WWE Elimination Chamber 2019, live updates, commentary & highlights, February 17th

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It's time to get ready for the second last major stop on the road to WrestleMania!


03:16 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Daniel Bryan is helped to the back by Erick Rowan. Somehow he did it. 

Kofi Kingston came so close. The New Day members Xavier Woods and Big E help him up.  They have a little talk with Kofi which isn't really audible.

The crowd chants "Thank you Kofi" as the show ends.

Thank you for joining us. We'll see you tomorrow night for RAW!

03:14 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Kofi Kingston ends up pushing Bryan down, but misses a frog splash. Bryan uses the opportunity and gets the running knee.

It's over.

Daniel Bryan eliminates Kofi Kingston to retain the WWE Championship.

What an effort from Kofi.

03:12 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Bryan is thinking high risk high reward. Kofi catches him and the battle goes above the pod, with Bryan trying to escape. Kofi has waited years for this!

Kofi smashes Bryan's head against the chamber walls and the crowd chants "Yes!" 

Kofi goes for a suplex from the top!

03:10 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Kofi reaches the ropes. Bryan is forced to break!

03:10 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Bryan goes for the running knees but eats trouble in paradise! BRYAN COUNTER ROLLS and Kofi kicks out! What is happening!

Bryan pries at the face of Kingston

03:09 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

The crowd wants Kofi Kingston to win. WE want Kofi Kingston to win! Bryan doesn't.

He holds up Kofi's hands and kicks his face relentlessly. Kofi kicks out!

03:08 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Bryan hist the running knee but Kofi kicks out. KOFI JUST FREAKING KICKED OUT OF THE RUNNING KNEE! WHAT!

03:07 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

03:07 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Bryan rolls out of the ring but Kofi chases him and slams him against the chains with full force. Kofi Kingston tries to go big but Kofi Kingston gets slammed against the pods. NO!

03:06 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

03:05 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

03:05 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

The energy in the crowd is something else. Bryan catches Kofi Kingston and tells him that he doesn't deserve to be there. Bryan charges and gets stomped on the gut. It's a last gasp kick out from Bryan!

03:04 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Kofi Kingston eats "Yes" kicks but the crowd is chanting "NO!"


03:03 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

03:03 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

It's Kofi vs Bryan. The final two. Do you believe? 

The crowd does. They're chanting for Kofi! Goosebumps!!

They have a great exchange and the crowd is going crazy for Kingston! He urges Bryan to strike him more!

03:02 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Kofi goes for a fast pin but Orton moves out of the way. Kofi misses the trouble in paradise but misses.

A battle ensues and Bryan then gets attacked too. Orton goes for the RKO but gets hit with the trouble in paradise. AMAZING!

Randy Orton is eliminated by Kofi Kingston

03:00 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

AJ Styles goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but Orton was lying in wait. He catches him on the ropes and pulls him into an RKO. WOW!

AJ Styles is eliminated by Randy Orton

02:59 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

It's a welcome sight for The Viper, who starts picking the bones. Kofi Kingston interjects soon with a dropkick onto the legend.

02:59 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

02:57 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Bryan sets AJ Styles up in the tree of woe and has to fight Kofi in the same position. Styles suplexes them both down.

It's time for the Apex Predator. Randy Orton is the final entrant!

02:56 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

02:56 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Hardy tosses himself onto Styles with a swanton bomb against the top turnbuckle, but he eats the running knees as soon as he gets up.

Jeff Hardy is eliminated by Daniel Bryan

02:54 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Hardy gets chants as well after he throws himself at Bryan, but Styles soon catches him with a Pele Kick. 

Styles tosses Hardy into the pod.

02:53 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

02:53 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

02:52 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Jeff Hardy is next. It's been 10 years since he's been in the chamber! Hardy immediately starts strong against AJ Styles

02:52 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Kofi Kingston is showing his relentlessness again against Samoa Joe but gets caught in a coquina clutch. He manages to escape the clutch and Joe runs into a Phenomenal Forearm.

Samoa Joe is eliminated by AJ Styles

02:50 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

02:50 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Bryan starts climbing on the cage and Styles hits a Phenomenal Forearm to his spine, taking him down. He shoulders Kofi's gut as he comes and nearly lands the Styles Clash, but Kingston responds with great defence. Ushigoroshi to Kofi's back and it's not enough.

02:48 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

AJ Styles wastes no time in going after the champion. He even hits a double DDT on Kofi and Bryan, as the crowd starts chanting for Styles.

02:48 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

02:48 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Joe gets the advantage and hits a senton on Bryan and Kofi Kingston. AJ Styles is the next to come out!

02:45 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

02:45 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Bryan goes after Joe, who once again CHEST SLAPS HIM down. Daniel Bryan then climbs to the top of the pod and sits in a meditative position. Kofi takes Joe down and with one jump on the rope, he manages to get to the top of the pod. A battle ensues on the top against the chains, and Samoa Joe yanks the champion down. Kofi kicks Joe's head and hands down. He then jumps on him and the crowd starst chanting for Kofi!

02:43 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Kofi Kingston starts strong and takes out Bryan before going after Joe. He splashes on Joe and tries to eliminate him. Bryan takes him into the corner and hangs him against the center of the ropes. He jumps and knees him down to the ground

02:42 (GMT)18 FEB 2019


02:42 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Daniel Bryan begins the "Yes" kicks and the countdown begins. Who's it going to be?

02:41 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Bryan begins to bring the attack back on Joe and chest slaps him hard, only to have the favour returned to him with interest.

02:40 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Joe takes Bryan down and turns a roll-up pin into a modified Boston Crab position. Joe easily transitions from one submission to another. That was four different submissions. Incredible!

02:39 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Brya starts with an inside leg kick and presses against Joe. He SLAPS Joe's chest hard and he immeditaely realizes his mistake. Joe handles him and slaps his chest three consecutive times against the chains. OUCH!

02:38 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

02:38 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Daniel Bryan and Samoa Joe begin the action. The two former ROH rivals face off but Bryan circles the ring, evading Joe.

02:36 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

02:36 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Daniel Bryan cuts his usual promo but it's so entertaining. Rowan gets sent away and Bryan protests!

02:34 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

02:34 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

02:29 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

02:28 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

Main event time!

Daniel Bryan (c) vs AJ Styles vs Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy vs Samoa Joe - WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match

02:23 (GMT)18 FEB 2019

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