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  • WWE Fastlane 2018 Results, live updates & commentary 03/11/2018

WWE Fastlane 2018 Results, live updates & commentary 03/11/2018

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 12, 2018 03:43 GMT

Will John Cena win his seventeenth World Championship?


03:43 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Breezango and Tye Dillinger def. Gable, Benjamin and Mojo Rawley
Shinsuke Nakamura def. Rusev
Carmella and Natalya def. Becky Lynch and Naomi
Randy Orton def, Bobby Roode
The Usos vs New Day ended in No Contest
Charlotte def. Ruby Riot
AJ Styles def. John Cena, Baron Corbin, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Dolph Ziggler

02:54 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

John Cena has Dolph Ziggler where he wants him. He hits Ziggler with an AA and goes for a second. KO comes in and hits Cena with a Pop-Up Powerbomb. As KO turns, AJ Styles hits the Phenomenal Forearm before pinning Owens and miraculously retaining his title.

AJ Styles retains the WWE Championship

02:52 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

02:51 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Cena hits Corbin with an AA onto the steel steps. Ziggler breaks it up.

02:51 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Corbin hits Cena with the steel stairs and he brings them into the ring. Zayn is taken out, followed by Ziggler and Owens.

02:50 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Owens hits Ziggler with a Pop-Up Powerbomb and is about to win the title when Shane pulls him out of the ring. Zayn hits Owens with a Helluva Kick and now he's about to win the title when Shane pulls him out too.

02:48 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

02:48 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Zayn spots Owens at ringside and gets in his face. Zayn sidesteps as Owens knocks Shane out with a superkick. Zayn follows up with a DDT through the ropes to Shane.

02:47 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Zayn rolls Owens up and the two men are beating the hell out of each other. Owens tries a Powerbomb on the apron but Zayn sends Owens back first into the hardest part of the ring.

02:46 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Owens and Zayn now face off in the ring. Zayn says he's a man of his word. Zayn lays down on the mat and asks KO to pin him.

02:44 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Owens takes a second too long and we see Shane out at ringside again. Cena has Owens up for an AA but he breaks free. Styles isn't so lucky as Cena hits him with an AA through the announcer's table.

02:43 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Corbin runs head first into a board as Owens tears the announcers table down to set Styles up.

02:42 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Corbin launches Ziggler into the air sending him face-first into the mat. He then drags Ziggler out to ringside and tosses him into the fans.

02:41 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Styles hits Cena with the Styles Clash but Zayn breaks it up.

02:40 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Ziggler goes for a Superkick on Cena who dodges it and locks in the STF. Styles breaks it up.

02:40 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Dolph and Zayn and laid out by Cena who hits a double five knuckle shuffle. Cena then goes for an AA to Ziggler who counters it into a Famouser.

02:39 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Styles and Owens trade strikes. Styles hits a Pele Kick and signals for the Styles Clash but Owens dumps him out of the ring. Corin charges at Owens and hits a chokeslam backbreaker. Ziggler comes from behind and hits Corbin with a Zig Zag.

02:37 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Dolph hits Cena with a DDT. Owens almost steals the win by pinning Ziggler with a Frog Splash but it wasn't enough as Styles broke it up.

02:36 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Styles tries to roll up Zayn to steal a quick victory but Zayn kicks out. He then goes for a roll up KO but Owens kicks out too. Styles follows it with a forearm to Corbin and an Ushi Goroshi to Zayn?

02:34 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

The 5 other men take Cena out for the time being before turning their attentions to each other.

02:34 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

02:34 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

02:33 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

AJ Styles (C) vs John Cena vs Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler vs Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens

John Cena hit an AA to Zayn, Owens, Corbin and Ziggler - one each - as soon as the match began. It soon came to bite Cena back as the other 5 men surrounded the ring and the crowd chanted "yes".

02:17 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Tom Phillips says that Xavier Woods is at a local medical facility for a spine injury (kayfabe).

02:14 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

02:11 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Asuka's music hits as Charlotte celebrates. Looks like it will be Charlotte vs Asuka at Mania.

02:11 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Charlotte hits Riott with a knee strike but Riott almost pins Charlotte with the inside cradle. Charlotte replies with a reverse Alabama Slam into the top turnbuckle. Riott looks done as Charlotte cuts her in half with a spear. She follows it with the Figure 4 and Riott is forced to tap.

Charlotte retains but this is the best Ruby RIott has looked on the main roster. A really good title match.

Charlotte def. Ruby Riott

02:08 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Morgan and Logan bait Naomi and Becky to come into the ring. The referee ejects them. The referee then ejects Morgan and Logan too.

02:08 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

02:07 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Ruby mocks The Queen as the two women start to trade knife edged chops. Come on Ruby, you don't trade chops with a Flair.

02:07 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

02:06 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

02:05 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Charlotte heads to the top rope for the moonsault but Riott gets to her feet and pushes Charlotte out of the ring, sending her crashing to the floor. Riott looks to follow up with a suicide dive but Charlotte catches her in midair and hits an Exploder Suplex into the barricade.

Charlotte follows it with a moonsault from the barricade.

02:04 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Charlotte makes her way back to her feet but Riott hits and STO to drop her again. Charlotte replies with a neckbreaker to buy herself some time.

02:03 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Ruby Riott is in complete control. She has Charlotte in a modified submission and Charlotte looks in trouble.

02:01 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

02:00 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Ruby Riott pretended to have something in her eye and had the referee distracted as Logan and Morgan circled Charlotte who was at ringside. Naomi and Becky came out at this point to even the odds.

01:58 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Charlotte (C) vs Ruby Riott

Ruby Riott came out alone as the match started. Riott and Charlotte spilt out to ringside as Riott took control. At this point, we saw Morgan and Logan come out to join Riott.

Riott rolled Charlotte back in the ring and hit the Riott Kick for a nearfall.

01:43 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

01:43 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

01:42 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

01:41 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

01:41 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

01:40 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

The Bludgeon Brother have annihilated 5 men single handedly. GIF's coming soon.

01:39 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

01:38 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

The Bludgeon Brothers music hits and Harper and Rowan attack everyone. There's chaos at ringside as they lay waste to the Usos and the New Day.

01:37 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

Woods and Kofi are regrouping at ringside. The Usos hit them with a double splash over the top tope and al 5 men, including Big E are down.

01:36 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

The Usos then hit a Midnight Hour for the nearfall. Kofi kicks out at 2 and a half. Jey Uso then goes for a running splash in the corner but Kofi dodges it and tags Woods in. Woods superkicks any Uso that moves. Both Usos are down as Kofi tags himself in. Kofi hits a Frog Splash for a nearfall. Both teams have been using moves from the others' playbook to try and get the upper hand. Fantastic match.

01:34 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

The Usos (C) vs The New Day

It's Kofi and Xavier Woods in the match for The New Day today. The Usos came in with a clear gameplan which was clear early on as they isolated Woods. Woods eventually tagged Kofi in who hit a Boom Drop to regain momentum for his team. Kofi then sent Jimmy Uso crashing out of the ring before hitting a running rear end in the corner. Jimmy Uso then hits a Boom Drop of his own before attempting a Trouble In Paradise.

01:29 (GMT)12 MAR 2018

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