Saina Nehwal vs Carolina Marin, Live Badminton Score and Updates, Denmark Open Super Series 2017 First Round

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Nehwal beats Marin 22-20, 21-18 to enter the second round.


22:29 (IST)18 OCT 2017

It has been a great day for the top Indian shuttlers. Srikanth Kidambi, HS Prannoy all won earlier and now Saina joins them as well.

Later in the day, PV Sindhu will be in action. You can follow her match live HERE:

Find out how Srikanth Kidambi won his first round match HERE:

22:26 (IST)18 OCT 2017

Needless to say, this will do a world of good to Saina's confidence, especially because she lost to Marin in Tokyo just last month! 

What a start to her 2017 Denmark Open campaign!

22:24 (IST)18 OCT 2017

WOW! What a performance that was from Saina Nehwal! From start to finish, she just held it altogether. Marin, who won the last Superseries event in Tokyo, looked clueless.

22:22 (IST)18 OCT 2017

Final score: Nehwal def Marin 22-20, 21-18

22:21 (IST)18 OCT 2017

And the shuttle floats wide from Marin! SAINA NEHWAL WINS!!!!!!

22:20 (IST)18 OCT 2017

Marin  saves one.

22:19 (IST)18 OCT 2017


22:19 (IST)18 OCT 2017

Can Saina hold off?

22:19 (IST)18 OCT 2017

Sudden spark of life from the southpaw! She takes 3 points on the trot to close the gap to 17-19

22:18 (IST)18 OCT 2017


22:17 (IST)18 OCT 2017

And 19-14....just two points away from the BIG WIN!

22:16 (IST)18 OCT 2017

18-13 now for Saina.

22:16 (IST)18 OCT 2017

Marin's celebratory shouts are much less now

22:15 (IST)18 OCT 2017

17-12...can she cross the finish line?

22:14 (IST)18 OCT 2017

16-11 is the lead for the Indian now!!!!

22:14 (IST)18 OCT 2017

Yet another error from Marin..she is not able to keep her comeback going because of it. It sends Saina up to 14-11

22:13 (IST)18 OCT 2017

2 errors from Nehwal....Marin now trails 11-12

22:12 (IST)18 OCT 2017

Post-break, Saina still has a lead....12-9

22:10 (IST)18 OCT 2017

Saina has an 11-8 advantage at half-time.

22:09 (IST)18 OCT 2017

Big forehand down the line from Marin...8-10

22:09 (IST)18 OCT 2017

It is 10-7 for the Indian

22:08 (IST)18 OCT 2017

Saina surges to a TWO-POINT lead over the Olympic champion...9-7

22:07 (IST)18 OCT 2017

7-7..still hard to separate the two

22:07 (IST)18 OCT 2017

Some more 'come on's from Saina....she is making her intentions very clear!

22:06 (IST)18 OCT 2017

This time it is Saina who inches ahead to 7-6

22:05 (IST)18 OCT 2017


22:05 (IST)18 OCT 2017

And SHE IS BACK...5-5

22:04 (IST)18 OCT 2017

Saina trying to come back...4-5

22:03 (IST)18 OCT 2017

It is still a TWO-POINT lead for the Japan Open champion....5-3

22:02 (IST)18 OCT 2017

This time Marin breaks away to 4-2

22:01 (IST)18 OCT 2017

Tight affair to noone's surprise...2-2

22:00 (IST)18 OCT 2017



21:59 (IST)18 OCT 2017

Saina is moving beautifully all over the court which is a very good sign. Most importantly, she has been targeting the lines and hasn't been missing much. She needs to keep this going for Marin will surely try to bounce back soon.

21:57 (IST)18 OCT 2017


21:56 (IST)18 OCT 2017


21:56 (IST)18 OCT 2017

Marin screams as she saves the game point..20-20

21:55 (IST)18 OCT 2017

And Nehwal has a GAME POINT...20-19

21:54 (IST)18 OCT 2017


21:53 (IST)18 OCT 2017

This time Marin takes the lead...19-18

21:53 (IST)18 OCT 2017

It is 18-18

21:52 (IST)18 OCT 2017

Saina is very pumped up....shouting 'come on' after every point!

21:52 (IST)18 OCT 2017

Long, gruelling rallies now....the Indian inches ahead to 18-17

21:51 (IST)18 OCT 2017

17-17...not a surprise anymore, isn't it?

21:51 (IST)18 OCT 2017

Early return from Saina to go up to 17-16

21:50 (IST)18 OCT 2017

And...16-16...Marin is indeed slightly error-prone today.

21:49 (IST)18 OCT 2017

And...15-15...pretty tense it is

21:48 (IST)18 OCT 2017

It is even again...14-14

21:48 (IST)18 OCT 2017

14-13 for Saina

21:47 (IST)18 OCT 2017

But Marin is not to be kept on the backfoot for long...she storms back to 13-13

21:46 (IST)18 OCT 2017

Saina stretching Marin out of the court and it is paying off...13-11 is her lead
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