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  • UFC 287 Live Results (April 9th) Pereira vs Adesanya II

UFC 287 Live Results (April 9th) Pereira vs Adesanya II

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 09, 2023 04:53 GMT

UFC 287 Live Results, from Miami as the UFC 287 main card is headlined by Alex Pereira vs Israel Adesanya for the UFC middleweight title. In the co-main event, Jorge Masvidal takes on Gilbert Burns. UFC 287 Live Results:


04:53 (GMT)9 APR 2023

04:52 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Adesanya knocks Pereira out cold!!!!

04:51 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Adesanya is mixing it up, while Pereira is sticking with leg kicks.

04:49 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Both men openning up with punches as the second round starts.

04:46 (GMT)9 APR 2023

First round is complete, and not too much separating the pair.

04:44 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Adesanya targeting the body and legs with kicks.

04:44 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Feeling out process for the first few minutes.

04:17 (GMT)9 APR 2023

04:16 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Alex Pereira vs Israel Adesanya

Main event time with the middleweight title on the line as Alex Pereira rematches Israel Adesanya.

04:14 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Jorge tries to fight back, but to no avail. Burns scores a takedown late in the third.

04:09 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Huge round there for Burns, 1-1.

04:07 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Masvidal gets up, but is taken back down.

04:04 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Burns has scored an early takedown in round two.

04:03 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Burns had a good final 30 seconds, scoring a takedown and a few strikes to close the round. Probably Masvidals overall.

04:01 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Masvidal doing a good job of being one step ahead here.

03:59 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Masvidal starts out with aa few measured leg kicks.

03:55 (GMT)9 APR 2023

03:55 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Burns Vs Masvidal

Burns takes on Masvidal in the second to last bout of the evening.

03:37 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Font lands a huge uppercut and puts Yanez out cold!!

03:36 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Yanez has started well, landing some hard punches. Font rocks Yanez with his response.

03:28 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Adrian Yanez vs Rob Font

135lb bout with huge title implications, as Yanez takes on Font.

03:20 (GMT)9 APR 2023

03:19 (GMT)9 APR 2023

03:19 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Holland catches him with a huge left hook in the third, and gets the finish.

03:15 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Holland doesn't seem to need to leave second gear in this one.

03:10 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Halfway through the second and Ponzinibio has fully recovered and is doing well.

03:06 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Not many heavy shots landed until the last ten seconds, where in Holland drops his opponent in the closing ten seconds.

02:50 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Kevin Holland vs Santiago Ponzinibbio

Welterweight bout up next, and it should be a barnburner.

02:44 (GMT)9 APR 2023

02:39 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Rodriguez hs taken over in the third and is looking for a stoppage.

02:32 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Rosas Jr is fading early in the second round.

02:28 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Rosas Jr vs Rodrugues

Back and forth few opening minutes, Rosas Jr scores a takedown, but Rodriguez gets back to his feet. Rosas Jr manages to take the back from a standing position, attempting a rear-naked choke.

02:03 (GMT)9 APR 2023

Rosas Jr vs Rodrugues

Teenage phenom Raul Rosas Jr opens up the main card, as he takes on hard-hitting Christian Rodrigues.

23:58 (GMT)8 APR 2023

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