Srikanth Kidambi vs HS Prannoy, Live Badminton Score and Updates, Senior National Badminton Championships 2017 Final

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Prannoy def Srikanth, 21-15, 16-21, 21-7 in the final


16:15 (IST)8 NOV 2017

The blockbuster women's singles final between Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu will be played later in the day. You can follow it LIVE here:

16:11 (IST)8 NOV 2017

As for Srikanth, he fought hard for two games but had nothing left in the tank in the decider. It could be because of his recent winning spree in October. Srikanth came into this tournament right after winning titles at the Denmark Open and the French Open. All he needs now is rest so that he can get ready for the China Open that is scheduled next week.

16:09 (IST)8 NOV 2017

This is Prannoy's first Senior National Championships title. He admitted that he told himself not to become impatient and that helped him to beat Srikanth and win the title.

16:07 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Final score: Prannoy def Srikanth, 21-15, 16-21, 21-7 in the final

16:07 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Srikanth fumbles at the net.

Prannoy takes it 21-7

16:06 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Match points for Prannoy at 20-6

16:06 (IST)8 NOV 2017

19-6 is the lead

16:05 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Srikanth is blocked by the net again.

Prannoy soars to 18-6

16:04 (IST)8 NOV 2017

What a beautiful finish at the net by Prannoy.

17-6 is the lead

16:04 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Srikanth finds an angular drop.


16:03 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Prannoy has a huge lead of 16-4 at the moment.

16:03 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Srikanth diving a lot but unable to retrieve the shots. The body language does not look good right now.

16:01 (IST)8 NOV 2017

No stopping Prannoy at the moment.

He inches ahead to 13-3

15:59 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Srikanth puts the shuttle wide.

Prannoy leads 11-3 at the half-time.

15:58 (IST)8 NOV 2017

2 points on the trot for Srikanth

He trails 3-9

15:57 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Srikanth struggling to contain the aggressive Prannoy.

The latter leads 9-1

15:55 (IST)8 NOV 2017

The best rally of the match!!!!!!

Both gave their all and it ends on a wonderful winner into the corner by Prannoy.

He leads 6-1

15:54 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Srikanth is very erroneous right now.

Prannoy goes up to 5-1

15:54 (IST)8 NOV 2017

He extends his lead to 4-1

15:54 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Third game

Prannoy opens up a 2-1 lead

15:51 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Srikanth wraps up the second game, 21-16

15:51 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Game point for Srikanth

15:50 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Prannoy is very much lacking in sharpness.

Sri up 19-15

15:49 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Prannoy continues to send the shuttle long.

He trails 14-17

15:48 (IST)8 NOV 2017

16-14 to Srikanth now

15:47 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Prannoy sends the shuttle out.

Sri leads 14-13

15:46 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Sri tried to change the direction but sends the shuttle long


15:45 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Scream from Prannoy.

They are locked at 12-12

15:43 (IST)8 NOV 2017

And Prannoy misses the sideline.

Srikanth up 11-10 at the break.

15:43 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Magnificent crosscourt smash from Srikanth! It had the crowd roaring! 


15:42 (IST)8 NOV 2017

But Prannoy shakes it off and surges to 10-8

15:40 (IST)8 NOV 2017

In an urgency to win, Prannoy dumps the shuttle on the net.

Srikanth back to 8-8

15:38 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Superb placement by Srikanth.

The top seed trails 5-8

15:37 (IST)8 NOV 2017

What a crosscourt smash by Prannoy!

He is ahead, 8-3

15:37 (IST)8 NOV 2017

He is looking extremely determined and confident while Srikanth is peppering the court with a few errors.

15:36 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Prannoy has gone up to 5-3

15:35 (IST)8 NOV 2017

What a fast backhand from Srikanth.

He trails 2-3

15:34 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Second game

Prannoy up 2-0

15:32 (IST)8 NOV 2017

21-15 to Prannoy.

He is one game up.

15:31 (IST)8 NOV 2017

What a net dribble! Prannoy wins it!

Game  points at 20-14

15:30 (IST)8 NOV 2017

The shuttle touched the tape and landed on Srikanth's side.

Prannoy leads 19-13

15:30 (IST)8 NOV 2017

18-13 for Prannoy

15:29 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Another error from Srikanth.

Prannoy up 17-13

15:29 (IST)8 NOV 2017

What a smash by the second seed!!!!!

Prannoy leads 16-13

15:28 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Great placement on the backline from Prannoy.

He is up 15-13

15:27 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Prannoy extends his lead to 14-12

15:27 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Srikanth erred during the net dribble.

Prannoy up 13-12

15:27 (IST)8 NOV 2017

Prannoy had made a great start after the break and he now leads 12-11

15:25 (IST)8 NOV 2017

It is Srikanth who leads 11-10 thanks to a brilliant backhand at the net.

15:24 (IST)8 NOV 2017

A rare error from the top seed and they back to level at 10-10
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