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Super Cup Live | Bengaluru FC v Chennai City FC | Indian Football Live Score, Result, Commentary, Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 04, 2019 22:24 IST

Bengaluru FC 1 (Chhetri) - 2 Chennai City FC (Nestor, Manzi)


22:24 (IST)4 APR 2019

That's it from me, Aaditya Narayan, for tonight. I'll be back tomorrow night, as Delhi Dynamos face off against ATK in the second quarterfinal. Until then, it's goodbye. Good night!

22:24 (IST)4 APR 2019

FULL-TIME: Bengaluru FC 1-2 Chennai City FC

What a win! What a performance from Chennai City FC! 
A super goal from Manzi, some super saves from Boerchio, and Chennai City are through! 

A defensive mistake for the first goal, Nestor pounced. Boerchio pulled off a stunning save off a Chhetri penalty. Bengaluru had loads and loads of chances, which they will rue missing. But in the end, Chennai City are through to the semifinal, where they will play either Goa or Jamshedpur

22:22 (IST)4 APR 2019

90+4' PEEEEPPP! That's full-time, and Chennai City win! The defending champions are out!

22:21 (IST)4 APR 2019

90+3' Boerchio's come out to punch a cross from Dimas, and on the rebound, Nishu looks for a volleyed lob, but that's nowhere near the target

22:19 (IST)4 APR 2019

90+1' Nishu! He takes a shot off a clearance from Bheke's cross, but his shot is straight at Boerchio

22:18 (IST)4 APR 2019

90' Four minutes have been added on at the end of the game

22:16 (IST)4 APR 2019

89' FInal change for Chennai City

ON - Pravitto Raju
OFF - Michael Regin

22:15 (IST)4 APR 2019

87' WHAT A SAVE AGAIN FROM BOERCHIO! Bheke's found himself in space no the right flank and cut it back to Chhetri, whose shot is on target, but Boerchio has flown across and stopped it. 

22:14 (IST)4 APR 2019

86' Chennai City subtitution

ON - Jozef Kaplan
OFF - Nestor Gordillo

22:13 (IST)4 APR 2019

86' Chance! Bheke's cross finds Chhetri, whose shot is blocked. It falls to Boithang, whose volley is wild and off target

22:12 (IST)4 APR 2019

84' Chennai City have defended superbly in the last few minutes, particularly Ajithkumar up against Udanta

22:06 (IST)4 APR 2019

78' Chhetri charges at Boerchio, and the Chennai City goalkeeper is forced to put the ball out. 

22:04 (IST)4 APR 2019

76' Boithang! What a chance! It's a super pass with the outside of the boot from Dimas, super run from Boithang, but he makes no contact on the attempted header. 

22:02 (IST)4 APR 2019

74' Sandro's looked to go for goal from the halfway line, it's gone rolling through to Gurpreet. Sandro's down, looks like he's done some damage to himself while taking that shot. 

21:57 (IST)4 APR 2019

69' Chhetri! Bheke's long throw is flicked on by Juanan and Chhetri at the far post gets a shot in, but it's blocked by Edwin. Bengaluru have another corner.

21:56 (IST)4 APR 2019

68' WHAT A SAVE FROM BOERCHIO! Super lofted pass from Chhetri to Dimas, whose flicked header is palmed behind by a flying Boerchio. Bengaluru are piling the pressure on

21:55 (IST)4 APR 2019

67' Juanan finds Boithang a super through ball on the left, but Edwin slides in and concedes the corner

21:52 (IST)4 APR 2019


Dimas with a superb corner, and Chhetri has placed his header in the far corner. Game on! This is not over

21:52 (IST)4 APR 2019

64' Miku with the Joga Bonito! He's waltzed past a few tackles in the box, but a prone Edwin has got the ball, and it's gone behind for a Bengaluru corner. 

21:50 (IST)4 APR 2019

62' Two changes for Bengaluru

ON - Boithang Haokip and Albert Serran
OFF - Harmanjot Khabra and Xisco Hernandez

21:48 (IST)4 APR 2019

60' Bheke's long throw has gone towards Juanan, but it's well defended by Bora who concedes the corner. 

21:46 (IST)4 APR 2019

59' Chhetri wins a free-kick, and it's Regin with the foul again. Another chance for Bengaluru

21:44 (IST)4 APR 2019

56' That's a booking for Regin, who's pulled back Dimas, who was running dangerously into the final third. 

21:42 (IST)4 APR 2019


Stunning pass from Sandro, Khabra doesn't win it, as he tries to lunge in ahead of Manzi. He takes it, uses Bheke as the shield, and curls it well past Gurpreet! Brilliant goal!

21:40 (IST)4 APR 2019

52' SAVED! Super save from Boerchio, who's dived full length to his right, and got his hands to it. Chennai City survive!

21:39 (IST)4 APR 2019

51' PENALTY FOR BENGALURU! That's daft from Romario. Dimas plays a cross looking for Chhetri on the far post, but Romario has tugged him down, and the referee has no hesitation in pointing to the spot

21:39 (IST)4 APR 2019

51' Edwin from range! He creates space for himself, having got into the final third, but his shot is high!

21:36 (IST)4 APR 2019

47' Inches! Chhetri pounces on a loose touch from Edwin, and plays a low cross looking for Xisco, but the ball has missed his outstretched right foot, by a whisker. 

21:33 (IST)4 APR 2019

46' PEEEEPPP! Bengaluru get us back underway

21:33 (IST)4 APR 2019

We're all set for the start of the second half at the Kalinga Stadium

21:19 (IST)4 APR 2019

HALF-TIME: Bengaluru FC 0-1 Chennaiyin FC

Nestor Gordillo's goal after a mix-up between Bheke and Khabra have put the I-League champions in the lead. Bengaluru have had chances aplenty, but have not found that killer instinct in the final third. They've dominated the half, but have been vulnerable to the counter-attack. 

A tasty second half is in prospect, and we'll be back in a bit for that one. 

21:18 (IST)4 APR 2019

45+2' PEEEEEPPP! That's half-time, and Chennai City go in with the slender lead at the break

21:16 (IST)4 APR 2019

45' Two minutes added on at the end of the first half

21:15 (IST)4 APR 2019

44' That is brilliant from Juanan! A superb move from Chennai City. Nestor is found with a run in behind with a super pass, and as he squares it to Manzi, Juanan is stretching, and he's won it back brilliantly! HUGE TACKLE. 

21:12 (IST)4 APR 2019

41' Xisco's corner has flashed across goal again, and Boerchio is flailing at thin air

21:11 (IST)4 APR 2019

40' CHHETRI! Dimas's corner is met perfectly by the Bengaluru skipper, but his header is too close to Boerchio, who beats it away

21:10 (IST)4 APR 2019

39' That's an absolutely superb move from Bengaluru, from their own defensive byline! They've passed it between them, and released Udanta on the right flank. Strong defending from Tarif Akhand who concedes a corner. 

21:07 (IST)4 APR 2019

37' Chennai City now have a corner, after Nishu miscontrols Ajithkumar's cross from the left, and lets it roll behind. 

21:06 (IST)4 APR 2019

35' Khabra has been given a yellow card, after a follow through catches Boerchio straight on the shin. He was looking to play the ball after a heavy first touch. Khabra is a lucky boy, that should've been red. 

21:03 (IST)4 APR 2019

33' Sandro with a left-footed shot from distance, but once again, he's scuffed it, and Gurpreet doesn't have a save to make. 

21:00 (IST)4 APR 2019

30' Another superb passing move from Bengaluru ends up with Udanta playing a super through ball to Xisco, but his shot is blocked by Regin, and Bengaluru have another corner. 

20:58 (IST)4 APR 2019

28' Tareef Akhand is on the floor holding his hamstring. This might be big problems for Chennai City, if they have to make a second chance before half time. 

20:58 (IST)4 APR 2019

27' Chennai City have made an early change, with Ameeruddin going off. 

ON - Alexander Romario Jesuraj
OFF - Ameeruddin Mohaideen

20:57 (IST)4 APR 2019

27' Off the BFC corner, Chennai City look to spring on the break, and they play it beautifully towards Nestor on the left flank. He uses Ajithkumar's run as a decoy and cuts in but his curler is high and wide. 

20:56 (IST)4 APR 2019

25' Miku from range! He's let a volley rip from 30 yards, and he's kept it down and on target! Boerchio has got across to his left, and put it behind for a corner though.

20:54 (IST)4 APR 2019

23' Another sensational move from Bengaluru! They've played it across the defence and midfield and stayed patient, before Khabra plays a super pass in behind to Udanta. He plays it right across the face of goal, but there's no blue shirt attacking it. 

20:52 (IST)4 APR 2019

21' Bengaluru work out another set-piece routine, as Dimas plays the corner to Juanan on the edge of the box. With Manzi pressurising him, Juanan scuffs his shot, and Chennai City have a goal kick

20:51 (IST)4 APR 2019

18' Xisco should've scored! Another super pass from Miku! He's controlled that pass from Dimas, and flicked it over the head of the defender, and straight to Xisco, whose right-footed shot has gone well over the bar. What a miss. 

20:50 (IST)4 APR 2019

17' What a pass from Miku! But Chhetri's touch lets him down! Miku's played Chhetri free on the left flank, with a superb flick. With Udanta waiting across goal, Chhetri takes a heavy touch and Chennai City have a goal kick

20:49 (IST)4 APR 2019

17' Regin beats Xisco in midfield, and from 30 yards out, goes for a shot, which is nowhere near troubling Gurpreet
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