOOOOOW! WHAT A BALL IN YURI! The left-back runs behind Casemiro and Neymar finds him with a neat through-ball. With the freedom of Madrid's box at his disposal, he pings a ball out that juuuust  misses Dani Alves 

02:49 (IST)15 FEB 2018

74' Mbappe tries to sell Ramos down the river with an imaginative piece of footwork - but the Madrid talisman is having none of that riff-raff. Blocked, cleared, and reset. 

02:48 (IST)15 FEB 2018

73' WOOOF! WHAT A BLOCK, RAMOS! He loses out in the air to Marquinhos but with the ball dropping out to Kimpembe just four yards out and him smashing it at goal, the Madrid captain pulls off the most stunning block as he is half-falling, half-trying to get up

02:46 (IST)15 FEB 2018

72' A hopeless Marcelo ball allows PSG to break at pace - Mbappe and Alves inexplicably slow it down - and it's just a corner. Should have been a lot more, but Varane is on his A-game here

02:45 (IST)15 FEB 2018

71' Neymar glides past Toni Kroos, boots barely touching the ground, form barely visible for Kroos, but with Alves free out wide, dithers and dallies till the move peters out into non-existence. 

02:44 (IST)15 FEB 2018

70' OH, MY! OH, MY! Meunier's passing has elevated PSG's attack already. He plays it to Mbappe, who lays it off to Dani Alves - who then plays a superb back-heel that causes all sorts of confusion in the Madrid box but just cant make it to its intended target, Neymar

02:43 (IST)15 FEB 2018

67' OUCH! OUCH!  Neymar tries a crossfield pass and hits the referee so hard that his ear-piece falls out. He looks like he'll be okay. Ish. 

02:41 (IST)15 FEB 2018

66' Meunier whips a superb ball into the box, but it's just got too much height on it for Neymar. Only if Cavani was on the pitch for that, eh, Unai? Madrid, meanwhile, take off Benzema for Bale

02:41 (IST)15 FEB 2018

65' Looks like Meunier will slot in at right-back, Dani Alves will push forward, and Mbappe will take up the freshly vacant centre-forward position. 

02:40 (IST)15 FEB 2018

64' My man Srihari is waxing poetic at the sight of Yuri doing his best to imitate a professional footballer... "from Cheltenham to Champs-Elysees, what a career" What a career indeed. Meanwhile, Emery's had enough and he takes of centre-forward Cavani for right-back Meunier. Can you imagine the scenes if Mourinho ever took off Lukaku for... say, Darmian?

02:38 (IST)15 FEB 2018

63' OOO! Freekick in Ronaldo territory. That player's player that is Modric zooms past Rabiot and goes down. Under absolutely no pressure. Rabiot didn't even touch the Croat. Ronaldo smashes it into the wall. Of course, he does. 

02:36 (IST)15 FEB 2018

62' UFF! Nacho zips past Yuri, not too tough a thing to do today, and whips in a lovely ball that is this far away from connecting with Benzema's outstretched boot. At the other end, Casemiro gets a talking to for having had the temerity to breathe near Neymar. Neymar dived is what I'm trying to say.

02:35 (IST)15 FEB 2018

61' PSG really are playing with fire here as they pass it amongst themselves. By they, I mean the center-backs and the goalkeeper. It's a little comical, to be honest. Just why they are doing it is beyond it. 

02:33 (IST)15 FEB 2018

59' Neymar tries to find Mbappe with another searching ball forward, but Ramos slides in superbly to makes sure that doesn't happen. 

02:33 (IST)15 FEB 2018

58' PSG's attempts to pass the ball out of trouble like they have all just passed out of La Masia is putting them in a load of trouble, but Madrid;s sloppiness is letting them off

02:31 (IST)15 FEB 2018

57' The tempo's dropped a touch, but you get the feeling both teams are simply gathering breath before launching into each other once again. Like those boring, tactical, middle rounds in a heavyweight slugfest. 

02:30 (IST)15 FEB 2018

56' Nothing comes from it but a PSG throw-in. 

02:30 (IST)15 FEB 2018

55' Karim Benzema absolutely bullies Lo Celso, absolutely bullies him, and wins the ball - now it's three on three and Kroos lures Marquinhos toward him before playing it out to Ronaldo - the angle, though, is too acute, and the great man can do naught but win a corner for his team. 

02:28 (IST)15 FEB 2018

54' Oh, a couple of minutes ago, Ronaldo chased a lost cause, harried Marquinhos, and threw himself at the Brazilian's attempted hoick out of danger. The Bernabeu loved it. Back in real time, Alves plays a one-two with Veratti, races into the box and pulls it back to Rabiot. The midfielder's shot cannons of Ramos' arm, but that was not in any way deliberate and the ref rightly ways PSG's protestations away

02:26 (IST)15 FEB 2018

53' WOOOF! Alves does some bombing forward of his own and his cross into the box is on the money - Varane awkwardly, but effectively, hacks it clear. 

02:25 (IST)15 FEB 2018

52' OH! Lo Celso gambles with the ball again, and he passes it straight to Kroos. The German's ball into the box finds Isco in space... but also offside. 

02:25 (IST)15 FEB 2018

51' Neymar Neymars his way across the face of the Madrid box. but there's no penetrating that wall of white. A Kroos interception sets off a Real Madrid counter, but Alves blocks off Marcelo's cross

02:24 (IST)15 FEB 2018

49' WOOOF! SAVE! Lo Celso found Neymar with a delightful dink and the Brazilian allows Cavani and Varane to race past him before slipping it out to Mbappe. The young man takes a touch and hammers it at goal, but Costa Rica's best footballer pulls out a quite superb save low to his right

02:22 (IST)15 FEB 2018

48' Marcelo vs Dani Alves has made for some A-grade entertainment already, it must be said. Madrid have the ball and are passing it around in the patient, probing fashion

02:21 (IST)15 FEB 2018

47' OOOO! Neymar flicks it past Nacho and looks up to find Mbappe. Spotting him drop off the shoulder off Ramos, he plays a superb ball out wide that just evades the Frenchman

02:20 (IST)15 FEB 2018

46' Real Madrid start brightly once again - and it's that man Marcelo at the heart of it. He dances past his mate Dani Alves with a roulette that would have made his manager proud but his cross is undercooked. Ronaldo at the far post, is not a happy man. 

02:19 (IST)15 FEB 2018


02:07 (IST)15 FEB 2018

Another record for the one, the only, Cristiano Ronaldo - CR7 is the 1st player to score 100 UCL goals for a single team... his great friend Lionel Messi is on 97 CL goals for Barcelona. Over to you Chelsea. 

02:04 (IST)15 FEB 2018


OH MY GOOD LORD, WE ALL NEED A BREATHER NOW. That was some high-octane Champions League football right there. Neymar's been superb for PSG, Verratti suspect, and Yuri terrible. Ronaldo's missed a couple of glorious chances but he's got one already, Benzema's looked sharp and dangerous, Marcelo's been superb and Nacho's been given an absolute hiding by the world's most expensive footballer. 

More of this, please!

02:03 (IST)15 FEB 2018

47' Corner for PSG... Neymar takes it, Rabiot flicks it across the box from the near post... but there's no one to finish it off at the far post. 

02:02 (IST)15 FEB 2018

46' TWO MINUTES ADDED TIME! Mbappe races forward and looks to have been pulled back by Ramos. But the Madrid captain has he guile to do it in a way that doesn't attract the attention of the ref

02:00 (IST)15 FEB 2018

He doesn't miss those. Steps up blooters it into the far right corner. No one's saving that. 

02:00 (IST)15 FEB 2018

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