World Badminton Championships 2017: Saina Nehwal vs Kirsty Gilmour Live Score and updates: Nehwal wins 21-19, 18-21, 21-15

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 26, 2017 01:14 IST

Saina Nehwal wins 21-19, 18-21, 21-15


01:14 (IST)26 AUG 2017

That wraps up our liveblog for the day.

Let us hope tomorrow we have more good news when PV Sindhu and Saina Nehwal play their respective semi-finals.

Till then stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the latest updates from the 2017 World Championships.


01:09 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Kudos to the two ladies who are keeping the Indian Tricolour flying in Glasgow!

And with the two of them being in opposite halves, we MIGHT JUST HAVE AN ALL-INDIAN FINAL!!!!

01:08 (IST)26 AUG 2017

This is the first time India has got TWO MEDALS FROM A SINGLE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!

What a day for Indian badminton!

01:06 (IST)26 AUG 2017

And with that, Saina Nehwal assures herself of her SECOND MEDAL FROM THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS to add to the silver she got from 2015.

01:03 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Final score: Saina Nehwal wins 21-19, 18-21, 21-15

01:05 (IST)26 AUG 2017

This time she finds the net! Saina gets it, 21-15

01:04 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Another one from Gilmour lands on the baseline.... 15-20

01:03 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Saina 20-14

01:03 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Wow! Gilmour's defence still strong!

01:02 (IST)26 AUG 2017

What a return from Saina! Match points at 20-13

01:01 (IST)26 AUG 2017

The initial burst of speed and power is hardly there in this game

01:00 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Long from Gilmour....12-19

01:00 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Saina hit back at Kirsty and she sends it out....Saina up 18-12

00:59 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Wow! That was some smash into the corner from the Scot.... 11-17

00:58 (IST)26 AUG 2017

The Scot is feeling the pressure....lagging behind 10-17

00:57 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Touch of genius from Gilmour with a wonderful slice....10-16

00:56 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Gilmour pretty dejected....9-16

00:55 (IST)26 AUG 2017

15-9 for Saina

00:54 (IST)26 AUG 2017

It is 14-8 for Nehwal

00:54 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Gilmour is looking tired and the drift going against her

00:53 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Nehwal lunges forward to lift on the backhand wing of Gilmour and the Scot makes error.....12-7

00:52 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Saina's time to stumble at the net.. Still ahead 11-7

00:52 (IST)26 AUG 2017

A rejuvenated Kirsty comes back to.produce a jump smash.....6-11

00:51 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Loud chants of "India, India" going on at the stadium

00:50 (IST)26 AUG 2017

After a great rally, Gilmour finally finds the net to hand over an 11-5 advantage to Nehwal.

00:46 (IST)26 AUG 2017

And Saina advances to 10-4

00:46 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Steadily the 2015 runner-up is progressing now....9-4

00:45 (IST)26 AUG 2017

The 12th seed ahead at 8-4

00:43 (IST)26 AUG 2017

It's still a FOUR-POINT GAP......Saina up 7-3

00:42 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Saina needs to keep distance away from the Scot for she has a good habit of coming back

00:42 (IST)26 AUG 2017

6-2 now

00:41 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Has she finally managed to take the wind out of Gilmour's sails?

00:41 (IST)26 AUG 2017

And 5-0

00:40 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Wow, this is cruise control from Nehwal....4-0

00:39 (IST)26 AUG 2017


Nehwal builds a quick 2-0 lead

00:39 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Who will come through in this highly entertaining battle?

00:39 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Gilmour keeps on sending the shuttle back directly at Saina and is paid rich dividends.... She takes the 2nd game, 21-18

00:38 (IST)26 AUG 2017

And the Scot makes an  error... 20-18

00:38 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Great net shot from Saina....Kirsty falters....Gilmour ahead 20-17

00:37 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Game points galore from Kirsty...20-16

00:36 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Gilmour's backhand goes off.....19-16

00:35 (IST)26 AUG 2017

19-15 now

00:35 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Gilmour is serving a concoction of attack and defence!

00:34 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Saina is rushing and it is not working... 14-19

00:30 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Gilmour cruising at 17-13

00:30 (IST)26 AUG 2017

00:29 (IST)26 AUG 2017

15-11 lead for the Scot...again hard work needed for the Indian to come back

00:28 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Gilmour still making it look easy...14-11 now.

00:27 (IST)26 AUG 2017

Meanwhile, the tournament lost its two-time defending champion as Nozomi Okuhara sent Carolina Marin packing, 21-18 14-21 21-15
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