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  • UFC Fight Night 221 Live Results (March 11th) Main Event Time!!

UFC Fight Night 221 Live Results (March 11th) Main Event Time!!

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 12, 2023 01:59 GMT

Tonight we have UFC Fight Night 221 live from Las Vegas, Nevada. Join us here on Sportskeeda for the UFC Fight Night 221 Live Results. Live Results:


01:59 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

01:59 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

Dvalishvili Wins

What a dominant decision win!!

01:58 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

Merab scores his tenth takedown, and he made this look easy, what a pace.

01:54 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

Yan looks about out of answers. Merab is relentless.

01:52 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

Yan has tried to get back into the fight, but has been outworked by Merab.

01:46 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

Heading into round four and Yan most likely needs a stoppage to win.

01:39 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

Two rounds in a row won by Merab.

01:38 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

Petr Yan catches a kick and lands a traditional Thai sweep.

01:37 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

Merab now manages to get a takedown, and is overwhelming Yan.

01:37 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

Merab hurts Yan with a calf kick.

01:34 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

10-9 Merab as he ends the round with Yan in a front choke attempt.

01:33 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

Yan attempts a takedown, but Merab ends up on top.

01:32 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

Petr Yan is now throwing a lot of calf kicks.

01:31 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

01:31 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

Yan lands a few nice body kicks.

01:29 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

Merab shoots in for two quick takedowns, to no avail.

01:28 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

No glove touch in this one...

01:10 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

Yan vs Dvalishvili

Main event time, as the bad blood finally gets a chance to be settled between Yan and Merab..

01:09 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

01:07 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

Volkov Wins!!

Volkov makes it look easy, forcing a stoppage by punches to a grounded Romanov.

01:05 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

Volkov drops him with a bodyshot.

01:05 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

As soon as the bel goes, Romanov shoots in for a double leg, and Volkov saves himself using the fence.

00:50 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

Volkov vs Romanov

265lbers face-off next, with a new king of the mountain to chase at heavyweight.

00:49 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

00:47 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

Krylov Wins!!

Spann dives into a sloppy takedown, for which Krylov punishes him with a triangle choke, forcing the tap.

00:46 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

This one has surprisingly, seen the pair mainly exchange submission attempts.

00:45 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

Krylov ends up with an early takedown, from which, Spann attempts a D'arce choke.

00:32 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

Krylov vs Spann

Nikita KKrylov takes on Ryan Spann at 205 next.

00:32 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

Martinez Wins!!

Martinez wins via Unanimous Decision.

00:25 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

Martinez almost catches the armbar, but Nurmagomedov stays calm and works his way out of it.

00:22 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

They are probably 1-1 heading into the third round.

00:21 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

Both men are exchanging in the centre now.

00:19 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

The second round begins and Martinez is looking much stronger now, Nurmagomedov is finding less success in his takedown attempts.

00:16 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

00:15 (GMT)12 MAR 2023

Nurmagomedov scores an early takedown, and nearly gets a choke. Martinez manages to survive for now though.

23:59 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Nurmagomedov vs Martinez

Next up, Said Nurmagomedov tries to live up to the infamous name as he takes on Jonathan Martinez.

23:58 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

23:56 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Bautista Wins!!

Bautista picks up Cannetti for a suplex, and is almost instantly is caught in a rear-naked-choke.

23:54 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Both men work there way back to standing, before Cannetti scores a takedown of his own.

23:53 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Following some flashy kick exchanges, Bautista scores a takedown and slowly passes into mount.

23:51 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Bautista vs Canneti

Next up, stand-and-bang fighters do battle in the bantamweight division.

23:42 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Petrino Wins

Vitor Petrino wins via Unanimous Decision.

23:35 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

23:29 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

The second round begins with Petrino swinging wildly again, but once again dropping his opponent.

23:27 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Petrino catches Turkalj with a flurry of punches, dropping him. While chasing him to the ground, he gets caught with an up kick that wobbles him, just as the round closes.

23:23 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Turkalj manages to get back to his feet, and even lands a trip of his own, though it's short-lived.

23:22 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Early takedown for Petrino.

23:15 (GMT)11 MAR 2023

Petrino vs Turkalj

To kick off the main card we have Vitor Petrino taking on Swedens Anton Turkalj
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