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  • UFC San Antonio Live Results (25th March) Vera vs Sandhagen

UFC San Antonio Live Results (25th March) Vera vs Sandhagen

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 26, 2023 02:19 GMT

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02:19 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Sandhagen Wins!!

Decision victory here as Sandhagen outclasses Vera.

02:15 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Sandhagen scores a huge takedown in the fifth.

02:13 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

02:11 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Vera has defended takedown well so far in the fourth, but Sandhagen has still proven too elusive to hit.

02:05 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Vera now looking for jabs to the body.

02:03 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Vera is starting to offer a little more in return, in this third round.

02:00 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Sandhagen dominating so far.

01:56 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Vera jumps on a choke to start the second, but Sandhagen gains top position.

01:53 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Vera has managed to badly cut Sandhagen from the bottom, with Sandhagen landing heavy elbows of his own.

01:52 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

As expected, Sandhagen is controlling the early going, and landing an early takedown.

01:49 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

No glove touch in this one .

01:38 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Vera vs Sandhagen

Main event time, with heavy title implications at 135b.

01:28 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Holm scores an early takedown and goes straight into the mount.

01:26 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Holm manages to land some solid elbows from side control. Dominant round,

01:22 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Much different start to the second, as it is Holm who scores the takedown.

01:19 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Holm manages to start landing well towards the first rounds close.

01:15 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Santos grabs a clinch against the cage to start off.

01:03 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Holly Holm vs. Yana Santos

Former champion Holly Holm returns next against Russian  Yana Santos

01:00 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

00:57 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Landwehr is piling on the pressure now as Lingo looks to be fading.

00:55 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Landwehr responding well to a bad first round.

00:50 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Early clash of heads has caused a cut for Landwehr.

00:48 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Both men throwing in volume to open the bout.

00:48 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Nate Landwehr vs. Austin Lingo

Dont blink, this one should be wild!!

00:47 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

00:31 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Barber comes out super aggresive.

00:29 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Lee end's up on top, and the pair end up swinging at each other to close the round.

00:27 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Barber rocks Lee, but Lee manages to score a desperation takedown.

00:25 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Barber looking much more assertive on the feet this round.

00:23 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Barber momentarily traps Lee's arm, and elbows at her head rapidly. The pair are soon back on there feet. Good first round for Lee overall.

00:19 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

After a brief kicking exchange, Lee scores a takedown.

00:09 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Maycee Barber vs. Andrea Lee

Womens 125lb division in action next as Maycee Barber takes on Andrea Lee.

00:06 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

00:04 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

Good final round for Njokuani, but it may have been too little, too late. Judges decide it.

00:00 (GMT)26 MAR 2023

The third round gets underway, and Duraev shoots for a takedown, but its defended. May have been the last in the Russian'sgas tank.

23:55 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Starting to do a bit better countering now though.

23:54 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Njokuani looks hesitant to fully commit incase he is taken down again.

23:50 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Duraev has controlled Njokuani with ease on the ground, but has managed to survive thus far.

23:36 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone to UFC HOF

Cerrone was surprised with a Hall of Fame induction, as well as his family being in attendance. Nicely done.

23:29 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Chidi Njokuani vs. Albert Duraev

Explosive middleweight bout up next, expected to end in a finish by most.

23:27 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

23:25 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Pineda Wins!!

Lutz doesn't manage to survive the second wave, as Pineda secures the tap from the choke.

23:25 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Pineda drops Lutz and tries for a guillotine choke, but Lutz survives.

23:21 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Round one goes in Pineda's favor, having scored a knockdown and looked the more dangerous of the pairing.

22:45 (GMT)25 MAR 2023

Tucker Lutz vs. Daniel Pineda

The main card gets underway at Featherweight after Perez vs Kape was called off as the prelims ended.
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