Roma vs Barcelona, UEFA Champions League Live Score and Commentary Quarterfinal 2nd leg

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Roma 3 - 0 Barcelona (Dzeko 5'; De Rossi 58' Manolas 83') AGG 4 - 4


02:08 (IST)11 APR 2018



That's all from me, Anirudh Menon, as I gather my fucking breath about me. MY GOD, HOW I LOVE THIS GAME! 


02:05 (IST)11 APR 2018

93' Suarez offside. OFFSIDE. THE OLIMPICO IS ROARING....

02:04 (IST)11 APR 2018

92' HOW THE HELL HAVE THEY ALLOWED IT! Three Barca players are offside, there's no whistle, no flag, as Pique charges onto a ball everyone thought to be dead... but Alisson is alive to the threat and gets to it before Pique. The ball makes its way to Dembele... who smashes it onto the roof of the net. On the outside

02:02 (IST)11 APR 2018

91' FOUR MINUTES ADDED ON! Strootman plays in El Sharaawy, but Alba does ever so well to take it away from him

02:02 (IST)11 APR 2018

90' OH MY! Roberto curls a regulation cross right into Alisson's hands and he clutches at it like a first-time father would his newborn.  

02:01 (IST)11 APR 2018

89' OH! Daniele De Rossi does sublimely well to hold the play up before playing it to Kolarov. The Serb, though, does the senseless thing and runs at Barca, losing out to Umtiti... Barca counter via Messi, the ball reaches Suarez; and his shot is straight at Manolas. 

01:59 (IST)11 APR 2018

88' OH MY LORD, MESSI HAS TURNED THE FUCK UP FINALLY! He wriggles past four, passes it out Alba, takes the ball off him, tries to find the assorted mass of blue in the middle but can only pick out that rock of a man Manolas. 

01:58 (IST)11 APR 2018

87' OH! ROMA LIVING DANGEROUSLY NOW! The corner bounces out to Messi, who jinks past three, lifts it past two... but can only guide a weak, unbalanced shot into Alisson's hands!

01:57 (IST)11 APR 2018

86' OH! MY! LORD! Dembele ghosts past Kolarov, running onto a Messi ball but Manolas does ever so well to smack it clear for a corner ahead of a charging Pique. By the by, Paco's on for Busquets

01:56 (IST)11 APR 2018

85' Oh Under! The Turk smashes past Alba like he doesn't exist... but sends the ball into orbit. Meanwhile, Valverde's seen enough and Dembele and Paco Alcacer have been thrown on for Semedo and... I'll tell you as sooon as I find out

01:55 (IST)11 APR 2018

What a header, oh my good lord, what a header. Kolarov sent in another one of his laser guided missiles intot he box and Manolas did oh so well to glance it brilliantly past Ter Stegen. What a header! The guys with the own goals in the Nou Camp, now have the two that could make the difference. 

01:53 (IST)11 APR 2018


01:53 (IST)11 APR 2018

82' Under wins a corner off Umtiti.... 

01:52 (IST)11 APR 2018

80' Iniesta off, Andre Gomes on... Barca want legs, and height, and something... as they cling on  desperately. De Rossi plays in Under with yet another simple ball in behind, but Umtiti does well to track the young Turk's run and smother his shot. 

01:51 (IST)11 APR 2018

79' ... AND OH MY LORD! EL SHARAAWY, ALMOST! First De Rossi almost found Under with a lovely ball, but the ball went out to Florenzi, whose ball into the deep was an absolute peach - and EL SHARAAWY DOES SUPERBLY TO GUIDE IT AT GOAL, WHERE TER STEGEN PULLED OFF A STUNNING REFLEX SAVE!

01:49 (IST)11 APR 2018

78' OH MY LORD! Messi is trying, but Roma are just so tight on him... he tries one of his trademark across the face of the box runs but he's stopped in his tracks by De Rossi. Oh, El Sharaawy had come on for Nainggolan during the break of play caused by Fazio's ball...

01:48 (IST)11 APR 2018

77' Suarez hobbles back to his feet, of course, he does, but as Roma move forward Florenzi is sold short, or long, by a useless ball up forward by Fazio. 

01:46 (IST)11 APR 2018

76' Suarez has got a whack on the face from Jesus... not as enlightening that as it would seem... and he needs attention. Considering the state of the scoreline, I'd hazard a guess in saying that he needs a lot of attention

01:46 (IST)11 APR 2018

75' EI UNDER! The Turk is played in after more magnificent holdup work from Dzeko, but the young man sends his curler a mile over the bar. 

01:44 (IST)11 APR 2018

74' OH MESSI! Iniesta slips him in immediately - after Roma screw up their passing out from the back - but his shot is straight at Alisson!

01:43 (IST)11 APR 2018

72' OOOO, a different approach now from Di Francesco as he takes off the impressive Patrick Shick for Cengiz Under

01:42 (IST)11 APR 2018

71' OH DE ROSSI you beauty you. He picks out Dzeko with a peach of a ball, but the Bosnian's just a touch offside when he collects the ball!

01:41 (IST)11 APR 2018

70' Roma are still chasing everything like a pack of rabid dogs. It takes a moment of startling calm from Busquets to nullify their pressure and restart the Roman boos. Before long, though, Semedo sends a useless ball floating into the hands of Alisson. 

01:40 (IST)11 APR 2018

69' UFF! Kolarov curls it in, Pique thumps it out... from the throw, Strootman curls beautifully into the far post where De Rossi beats Alba in the air, but can't direct his header on target. CLOSE AGAIN!

01:39 (IST)11 APR 2018

68' CORNER FOR ROMA... by god, the atmosphere in Rome is quite something.

01:39 (IST)11 APR 2018

67' OH NAINGGOLAN! Dzeko hurled a ball into the box that Umtiti could only head to Strootman. The Dutchman then picked out his Belgian mate with a lovely dink and off-balance he tried a shot that Ter Stegen saved comfortably enough

01:37 (IST)11 APR 2018

66' AH! A promising Roma move ends when, whipped up by the emotion and the passion, Kevin Strootman sends the ball into the Mediterranean... and Ter Stegen gets a talking to for wasting time with his goalkick. Hahaha. 

01:36 (IST)11 APR 2018

65' Ter Stegen channels his inner Begovic and smacks a long ball long - the things Barca have been reduced to in Rome tonight.

01:35 (IST)11 APR 2018

64' Busquets tries to finagle a freekick off Shick. Being Busquets he does just that.  

01:34 (IST)11 APR 2018

63' Corner for Barca - which they obviously play short - but Aleksander Kolarov does ever so well to intercept ahead of Leo Messi and the great man goes into the book for a cynical trip on the flying Serb. 

01:33 (IST)11 APR 2018

62' OH! HO! HO! Suarez does a quite incredible rainbow flick over Florenzi, but just before doing it handled the ball with the skill off a basketball player. Naughty, but that touch of magic... Luis Suarez in a nutshell, that

01:32 (IST)11 APR 2018

61' UFF! Messi tries to pitch-wedge one into the path of Suarez... but that's not happening under Manolas' watch; the Catalans have woken up from their slumber alright. 

01:31 (IST)11 APR 2018

60' OOOO! Iniesta is getting the treatment alright... Shick smacks into him, like a runaway 18-wheeler smashing into a Mini, that. 

01:30 (IST)11 APR 2018

59' Fazio lays into Iniesta at the halfway line... and the Barca players complain vociferously asking for a second yellow. A bit rich considering Pique's luck just moments ago. 

01:29 (IST)11 APR 2018


01:28 (IST)11 APR 2018


01:28 (IST)11 APR 2018

Pique just can't get a handle on Dzeko and he drags him down before hacking him from behind. He's a lucky, lucky, man to stay on the pitch - just a yellow

01:27 (IST)11 APR 2018


01:27 (IST)11 APR 2018

56' Iniesta CAN be caught in possession legally. Shick does so using sheer muscle power before screaming into the box where Umtiti does the same to him. WOOF! Great defending. 

01:25 (IST)11 APR 2018

54' OOOO! Suarez almost breaks free down the left, but Busquets' long ball is just too strong for him to keep within the lines of the pitch 

01:25 (IST)11 APR 2018

53' It's soo hard to get the ball off Iniesta, isn't it? Strootman gets fed up with all the nibbling-at-heels and steamrolls over the Spaniard in an attempt to get to the ball. Nothing doing... foul, says the ref. 

01:24 (IST)11 APR 2018

52' OH! Fazio takes a chance in trying to play the ball out of the back - Messi latches onto it but Suarez's return is too unruly to find its way back to the boots of the little magician. 

01:23 (IST)11 APR 2018

51' OH HO! Some slick passing, finally, from Barca sees one-twos get exchanged till Roberto screams forward into space down the right... where Manolas comprehensively outmuscles him. Legally as per the ref.

01:22 (IST)11 APR 2018

50' UFF! Pique's gone to ground in trying to stop Nainggolan and it works momentarily. Roma come right back through Kolarov, but his cross is easily cut off by Semedo

01:20 (IST)11 APR 2018

49' Dzeko is winning everything that's pumped fo'ard in his direction. He holds it up brilliantly before releasing Florenzi down the right; the Roman's cross is a bit too deep for Nainggolan's run and his second attempt is a bit too undercooked and Umtiti hacks it clear. 

01:19 (IST)11 APR 2018

48' Pass-pass go Barca... BOOOOO go the Olimpico. Kolarov wins back possession soon enough and Nainggolan tries the early ball forward to Dzeko but Umtiti ducks away confidently from it and allows the ball to roll into the hands of Ter Stegen. Great awareness that, from the Frenchman

01:17 (IST)11 APR 2018

47' Barca try a variation of the Roma high press and it works for a bit as Messi gets the ball off a hurried hoof-up-the-park to Dzeko that he couldn't control; but the Romans wrest back control soon enough

01:17 (IST)11 APR 2018

46' Roma start this one like they ended the last, pressing Barca all the way back into their own box... 

01:16 (IST)11 APR 2018


01:04 (IST)11 APR 2018

Roma are not out of this yet, mark my words. They are playing some intense, intense, football in front of their congregation
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