Thailand Open 2018, Women's Singles, Semifinal: PV Sindhu vs Gregoria Mariska Tunjung, Live Match Updates

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Final Score: Sindhu Beats Tunjung; 23-21, 16-21, 21-9.


15:55 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Thank you for joining us! Hope to see you soon. 

15:55 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Sindhu will face Nozomi Okuhara in the final. 

15:54 (IST)14 JUL 2018

And an error by Tunjung gifts Sindhu the game! An amazing match between the two shuttlers comes to an end as Sindhu takes games 3. 

Final Score: Sindhu Beats Tunjung; 23-21, 16-21, 21-9. 

15:53 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Match point, Sindhu! 

15:53 (IST)14 JUL 2018

19-9! Sindhu closing in on victory! 

15:52 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Finally Sindhu's streak breaks with Tunjung delivering a solid smash! 18-8. 

15:52 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Stunning Smash! Sindhu with a smash from the back-court! 18-7!

15:51 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Easy smash for Sindhu after Tunjung played it right into her hands! 17-7! 

15:51 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Yet another error by Tunjung! 16-7! 

15:51 (IST)14 JUL 2018

15-7! An eight point lead with Sindhu now. 

15:50 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Tunjung unable to pick the shuttle up in time which results in yet another point for Sindhu. 13-7. 

15:49 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Tunjung hits the shuttle out-of-bounds! 12-7. 

15:48 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Sindhu reaches eleven points and we have a short break. 11-7! 

15:47 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Sindhu maintains her two-point lead! 9-7.

15:45 (IST)14 JUL 2018

An error by Sindhu and Tunjung is back within one. 7-6.

15:45 (IST)14 JUL 2018


15:44 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Sindhu saves the point for now! 6-4. 

15:44 (IST)14 JUL 2018

4-5! Sindhu close to surrendering her lead. 

15:42 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Challenge by Tunjung. The challenge is unsuccessful, however! 5-1 to Sindhu. 

15:42 (IST)14 JUL 2018

3-1! Tunjung with her first points of the game. 

15:41 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Third-straight error by Tunjung. Sindhu leading 3-0. 

15:40 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Tunjung sends the shuttle flying out of the court! 1-0 to Sindhu. 

15:39 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Game 3 coming up! 

15:38 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Tunjung is back into the match after her stunning performance in Game 2. Sindhu couldn't recover from a big deficit and the match will be decided by a third and final game. Tunjung wins the match 21-16. 

15:36 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Game point, Tunjung. 

15:36 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Sindhu still fighting to stay in the game. 15-19. 

15:35 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Tunjung is right back, however. 14-18. 

15:35 (IST)14 JUL 2018

What a rally! Sindhu saves two smashes while out of balance before forcing Tunjung into committing an error! 14-17. 

15:34 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Sindhu's streak ends! 13-17. 

15:34 (IST)14 JUL 2018

An error by Tunjung allows Sindhu to smash the shuttle into an empty court! 13-16. 

15:33 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Sindhu trying to claw her way back into the game. 12-16. 

15:32 (IST)14 JUL 2018

The Indonesian shuttler has lost just one of the last twelve points! 

15:32 (IST)14 JUL 2018

What a smash by Tunjung! 10-16! 

15:32 (IST)14 JUL 2018

10-15! Five points the deficit for Sindhu. 

15:31 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Yet another smash! 10-14, Tunjung leads. 

15:31 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Stunning! Absolutely stunning play by both the shuttlers! Sindhu responds brilliantly to two of Tunjung's shots, throwing herself to the ground in the process. The INdonesian takes advantage and smashes the shuttle past Sindhu. 10-13. 

15:30 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Sindhu finally gets a point after losing seven in a row. 10-12. 

15:29 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Sindhu caught out of position by Tunjung as she responds to her smash by lobbing the shuttle to the back-court. 9-12. 

15:28 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Tunjing comes back from four points down to take a two point lead! Great spirit shown by the Indonesian shuttler. 

15:27 (IST)14 JUL 2018

9-11! And we have a short break! 

15:27 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Once again, Tunjung has turned the game around! 9-10. 

15:27 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Challenge by Sindhu! Unsuccessful! And Tunjung is level. 9-9. 

15:26 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Three quick points by Tunjung! She's back into contention! 9-8. 

15:25 (IST)14 JUL 2018

9-5, with the Indian still in the lead. 

15:24 (IST)14 JUL 2018

8-4 to Sindhu!

15:23 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Stunning badminton! An amazing rally as both the shuttlers showcase their talents before Tunjung hits the net, while responding to Sindhu's smash. 7-3. 

15:22 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Challenge by Sindhu. She wins the challenge by a whisker! 6-3. 

15:21 (IST)14 JUL 2018

A very, very intense match so far! 5-3, Sindhu leads in Game 2. 

15:20 (IST)14 JUL 2018

A mistake by Sindhu as the shuttle hits the top of her racquet which allows Tunjung to smash into an empty court. 2-2. 

15:19 (IST)14 JUL 2018

Smash by Tunjung, however the shuttle goes out! 2-1. 
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