Thailand Open 2018: HS Prannoy vs Pablo Aiban Vincen, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 11, 2018 11:48 IST

Final Score: HS Prannoy beats Pablo Abian; 21-16, 21-19.


11:48 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Final Score: HS Prannoy beats Pablo Abian; 21-16, 21-19. 

11:47 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Prannoy defeats his Spanish opponent easily. He moves on to the next round after beating Abian; 21-16, 21-19. 

11:44 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Match point, Prannoy! 

11:44 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Prannoy two points away from victory. 19-13. 

11:43 (IST)11 JUL 2018

17-13, Prannoy still leads. 

11:41 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Still four points the difference between the two shuttlers. Prannoy leading 15-11. 

11:39 (IST)11 JUL 2018

The game resumes with Prannoy claiming two more points. 13-9. 

11:37 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Prannoy reaches 11 points and we have the mid-game break. 

11:36 (IST)11 JUL 2018

As things stand, Prannoy is leading by 9 points to 7. 

11:35 (IST)11 JUL 2018

HS Prannoy is the heavy favorite in this tournament. The Indian has been hovering in and out of the top 10 recently and a tournament win could push him further towards the top of the rankings. 

11:33 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Prannoy 6-4 Abian 

11:32 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Prannoy establishing a good lead early on. 6-2. 

11:31 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Prannoy has faced Abian once before and has defeated them. He leads at the start of Game 2, 3-1. 

11:30 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Game 2 is underway!

11:28 (IST)11 JUL 2018

HS Prannoy takes Game 1 with relative ease as he defeats his Spanish opponent. 21-16. 

11:27 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Game point, Prannoy.

11:26 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Six points the difference between the two shuttlers. 19-13. 

11:24 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Prannoy edging towards victory in Game 1, 16-12. 

11:22 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Prannoy with a good lead now, 14-10. 

11:21 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Prannoy 11-9 Abian

11:19 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Prannoy finally with a reasonable advantage. 9-7, to the Indian. 

11:16 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Prannoy unable to get the better of his Spanish opponent so far. 6-6. 

11:15 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Prannoy 5-5 Abian

11:14 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Both the players matching each other early on. 3-3. 

11:14 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Prannoy back in the game with two points of his own. 2-2. 

11:12 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Pablo Abian with the first points of the match. 0-2.

11:12 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Game 1 is underway!

11:11 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Both the players are warming up and the match will begin shortly!

11:11 (IST)11 JUL 2018

HS Prannoy will be up against Pablo Abian in the first round match!

11:10 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Hello and welcome to's live coverage of the BWF Thailand open. 

10:31 (IST)11 JUL 2018

HS Prannoy will go up against Pablo Abian of Spain in the 2018 Thailand Open today, July 11. 

The Indian was the fourth seed for the tournament. However, after the withdrawal of Chen Long, Srikanth Kidambi, and Shi Yuqi; Prannoy is now the de facto top seed. 

The Thailand Open is the thirteenth tournament of the 2018 BWF Tour and will take place in Nimibutr Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand. The winner of this tournament will be awarded nine thousand and two hundred points, while the runners-up will get seven thousand eight hundred points. The winner will also bag the cash prize of thirteen thousand and three hundred dollars. 

Prannoy has been drawn in the top half and will be one of the favorites to win the tournament and will look to get his campaign underway in a good way by defeating Pablo Abian. The winner of this match will face either Mustofa or Kuncoro in the second round. 
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