WWE Extreme Rules Results July 15th 2018, Commentary & Live Updates

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It's time to get Extreme!


02:43 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

02:42 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Sudden Death Overtime

Drew McIntyre is back and Rollins knees him out of the ring. Ziggler takes advantage and hits Ziggler with a Zig Zag.  1-2-3! It's all over. Dolph Ziggler retains thanks to Drew McIntyre.

Dolph Ziggler def. Seth Rollins

02:40 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Kurt Angle comes out and announces that the match will continue into sudden death overtime. The referee comes back and ring the bell.

02:40 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Its a tie and Dolph Ziggler retains.

02:37 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Rollins locks in a Sharpshooter  and transitions into a Crossface. He looks to follow it up with a Curbstomp but Zggler dodges it and tries to run away. Rollins rolls him roll back into the ring and Ziggler hits a Famouser for a nearfall.

02:35 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Rollins goes for a Curbstomp but Ziggler dodges it and rolls Rollins up but he kicks out. Rollins then slingshots Ziggler into the top turnbuckle and rollinsh im up for the 3-count. It's 4 - 4.

Seth Rollins - 4
Dolph Ziggler - 4

02:33 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Rollins finally manages to connect with the  Frog Splash but Ziggler still kicks out. Rollins follows it up with the Baseball Slide Dropkick to boot Ziggler out of the ring. Rollins follows it up with the Superplex transitioned into the Falcon Arrow but he still can't pin Ziggler.

02:30 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Rollins makes his way back into the ring and hits Dolph with a Superkick. He follows it with the Ripcord Knee but can't pin Ziggler.

02:28 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Rollins heads to the top rope but Ziggler hits him with a massive dropkick off the top rope.

02:27 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Rollins is in control now. He knows there are less than 10 minutes left and he's going all in to tie things up.

02:24 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Rollins gets back in it and tries to hit Ziggler with a suicide dive. Ziggler catches him with a forearm. He pins Rollins with his feet leveraged on the ropes and pins Rollins again.

Seth Rollins - 3
Dolph Ziggler - 4

02:21 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Ziggler continues his assault and Rollins looks helpless. He hits Rollins with a Zig Zag and ties it up at 3 - 3.

Seth Rollins - 3
Dolph Ziggler - 3

02:20 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Ziggler follows it with a Superkick to score his second fall.

Seth Rollins - 3
Dolph Ziggler - 2

02:19 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

The referee boots McIntyre out of the arena and Dolph covers Rollins for his first fall.

Seth Rollins - 3
Dolph Ziggler - 1

02:18 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Drew McIntyre attacks Seth Rollins from behind. The referee calls a DQ and Rollins goes up 3 - 0.

McIntyre follows it up with a Claymore kicks.

Seth Rollins - 3
Dolph Ziggler - 0

02:17 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Ziggler replies with a low dropkick to Rollins' knee. Dolph goes for the Famouser but Seth sidesteps  it and deadlifts Ziggler for the Buckle Bomb. Ziggler breaks free but Rollins hits him with a Curbstomp and pins him to go up 2 - 0.

Seth Rollins - 2
Dolph Ziggler - 0

02:14 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Rollins continues to be on the offensive at ringside as he whips Ziggler into the barricade. He follows it up with a big Irish Whip inside the ring.

02:12 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Rollins rolls Ziggler up for the pinfall out of nothing. Rollins goes up 1-0.

Seth Rollins - 1
Dolph Ziggler - 0

02:10 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Rollins continues to try and roll Ziggler up but he rolls out of the ring to regroup.

02:09 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Dolph Ziggler (C) vs Seth Rollins (30 Minute Iron Man match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship)

Finally, it's time for the main-event. Ziggler and Rollins feel each other early and and go back and forth.

02:07 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

02:07 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

This is going to be amazing. 30 minutes of non-stop action. The crowd is red hot for Seth Rollins!

01:59 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

01:56 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Rusev goes face-first into the turnbuckle Aiden English exposed. Styles hits a springboard 450 but Rusev somehow kicks out. AJ hits English with a sliding knee. Styles follows it up with a Phenomenal Forearm to Rusev and pins him.

A valiant effort from Rusev but it wasn't enough.

AJ Styles def. Rusev

01:54 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Rusev goes for a second Machka Kick but AJ hits him with a Pele Kick. Rusev cataches AJ with another boot to the head but can't lock in the Accolade properly because of his knee.

01:53 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Styles finally locks in the Calf Crusher but Rusev reaches the ropes. AJ goes after Aiden English and Rusev hits him with a belly-to-belly at ringside. Rusev follows it up with a Machka Kick at ringside for a nearfall.

01:51 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

AJ goes for a springboard 450 but Rusev dodges it. AJ still lands on his feet and foes for the calf crusher. Rusev breaks free and AJ boots Rusev in the thigh again.

01:49 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Styles hits a reverse DD for a nearfall. styles is favouring his lower back as he tries to hit a Styles Clash. Rusev pushes Styles into the corner. Styles goes for the Calf Crusher but Rusev blocks and boots Styles out of the ring. Rusev tries to follow it up with a suicide dive but AJ caught him with a forearm.

01:47 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Rusev looks to hits Styles with a superlex but he breaks free and boots Rusev off the apron and out to ringside. Styles follows with a springboard forearm to ringside,

01:45 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Rusev launches Styles into the air. He follows it with forearm strikes to the lower back, followed by a back body drop.

01:42 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

AJ Styles (C) vs Rusev (for the WWE Championship)

AJ and Rusev go back and forth before Rusev gets the other hand and clubs AJ with a clothesline. AJ hits Rusev with kicks to the thigh. He has Rusev on his knees but Rusev replies with a Spinebuster.

01:30 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Bliss heads to the top rope but Nia Jax catches her in midair. She goes for the Samoan Dro but Mickie James hits her from behind with a steel chair. Bliss hits Jax with a DDT onto a steel chair and pins her.

Alexa Bliss def. Nia Jax

01:29 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Mickie James tries to interfere but Natalya attacks her. Bliss jumps Natalya from behind. Ronda Rousey was at ringside and jumps and attacks Mickie James. She then goes after Bliss but James hits Rousey with a kendo stick.

01:27 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Alexa sets up a chair between the bottom and middle rope. Jax charges at Bliss and goes face-first into the chair.

01:25 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Nia Jax hits Alexa Bliss with a Gorilla Press Slam onto a trash can. bliss relies by hitting Jax with a trash can lid.

01:23 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Alexa Bliss (C) vs Nia Jax (Extreme Rules match for the RAW Women's Championship)

Alexa runs outside the ring and Mickie James starts handing her weapons. Nia grabs the chairs and trash can lids and throws the into the ring. Bliss tries to run away but Jax cacthes her and tosses her into the ring.

01:12 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Back inside the ring, Lashley goes to the top rope. Roman hits him with a Superman Punchh and goes for the Spear, but Lashley hits him a Spear of his own. Lashley pins Roman clean.

Bobby Lashley def. Roman Reigns

01:10 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Lashley looks to recover at ringside. Reigns goes for a Spear but Lashley catches him and hits him with a belly-to-belly suplex onto the announcer's table.

01:09 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Lashley hits Roman with the delayed vertical suplex and Roman kciks out at the last second. Lashley goes to follow up with the Spear but Roman catches him with a Superman Punch. Lashley kicks out at two and a half.

01:09 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

01:07 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Reigns has Lashley on his shoulders and throws Lashley out of the ring. Lashley with a nasty fall on his shoulder. Reigns hits Lashley with a Famouser as Lashley gets back in the ring.

01:05 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Lashley heads to the top rope and hits a double axe handle. Big move from the big man.

01:04 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

The match is slowly picking up pae as Roman starts taking Lashley down at will. Roman's felling his ribs though and we'll have to keep and eye on that.

01:02 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Roman is still attacking Lashley very slowly at ringside and the crowd is chanting "Rusev Day".

01:00 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Reigns and Lashley continue with the rest holds and the crowd are slowly getting restless.

00:58 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Lashley and Reigns start off grappling and Lashley gets the better of it, taking Reigns down with a belly-to-back slam.

00:57 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Roman Reigns vs Bobby Lashley is up next! 

This is interesting. It could mean the WWE title main eventing the show but it might also mean Alexa vs Nia main eventing in an Extreme Rules match. It's possible that Ronda gets involved because of that! 

00:50 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

The Bludgeon Brothers double up on Daniel Bryan and hit him with their finisher. Kane is outside the ring and can't break up the cover. Harper pins Bryan.
Bludgeon Brothers def. Team Hell No

00:46 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

00:45 (GMT)16 JUL 2018

Kane has come back out but his left leg is in a brace. Bryan tags Kane in and Kane dishes out chokeslams at will. Kane goes for a Tombstone on Harper but can't manage because of his leg. Bryan tags himself in and hits Harper with a dropkick followed by the Yes Kicks.
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