Thailand Open Live Score 2019: Satwiksairaj Rankireddy / Chirag Shetty vs Li Jun Hui / Liu Yu Chen Live Score, Commentary and Match Updates

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Satwik & Chirag def Li & Liu 21-19, 18-21, 21-18


14:35 (IST)4 AUG 2019

Final score: Satwik & Chirag def Li & Liu 21-19, 18-21, 21-18

14:32 (IST)4 AUG 2019

This the biggest achievement for India's men's doubles!!!!!

Biggest title for the Indian duo, beating the reigning world champions!!

14:27 (IST)4 AUG 2019

And Satwik & Chirag have won!!!!

14:26 (IST)4 AUG 2019

2 match points!!!

14:26 (IST)4 AUG 2019

 What an exchange!!!!!!!

20-18 for India!

14:24 (IST)4 AUG 2019

Fantastic interception from Chirag!


14:23 (IST)4 AUG 2019

Shetty finds the open court!!!!!!!

18-15 for India!

14:22 (IST)4 AUG 2019

It's 17-14 for Team India!!!!!

14:20 (IST)4 AUG 2019

One rare mishit from Satwik!

15-13 lead for India

14:19 (IST)4 AUG 2019

Satwik is ON FIRE!!!!!

Smash to go up to 15-11

14:19 (IST)4 AUG 2019

Satwik was off balance but he still managed to successfully put a dropshot over the net!

14-11 to India

14:17 (IST)4 AUG 2019

Once more Satwik goes for the big one!

13-9 to Team Imdia!

14:16 (IST)4 AUG 2019

Very good rotation of the shuttle and that flummoxed the Chinese!

India up 12-9

14:13 (IST)4 AUG 2019

The Indians are ahead 11-8

14:13 (IST)4 AUG 2019

Satwik and his smash do the job!

India 10-8

14:11 (IST)4 AUG 2019

And the Indians are not letting any point go away easily!


14:10 (IST)4 AUG 2019

And they are ahead at 7-6

What a comeback!

14:10 (IST)4 AUG 2019

And the Indians are not going away anywhere so soon!

Shetty has come alive! The two have combined well to get back to level terms at 6-6

14:07 (IST)4 AUG 2019

The Chinese continue with the momentum!!!!

It's a 4-1 lead for them in Game 3

14:03 (IST)4 AUG 2019

What a match this has been!

14:03 (IST)4 AUG 2019

And Team China takes the second game!


They just hung in there somehow!!!

14:02 (IST)4 AUG 2019

Body smash from Chinese pair!


14:01 (IST)4 AUG 2019

This time China pair is ahead!


14:01 (IST)4 AUG 2019

2 errors from Chirag!


14:00 (IST)4 AUG 2019

Rankireddy has been pitch perfect with his placements!

18-16 for India

13:59 (IST)4 AUG 2019

The two-point gap continues!

17-15 for India!

13:58 (IST)4 AUG 2019

Look at the athleticism from Satwik!

He is everywhere!!!!!

What spirit! What hunger!

India 16-14 up

13:58 (IST)4 AUG 2019

What a smash and perfect placement from Satwik!

India 15-14

13:57 (IST)4 AUG 2019

This is a tense affair now!

The Indians are not letting the Chinese run away!

It's back on par!


13:55 (IST)4 AUG 2019

Four consecutive points for the Chinese as they show some superb defense!

Up 13-11

13:54 (IST)4 AUG 2019

The Chinese wrest back control of the net after the break and make it 11-11

13:52 (IST)4 AUG 2019

Indians are ahead 11-9 at the time of the interval.

13:51 (IST)4 AUG 2019

The Chinese are now trying to keep it low.

Again it is getting competitive!

Indians ahead 10-9

13:50 (IST)4 AUG 2019

The Indians are dictating play very well from the front court!

The world champions are finding it hard to counter the pace and power!

Indians are up 9-7

13:49 (IST)4 AUG 2019

The Chinese came storming back to one point difference!

5-6 they trail

13:46 (IST)4 AUG 2019

What a lob from the Indians!

It lands right on the backline!

Indians up 6-2  

13:45 (IST)4 AUG 2019

4-1 for Team India!

13:45 (IST)4 AUG 2019

The Chinese are making unforced errors as the Indians are putting them out of position!

Indians up 3-1 in Game 2

13:42 (IST)4 AUG 2019

This time Team India gets it done after a wonderful touch at the net from Chirag.

Satwik & Chirag are up 21-19 ahead

They get the first game!

13:41 (IST)4 AUG 2019

Team China saves one

13:41 (IST)4 AUG 2019

Good flick serve from Satwik!

20-18 for Team India!

13:40 (IST)4 AUG 2019

Poor serve from the Chinese after levelling it at 18-18

13:39 (IST)4 AUG 2019

Team India has once again inched ahead to 18-17

13:38 (IST)4 AUG 2019

Satwik is on the floor after trying to retrieve the shuttle!

What effort!


13:37 (IST)4 AUG 2019

It continues to be even


13:36 (IST)4 AUG 2019

After a long time, the two teams are now on level terms!


13:35 (IST)4 AUG 2019

In a fast exchange, the Chinese came out stronger!

It's getting close now!

India 13-12

13:34 (IST)4 AUG 2019

Once again perfect placement from Satwik on return!

India up 12-10

13:32 (IST)4 AUG 2019

The Chinese made a great comeback but Chirag rushed to the net for a body smash 

India 11-9 at the break

13:31 (IST)4 AUG 2019

The Indians are still in control. Satwik has been able to read the serves of the Chinese and his returns have been fabulous!

Indians up 10-6
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