Real Madrid vs Tottenham Live Score and Commentary, UEFA Champions League 2017-18 RMA 1-1 TOT

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Real Madrid `-1 Tottenham (Ronaldo (P) 43'; Varane OG 28')


02:07 (IST)18 OCT 2017


Well, that's that... Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur share a hard-earned point after an excellent night of quality football. Thank you for reading, Anirudh Menon signing out. 


02:07 (IST)18 OCT 2017

93' Danny Rose wins a freekick off an overenthusiastic Vazquez and Spurs use the opportunity to run down the clock.... Son threatens with a curler from the edge of the box; but nothing comes of it... 

02:05 (IST)18 OCT 2017

92' AH! Vazquez tries to play in Hakimi on the outside of Vertonghen, but the ball's woefully overhit and Lloris will take as much time as he can with his goalkick

02:04 (IST)18 OCT 2017

91' THREE MINUTES TO BE ADDED ON. Kroos' corner is straight into Lloris' arms

02:04 (IST)18 OCT 2017

90' A lovely little bit of skill doubles up as a move-killer for Spurs and move-instigator for Madrid... and ends up with Marcelo winning a corner off Aurier with a speculative shot from outside the box

02:03 (IST)18 OCT 2017

89' Sissoko hobbles off to be replaced by the dangerous Hyeung-Min Son

02:02 (IST)18 OCT 2017

87' Moussa Sissoko has gone to ground, and the ref stops the play out of sympathy.... if the whistles ringing around the Bernabeu are any indication, they share none of that feeling

02:00 (IST)18 OCT 2017

86' Alderweireld and Dier take it in turns to clear dangerous looking balls into the box; Zidane takes of Isco and brings on his honest trier - Lucas Vazquez

01:59 (IST)18 OCT 2017

85' Madrid have once again started constricting Spurs tighter and tighter... pushing them further into the our own third

01:58 (IST)18 OCT 2017

83' Hakimi tries to find Ronaldo, Madrid's new out-and-out CF in the box but the ball's over hit... Asensio tries from the other end and Ronaldo leaps that magnificent leap of his... but Alderweireld gets enough on the ball to make sure Ronaldo can't get any control of his header

01:56 (IST)18 OCT 2017

82' You can hear the Spurs fans singing... their small contingent drowning out the vast majority in the stadium; Eriksen tries to swing one into Kane, but Ramos makes sure that the away  fans don't have even more to sing about

01:54 (IST)18 OCT 2017

81' Rose is going to play in midfield - to provide a little added protection for Vertonghen against Achraf and the newly arrived Asensio

01:53 (IST)18 OCT 2017

79' Pochettino makes his first sub with Danny Rose making his first appearance of the season coming on in the impressive Fernando Llorente's stead. 

01:52 (IST)18 OCT 2017

79' Madrid exchange their 31,897th pass of the move before Hakimi curls a cross past everyone and into touch!

01:51 (IST)18 OCT 2017

78' Kane tries to lay the ball off to Eriksen but Real Madrid counter... Spurs do well to hold their shape, but Madrid are piling on the pressure....

01:50 (IST)18 OCT 2017

76' Zidane makes the first substitution of the match and Marco Asensio comes on in place of the disappointing Karim Benzema... Isco, meanwhile, sends one thudding into the midriff of Lloris who does well to hang on to the ball with Ronaldo sniffing around

01:49 (IST)18 OCT 2017

75' Llorente and Kane are linking up superbly... Kane skips past Varane like the latter isn't there; but his pass into Eriksen is a touch delayed and the ref rules the Dane has wandered offside. Spurs are looking terribly dangerous on the break

01:48 (IST)18 OCT 2017

74' CHANCE! Aurier finds Sanchez with a lovely little ball but the Colombian sends his header thundering into the hoardings behind Navas' goal

01:47 (IST)18 OCT 2017

73' OH ERIKSEN! OH NAVAS! The Dane runs onto a magnificent header/flick from Llorente and finds himself all alone at the edge of the box. He smashes one into the near post, but once again Navas is upto the task. What a goalie that man is. 

01:46 (IST)18 OCT 2017

72' Marcelo slides into Aurier and Eriksen can swing one in... 

01:45 (IST)18 OCT 2017

71' OH MY LORD! OH MY LORD! Llorente plays in Kane with an absolutely brilliant ball that finds Kane all by himself in the box... the Englishman opens himself up and curls one destined to the far corner before Navas pulls off an absolutely stunning save. Brilliant football all round

01:43 (IST)18 OCT 2017

69' Hakimi vs Vertonghen has been a superb battle all night long, and the Moroccan wins yet another corner of the much more experienced whistle. Nothing comes off the set-piece, though

01:42 (IST)18 OCT 2017

67' Alderweireld does brilliantly to marshall Modric out of touch. It's a goal-kick, regardless of the Croat's protestations

01:39 (IST)18 OCT 2017

65' OOH LA LA RONALDO! The great man nutmegs Vertonghen and Winks before screaming past the very fast Sanchez and smashing a shot that Lloris does ever so well to save

01:37 (IST)18 OCT 2017

64' Spurs counter through Aurier on the right - an ever willing outlet - but the Madrid backline holds firm

01:37 (IST)18 OCT 2017

63' Kroos' corner pinballs out to Isco, but his curler from the edge of the box smacks into Sanchez

01:36 (IST)18 OCT 2017

62' OH RONALDO! OH RONALDO! Modric picks the Portuguese up on the far side of the box... he powers into the box and absolutely leathers one at the near post, top corner... but a strong Lloris palm pushes it away

01:35 (IST)18 OCT 2017

61' Eriksen floats past Casemiro, who doesn't like it one bit - and he smashes into the Dane. From the freekick he sends it straight to Navas

01:34 (IST)18 OCT 2017

60' Serge Aurier bombs forward yet again, he is unstoppable when he gets into his stride, and he skins Ramos before curling a ball that bounds along the Madrid penalty area with nary a black shirt nearby

01:33 (IST)18 OCT 2017

59' Modric feeds the ball into Ronaldo who tries to find Kroos in the box - a role-reversal no one saw coming - but his scoop is headed away by Sanchez. Modric tees a shot up, but it's blocked - and the rebound is dragged wide by Kroos with an uncharacteristically hasty shot

01:32 (IST)18 OCT 2017

58' Sanchez does ever so well to keep a track of Marcelo's run and Isco's pass is cut off before it can create any mischief

01:31 (IST)18 OCT 2017

57' UFF! Achraf Hakimi! Some superb Spurs passing leads to Vertonghen sending in a peach of a cross that the Moroccan sends out for a corner with a risky-looking clearance that flies over his own goal. The corner itself comes to nothing

01:29 (IST)18 OCT 2017

55' Ronaldo tees one up from twenty yards and sends it into the Pyrenees

01:29 (IST)18 OCT 2017

54' HOLY! HOW IN THE NAME OF THE LORD DID BENZEMA MISS THAT! HOW DID LLORIS SAVE THAT! Casemiro sent in a lovely little ball that found the French striker connects with two yards from goal, but somehow the header hits Lloris' legs... a mixture of the goalkeeper's skill and the striker's incompetence... Ronaldo then misses a volley, but he'd strayed offside so he won't be subjected to the same level of criticism as his colleague

01:26 (IST)18 OCT 2017

53' Varane tries to channel his inner Beckenbauer and run through the Spurs backline but his clumsy footwork betrays him and Spurs stop a potentially dangerous run with ease

01:25 (IST)18 OCT 2017

52' Achraf drifts another interesting looking ball in but Benzema jumps into Aurier and that's a foul for Spurs; good defending that time from the Ivorian

01:24 (IST)18 OCT 2017

51' The corner is a decent one, but Ronaldo jumps high to head it off the noggin' of Alderweireld before Modric wins a foul off Winks to ease the pressure on the Madrid box.

01:23 (IST)18 OCT 2017

50' Spurs move forward... Kane trying to take on Varane on the outside, but the Frenchman is much the quicker of the two and he makes sure it's just a corner. 

01:23 (IST)18 OCT 2017

49' OH BENZEMA! OH RONALDO! Kroos sends in a delightful ball that Benzema sends across the box, where he surely should have thundered in at goal. Ronaldo than sends the rebound spiralling into row Z from a tight, tight angle

01:22 (IST)18 OCT 2017

48' Real Madrid move forward at extreme pace... Hakimi racing down the right flank but a super Vertonhen tackle puts a stop to that... then Harry Winks wanders over and fouls the young Moroccan. Kroos will swing this in. 

01:20 (IST)18 OCT 2017

46' Isco is doing quite a bit of tracking back - a rather unusual sight - and his sliding tackle ensure Vertonghen cannot put in a cross into Llorente

01:19 (IST)18 OCT 2017


01:04 (IST)18 OCT 2017


Real Madrid 1 - 1 Tottenham Hotspur

A Raphael Varane own goal (off an Aurier cross, and under pressure from Kane) opened the scoring but a Cristiano Ronaldo penalty leveled things up in a first 45 that had a bit of everything. 

More of this please!

01:02 (IST)18 OCT 2017

45' Kane tries one from nigh on thirty-five yards but it bounces off Ramos' back and Madrid counter the counter. Only for Marcelo to send his cross into Lloris' gloves

01:01 (IST)18 OCT 2017

44' Madrid are squeezing Spurs further and further back into their own half, but that's also letting Spurs counter dangerously - Kane tries to pick out Eriksen on the overlap but Varane does well to stop the attack

01:00 (IST)18 OCT 2017

He walks up to the ball, sends Lloris the wrong way and absolutely smashes it into the keeper's left corner

00:59 (IST)18 OCT 2017


00:58 (IST)18 OCT 2017



Yellow for the Ivorian

00:58 (IST)18 OCT 2017

41' OOOO! It was in toward Kane yet again, but Casemiro did ever so well to jump with the Englishman and win the header. Danger averted, for now.

00:57 (IST)18 OCT 2017

40' Tottenham win a freekick in a similar position on the other side of the box, from which Eriksen wins a corner off Varane....
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