World Badminton Championships 2017: PV Sindhu vs Chen Yufei, Live Score and Updates: Sindhu wins 21-13, 21-10

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 27, 2017 03:00 IST

Sindhu reaches her first World Championships final.


03:00 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Let us hope it is a good match tomorrow.

And with that hope, we wrap up this blog.

Thanks for joining us. We'll be back on Sunday for the live coverage of the final.

Till then stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the latest updates from the World Championships 2017.


02:59 (IST)27 AUG 2017

So, folks, it is 

(4) PV Sindhu vs (7) Nozomi Okuhara

for the Women's Singles gold on Sunday at 6.15pm IST approx.


02:53 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Also, with this win, Sindhu has now beaten all the Chinese shuttlers she has faced at the World Championships...she is 6-0 vs the Chinese!!

02:50 (IST)27 AUG 2017

It is absolute midnight euphoria for fans in India who stayed up till nearly 3am to witness this amazing sports moment. And this also erases the heartbreak that the Indian fans had earlier in the day, when the 2015 runner-up Saina Nehwal bowed out in three games.

02:47 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Olympics to the World Championships...Sindhu has now reached the finals of the two major global BWF events within a span of a year!

02:46 (IST)27 AUG 2017

It took just 48 minutes for the fourth seed to book her spot in the final...her first at the World Championships!

02:46 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Final score: Sindhu wins 21-13, 21-10

02:44 (IST)27 AUG 2017

It has landed long from Chen....Sindhu wins 21-10

02:43 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Match points galore for PV...20-10

02:43 (IST)27 AUG 2017

And it is out from Chen...19-10

02:42 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Chen still trying to peg back Sindhu with delicate drops...10-18

02:41 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Down-the-line smash from Sindhu... 18-8

02:41 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Cross smash of pure brilliance from Sindhu! 17-8

02:40 (IST)27 AUG 2017

What a net play from Chen! Spectacular! 8-16

02:39 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Sindhu lets the shuttle go...wrong anticipation...16-7

02:38 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Chen having problems with the drift...5-16

02:36 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Sindhu fumbles at the net...15-5

02:35 (IST)27 AUG 2017


Relentless Sindhu this is!

02:34 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Chen gets another point...3-13

02:34 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Rare error from PV who sends the shuttle long...13-2

02:33 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Sindhu up 13-1 now

02:31 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Sindhu just bossing this game

02:31 (IST)27 AUG 2017

And the shuttle lands in the tramlines from Chen....Sindhu up 11-1

02:30 (IST)27 AUG 2017

And now can't put the shuttle across the net..... Sindhu up 10-1

02:30 (IST)27 AUG 2017

What a rally! Chen mistimes a drop...PV up 9-1

02:28 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Finally Chen gets on the board at 1-8 

02:28 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Complete show of dominance this is!

02:28 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Chen missing the lines....Sindhu up 8-0

02:27 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Sindhu has decreased the intensity of her attack and that is forcing Chen to try and come up with her shots and make errors in  rush....Sindhu up 7-0

02:26 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Another one from Sindhu lands on the backline...6-0

02:25 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Sindhu now alluring Chen to make the first move...and she errs...Sindhu 5-0

02:25 (IST)27 AUG 2017

What a rally! Shame that it had to end on an error... It was Chen who made the error..Sindhu up 4-0

02:24 (IST)27 AUG 2017


02:23 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Second game

Great start from Sindhu...2-0

02:19 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Long goes the shuttle from Chen....21-13 to Sindhu

02:19 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Look at that backhand drop from Sindhu!!!!! 20-13

02:18 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Chen sends it long...19-13

02:17 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Another sharp crosscourt slice from Chen...13-18

02:17 (IST)27 AUG 2017

But Chen finds a great down-the-line winner here.... 12-18

02:16 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Sindhu pinning Chen to the corners. Up now 18-11

02:15 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Meanwhile, Sindhu is thoroughly pumped up and has surged to 17-11

02:15 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Hard to believe that as the reigning junior world champion, Chen has made this much progress. She is now ranked 10th and totally deserves it 

02:14 (IST)27 AUG 2017

But Chen is trying to come back here....11-15

02:13 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Poor judgement about the drift from Sindhu.


02:13 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Sindhu's attack has subdued Chen....15-9

02:12 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Sindhu now taking the game away from Chen as she hits back the shuttle right at Chen....14-9

02:11 (IST)27 AUG 2017

The speed of returns from Chen is incredible...she now trails 9-13

02:10 (IST)27 AUG 2017

The crowd going wild as Sindhu finds her jump smash for 13-8

02:10 (IST)27 AUG 2017

Sindhu seems to have solved the Chen puzzle for the moment...12-8

02:05 (IST)27 AUG 2017

11-8 to the Rio medallist going into the interval.
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