World Badminton Championships 2018: Men's Singles Round 2: HS Prannoy vs Ygor Coelho, Live Match Updates

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Final Score: Coelho beats Prannoy; 8-21, 21-16, 21-15.


14:58 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Thank you for joining us. Hope to see you soon. 

14:58 (IST)1 AUG 2018

And Game Coelho! The Brazilian stuns eleventh seed Prannoy to take the match. 

Final Score: Coelho beats Prannoy; 8-21, 21-16, 21-15. 

14:57 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Game point, Coelho. 

14:57 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Big, big mistake by Prannoy as he hits the net. Will this be the point to end the Indian's hopes? 15-19. 

14:55 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Stunning smash by Prannoy! It is not over yet! 15-18. 

14:54 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Prannoy loses another point for short service! 13-18. 

14:54 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Things are just not going Prannoy's way. The Indian hits the shuttle out of the court after a quick back-and-forth with Coelho. 12-17. 

14:53 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Coelho edging closer to what will be a stunning victory! 12-16. 

14:52 (IST)1 AUG 2018

The Brazilian has a different feel about him since the start of Game 2. Once again, he stuns Prannoy by sending a scintillating smash towards the Indian. 12-15. 

14:51 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Stunning smash by Coelho! The Brazilian hits a wonderful cross-court smash to increase his lead. 11-14. 

14:51 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Prannoy with two quick errors. 11-13, Coelho leads. 

14:50 (IST)1 AUG 2018

The game is level as Coelho hits the shuttle out of bounds. 11-11. 

14:49 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Play resumes with Coelho hitting the net. 10-11. 

14:48 (IST)1 AUG 2018

A wayward smash by Prannoy ends up in his own court. 9-11, and we have a mid-game break. 

14:47 (IST)1 AUG 2018

This game is too close to call. Both the players equally motivated to move on to the next round. 9-10. 

14:46 (IST)1 AUG 2018

The Indian responds with a winner, however, to once again level the game. 8-8. 

14:45 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Yet another error by Prannoy sends Coelho into the lead. 7-8. 

14:43 (IST)1 AUG 2018

What a stunning smash by Coelho! The Brazilian capitalizes on Prannoy's error to level the game. 6-6. 

14:42 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Coelho's the one making errors now. 6-4, Prannoy leads. 

14:42 (IST)1 AUG 2018

The Indian has not enjoyed the best of games and is drawn towards making another error. 4-4. 

14:41 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Prannoy levels the match, before going into the lead. 4-3. 

14:41 (IST)1 AUG 2018

A couple of points later, Coelho still maintains his lead. 2-3. 

14:39 (IST)1 AUG 2018

0-1 to the Brazilian. 

14:39 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Game 3 begins with Coelho getting the first point. 

14:37 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Game 2 goes to Coelho after the Brazilian showed great resilience. Coelho went into a staggering lead only to see Prannoy peg him back. However, the Brazilian did not give up, reclaimed his lead, and won the game. 

Coelho wins Game 2; 21-16. 

14:36 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Game point, Coelho. 

14:35 (IST)1 AUG 2018

What a smash! Prannoy not giving up just yet! 16-19. 

14:35 (IST)1 AUG 2018

15-19, the Indian is in trouble. 

14:34 (IST)1 AUG 2018

WHAT WAS THAT? An uncharacteristic mishit by Prannoy sees the shuttle land in his own court! 15-18. 

14:34 (IST)1 AUG 2018

But the Brazilian is not giving up just yet. He may have lost the lead, but he is trying hard not to lose this game. He tricks Prannoy into making an error on not one but two occasions. 15-17. 

14:33 (IST)1 AUG 2018

WOW! WHAT A RESPONSE! Prannoy levels the game by once again showing his resilience. The Indian sends back three of Coelho's smashes before hitting the winner! 15-15. 

14:32 (IST)1 AUG 2018

14-15 to Prannoy as he hits a stunning winner. 

14:31 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Coelho once again extending his lead to two points. 13-15. 

14:31 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Within one! The Indian is almost there. 13-14. 

14:30 (IST)1 AUG 2018

The Indian is edging closer to completing his comeback. He responds well to Coelho's shots before lobbing one to the back of the court. 12-14. 

14:29 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Coelho hits the net. 11-14, Prannoy trails by three. 

14:28 (IST)1 AUG 2018

One quick point each for both Prannoy and Coelho, 10-14. 

14:27 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Stunning badminton all around! Prannoy does well not once but twice to send Coelho's smashes back to his court. The Brazilian is resilient, however, and is finally able to get the better of Prannoy with yet another smash. 9-12. 

14:26 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Coelho makes an error as play resumes. 9-11. 

14:26 (IST)1 AUG 2018

The Brazilian has been in stunning form throughout this game, but Prannoy is not giving up just yet. 

14:25 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Great play by Coelho as he tricks Prannoy into a lob before smashing the shuttle in an empty court. 8-11, and we have our mid-game break. 

14:25 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Prannoy is getting closer! Coelho is starting to make mistakes and has given valuable points to the Indian. 7-10. 

14:24 (IST)1 AUG 2018

And one more! Once again the Indian with a superb smash. 6-10.

14:23 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Stunning smash by Prannoy! The Indian jumps high in the air and absolutely hammers one towards Coelho! 5-9. 

14:22 (IST)1 AUG 2018

HS Prannoy trying to crawl his way back into the match. However, Coelho seems a completely different player altogether. 4-9. 

14:21 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Prannoy finally breaks the Brazilian's dominance in Game 2. 2-7. 

14:20 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Ygor Coelho is on a hot streak here! 1-7! 

14:20 (IST)1 AUG 2018

The Indian shuttler is falling behind. 1-6. 

14:19 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Prannoy's opponent has shocked the Indian early on as he has raced into a four point lead! 1-5, Prannoy trails. 

14:18 (IST)1 AUG 2018

Prannoy begins Game 1 on a good note, getting the first point. However, his Brazilian opponent is quick to respond as he gets one for himself. 1-1. 
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