Saina Nehwal vs Akane Yamaguchi, Live Badminton Score and Updates, French Open Super Series 2017 Second Round

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 26, 2017 20:01 IST

Yamaguchi def Nehwal, 21-9, 23-21


20:01 (IST)26 OCT 2017

But the Indian title hope still remains. PV Sindhu and Srikanth Kidambi will be in action later in the day.

Follow Sindhu's match LIVE HERE and Srikanth's match LIVE HERE:

19:57 (IST)26 OCT 2017

That was a great fightback from Nehwal towards the end of that second game. She even held a game point. Unfortunately, mistakes crept up in her game right when she needed to be flawless.

That said, credit to Yamaguchi for playing a brilliant match and for holding her nerves even when the going got tough in the second game.

19:54 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Final score: Yamaguchi def Nehwal, 21-9, 23-21 in 39 minutes.

19:52 (IST)26 OCT 2017

This time, Akane converts! 23-21

19:52 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Saina's shot is blocked by the net...second match point for Akane..22-21

19:51 (IST)26 OCT 2017



19:51 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Match point for Akane as Saina fumbles at the net.

19:50 (IST)26 OCT 2017

This time Saina missed the line after a brilliant rally...20-20

19:48 (IST)26 OCT 2017


19:48 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Saina finds the line.....19-19

19:47 (IST)26 OCT 2017

18-19 now

19:47 (IST)26 OCT 2017

She gets one back...17-19

19:46 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Can Saina come up with some magic at the last minute?

19:46 (IST)26 OCT 2017

It's 19-16 for Akane now.

19:46 (IST)26 OCT 2017

The Japanese is smartly moving Saina to the back of the court and while she is pinned there, Akane is coming up to the net to finish the point.

19:45 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Saina has reduced the deficit once again...16-17

19:44 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Nehwal now trails by 2 points....15-17

19:43 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Akane's drops keep coming out of nowhere and they are troubling Saina.....Akane leads 17-14

19:42 (IST)26 OCT 2017

And once more, Akane does not allow her build on her momentum and inches ahead to 16-14

19:42 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Again, Saina bags a couple of points to make it 14-15

19:42 (IST)26 OCT 2017

The 5th seed is now up 15-12

19:41 (IST)26 OCT 2017

But the errors do keep showing up in her urgency to win points....Akane goes up to 14-12

19:41 (IST)26 OCT 2017

A lot more aggression from Saina now and it has paid off...she now trails 12-13

19:40 (IST)26 OCT 2017

The Japanese stops her there and extends her lead to 13-10

19:39 (IST)26 OCT 2017

She pulls back yet another...10-12

19:39 (IST)26 OCT 2017

One good smash from the Indian....9-12

19:39 (IST)26 OCT 2017

It's still a four-point advantage for Akane...up 12-8

19:36 (IST)26 OCT 2017

11-7 for the Japanese at the mid-game interval.

19:36 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Unfazed, Akane still manages to widen the gap between them and now leads 10-7

19:35 (IST)26 OCT 2017

But the Indian has taken the next two points and now trails 7-8

19:34 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Yamaguchi has been lethal at the net as usual and Saina is struggling to read her shots.

The Japanese now up 8-5

19:33 (IST)26 OCT 2017

7-5 is the lead for the 5th seed now

19:32 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Akane is magically finding all the lines! She goes up to 6-4

19:32 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Yamaguchi inches ahead to 5-4

19:31 (IST)26 OCT 2017

And they are all level at 4-4 now

19:31 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Saina pulls one back as Akane struggles at the net...3-4

19:30 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Saina's errors are undoing her good work....the lead goes back to Akane....3-2

19:29 (IST)26 OCT 2017

All even at 2-2

19:28 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Saina leads 2-1...she is moving much better now.

19:27 (IST)26 OCT 2017


First point to Saina

19:26 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Yamaguchi takes the first game, 21-9

19:25 (IST)26 OCT 2017

It's a TEN-POINT advantage for Yamaguchi now...19-9

19:24 (IST)26 OCT 2017

17-9 is the lead for Yamaguchi now...she is looking strong

19:23 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Saina is still having trouble with anticipating Akane's shots.....the Japanese is ahead 15-9

19:22 (IST)26 OCT 2017

She pulls back another one....9-13

19:22 (IST)26 OCT 2017

A good drop from Saina...8-13

19:21 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Saina is now trying to move Akane all over the court but the fifth seed has all the answers.....12-7

19:19 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Yamaguchi has sailed to an 11-7 lead at half-time.

19:18 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Two more points for the Indian....she makes it 7-9

19:18 (IST)26 OCT 2017

Akane halts her comeback and has once more built a huge lead of four points...she leads 9-5
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