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  • WWE NXT Great American Bash Live Results (30 July, 2023) "Dirty" Dom does it again, Roxanne Perez gets revenge, and more.

WWE NXT Great American Bash Live Results (30 July, 2023) "Dirty" Dom does it again, Roxanne Perez gets revenge, and more.

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 31, 2023 02:31 GMT

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02:31 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

The Carmelo Hayes Era continues after a hard-fought win over Ilja Dragunov.

02:30 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Outside of a sloppy stretch between the Corbin/Steveson match and the NXT Women's title match, the rest of the Great American Bash was very entertaining.

02:29 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Ilja Dragunov gets flipped after Carmelo Hayes hits him with a Codebreaker.

02:27 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Full Results for NXT's Great American Bash (July 30, 2023).
Nathan Frazer, Dragon Lee, Yulisa Leon, and Valentina Feroz defeat the Meta-Four (Noam Dar, Oro Mensah, Lash Legend, and Jakara Jackson) by pin.
The D'Angelo Family (Tony D'Angelo and Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo) defeat Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) by pin.
Roxanne Perez defeats Blair Davenport by pin.
Baron Corbin vs. Gable Steveson ends in a double count-out.
Dominik Mysterio defeats Wes Lee and Mustafa Ali by pin.
Tiffany Stratton defeats Thea Hail by submission after Andre Chase throws in the towel.
Carmelo Hayes defeats Ilja Dragunov by pin.

02:23 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

As Melo and Trick are standing side-by-side, Ilja jumps off the steel steps but lands on Trick and the title. Melo recovers and hits Nothin But Net from the top to retain his title.
Result - Carmelo Hayes defeats Ilja Dragunov by pin.

02:22 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

But both get knocked down when the each go for a head kick. Melo rolls over to Trick. Is this where we get some interference???

02:21 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Both men climb to the top. Ilja tries for a Superplex but Melo counters it mid-air into a Cutter for a very close two-count. Trick is beside himself. He grabs the title and tries to pump Melo up. Melo and Ilja struggle to make it to their feet. They exchange strikes.

02:19 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Dragunov goes to the top again, going for a Coast-to-Coast leg smash. Melo catches him mid-air with a Codebreaker. He goes to the top but is powerbombed by Ilja. Ilja lands the forearm from above for a two-count.

02:17 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Melo goes for a Codebreaker but Ilja blocks it and delivers several elbows to Melo's face. Hayes lands a DDT off the middle rope for a near fall. Melo goes for the top, but Ilja grabs his foot. Melo returns and lands several forearms. He goes to the top but Ilja pulls him off the top rope. Ilja lands a Senton off the top for a two-count.

02:15 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

The two combatants trade strikes while holding onto the other. Both men are sent to the mat after a series of forearms and kicks. After another strike exchange, Melo hits a chop and a clothesline to drop The Mad Russian.

02:12 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Dragunov lands a few more strikes, but Melo wakes up and hits a kick. Ilja rebounds off the ropes with a clothesline for a near fall. Dragunov lands some forearms to the back of Melo's head. He locks in a modified Rear Naked Choke. Melo breaks it with a counter-pin attempt. He kicks Ilja's chest but then gets a kick for his efforts.

02:10 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

After some early back-and-forth, Ilja pounds on the Champion. He beats on him so much that Trick Williams looks worried. Ilja props him up in the corner before landing a series of loud and painful chops. Melo looks to have recovered himself for a moment, but Ilja continues to blast his chest. He lands some uppercuts.

01:59 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

I think we have a future match for "Dirty" Dominik Mysterio . . .

01:55 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Nathan Frazer and his team are celebrating backstage until Dragon Lee walks by Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio. They laugh at his efforts but Lee says he would love to be anything close to Rey Mysterio. Dom says his father is only interested in helping "people who look like him (masked)."

01:51 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Tiffany Stratton used what looked like a Boston Crab to retain her title over Thea Hail.

01:47 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Stratton breaks the move up herself before locking it in again closer to the middle of the ring. Stratton counters into a single-leg Crab with a knee on Hail's back. Andre Chase sees enough and throws in the towel to end the match. Duke Hudson is shocked.
Result - Tiffany Stratton defeats Thea Hail in a Submission match when Andre Chase throws in the towel.

01:45 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Stratton goes for her finishing sequence, but Hail stops it. Hail lands a suplex off the top before locking in a Kimura on the Champ. She grabs the rope, but Hail lets go of the move. Stratton rolls to the outside, but Thea jumps on her and locks the move in again. Stratton catches her and sends her into the steel steps. She rolls Hail back into the match before hitting the Prettiest Moonsault Ever. Tiffany puts Hail in a Boston Crab submission. Stratton needs to relearn how to use that move cuz she fluctuates between standing up and sitting down. Andre Chase and Duke Hudson cheer Hail on from the outside.

01:42 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Thea lands a Bulldog off the middle rope. Stratton rolls to the outside and Hail finally lands a clean Suicide Dive. Stratton tries to drive her into the ring post but Hail jumps down. Tiffany goes into it shoulder first. Hail jumps off the top for a move, but Stratton does the super babyface move of rolling through the crossbody and picking up her opponent. She tosses Hail on the back of her head.

01:40 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Hail breaks out of another submission. She drops Stratton in what looks like another botch. Stratton lands hard on her head. Thea breaks out with a suplex and a Senton. She goes for a Trust Fall off the middle rope but Stratton catches her and locks her in leg scissors.

01:39 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Tiffany locks in a Bow and Arrow submission. She hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a handstand back splash.

01:37 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Stratton starts the subs with a Surfboard. Thea counters out into an armbar. Hail lands more offense, sending the Champ to the outside. Thea goes for what I'm guessing was supposed to be a Suicide Dive, but it gets botched. Stratton takes over. That's what happens without a trusted veteran in the match. Stratton stretches Thea around the ring post.

01:32 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Mami put Wes Lee through a table for her "Dirty" Dom!!

01:20 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

She sends Lee back into the ring to pick the bones but Lee kicks out. Rhea gives Dom her title and he blasts Lee with it. Lee kicks out again. Dom climbs to the top for the Frog Splash but Ali returns to knock him off the perch. He hits the 450 Splash but Rhea pulls him out of the ring. Dom then hits his Frog Splash for the win.
Result - Dominik Mysterio defeats  Wes Lee and Mustafa Ali by pin. 

01:18 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Ali kicks both opponents, leaving them draped on the bottom rope. He goes for a 450 Splash but hits the apron when Dom and Lee move out of the way. Lee hits Dom with a Suicide Dive. Rhea tries to attack him but Lee moves. She warns him not to do it again by jumping up on the apron. As she moves away, Lee hits a Tope Con Giro over the ring post instead. Rhea chases him and drops him on the announce table with a Riptide.

01:15 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Ali hits a Tornado DDT on Lee but Dom breaks up the pin. Ali hits a neck breaker on Dom before simultaneously locking Dom in a Camel Clutch and Lee in a Boston Crab. Dom breaks the hold by biting Ali's hand.

01:14 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

He tries to double-suplex the challengers but they hit him with tandem Three Amigos instead. Lee gets caught in between Dom and Ali. He kicks both before landing a Meteora on Dom. Ali breaks up the pin. He tosses Dom to the outside before targeting Lee.

01:12 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

The good guys take turns blasting Dom with chops. Lee hits a Hurricanrana on Ali. Ali and Lee battle it out in the ring until Dom returns to send them off of the ring apron and to the floor. He and Mami pose for the camera. Dom comes back and goes for Three Amigos on Ali but Lee breaks it up.

01:09 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Lee and Ali stare Dom down but he exits the ring. Ali gives chase, but Rhea stands in front of him to prevent an attack. Lee walks around the other side. Mami says to go in the ring and he does, but Lee and Ali both bash on him to the delight of the fans.

01:02 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Mac Mitchell interviews Lyra Valkyria after her match with Rhea Ripley from NXT. She says she's still hungry and interested in the outcome of the Women's title match. As she continues to talk, Jacy Jayne blindsided her. The two battle until it is broken up by officials. Rhea Ripley and Dirty Dom walk by, with Ripley saying "that's what I was talking about."

00:59 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

So much for a successful debut.

00:56 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Gable tackles Corbin through the ringside timekeeper's area.

00:55 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Gable flexes after sending Corbin to the outside, and the fans boo. Love it. He chases Corbin on the outside, but Corbin decks him. Gable then sends Corbin over the announcers' table. The ref reaches a 10 count before either man can return to the ring. The crowd isn't happy, chanting "BS" after the bell. Steveson gets in the ring and pulls the top of his singlet down. The crowd boos.
Result - Baron Corbin vs. Gable Steveson ends in a double count-out.

00:53 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Corbin hits Gable with a Death Valley Driver for a two-count. Corbin drops the Olympian with a clothesline for another near fall. Steveson fights back with some punches before hitting the requisite suplexes. He sends Corbin to the outside via a clothesline.

00:51 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Corbin takes over on the outside, sending Gable into the barricade a few times. The crowd is evenly split cheering for Corbin and Steveson.

00:50 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

After some random early-on stuff, Gable locks Corbin in an ankle lock. He suplexes Corbin on the outside right in front of where Roxy's family was sitting. They are not there for this match. I don't blame them.

00:45 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Roxanne Perez lays it all on the line for revenge on Blair Davenport.

00:41 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Davenport returns fire with a stomp off the top while Perez hits a Russian Leg Sweep. They fight on the ring apron in front of the table. Blair pushes Roxy off and Blair then falls off as well. Roxy hits a knee that sends Davenport's head into the steel steps. She sets Blair up on the table and hits a Crossbody off the top. She rolls Blair into the ring and hits Pop Rox onto the chairs for the win.
Result - Roxanne Perez defeats Blair Davenport by pin.

00:39 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Roxanne sets up a table near the ring but Blair gets up before it can be used. The two return to the ring for action. Blair puts a pile of chairs in the middle of the ring. She tries to suplex Roxy onto the chairs but Roxy counters out and sends Blair into one of the chairs in the corner. Roxy goes for Pop Rox onto the chairs but Davenport stops it and suplexes her onto a trashcan.

00:35 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Over the course of the match, Davenport has added several chairs and trashcans to the ring. She sets one up in each corner. Perez hits a couple head-first before Blair gets blasted with one. Blair then attacks Roxy with a belt right in front of Perez's family. She slams Roxy into the barricade. Davenport then yells at and taunts Roxy's sister. Roxy fights back by hitting Blair with a cowbell and then the belt.

00:32 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Blair blasts Roxy with chair shots in front of her mom and sister. She puts a trashcan over Roxy's head before blasting it with a golf club.

00:31 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Roxy hits a crossbody off the barricade. Blair recovers and brings a chair but Roxy knocks her down. Roxy hits a Suicide Dive and a clothesline on Davenport. She goes for another move but Blair hits her with a metal trashcan. Blair blasts Perez with a chair shot before yelling at Booker T to watch her.

00:29 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Roxy's sister and mother are in the front row since Roxy is from Texas. As she meets another fan, Davenport flies out of the crowd for a sneak attack. Off we go!

00:27 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

So since this is essentially a No-DQ match, will any of Davenport's other victims (Sol Ruca, Nikkita Lyons, Dani Palmer) or Tatum Paxley intervene??

00:23 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Tandem beatings courtesy of The D'Angelo Family, your new NXT Tag Team Champions!

00:20 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Wolfgang hits a blind tag and drops Stacks with a Uranage. He kicks D'Angelo off the apron and then tosses Mark over the top onto D'Angelo. Gallus tries to distract the ref so they can use the Shellaleigh. They succeed and hit their finisher, but Stacks kicks out. Tony D sends Mark into Wolfie with a powerbomb. The ref is distracted, and Joe tries to hit D'Angelo but Tony D hits him instead. Tony D and Stacks then hit Badda-Bing on Wolfie for the win.
Result - Tony D'Angelo and Stacks Lorenzo defeat Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) by pin.

00:17 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Stacks makes the tag to Tony D. He goes on a flurry of offense, including a spinebuster. Wolfie tries to break up the pin by jumping on Tony D, but D'Angelo moves, and he instead lands on Mark. Tony D and Stacks hit stereo punches as the crowd counts along. They then hit the old Power and Glory move, only with Stacks hitting a Flying Headbutt instead of a crossbody.

00:15 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Mark distracts the ref again so Joe Coffey can get a cheap shot in on Stacks. 

00:13 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Tony D is wearing orange velvet pants. He's getting a good reaction from the fans. He and Stacks neutralize Mark Coffey early on. They hit him with an assisted hip-toss Senton for a near fall. Stacks hits the ropes near Gallus' corner, but Joe Coffey grabs his leg. After another distraction, Gallus assumes control of the match.

00:08 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

As the main-roster stars get graphics for their entrances, Tony D'Angelo and Stacks Lorenzo have computerized rats escaping during their entrance. Stacks ain't no rat!!!!

00:05 (GMT)31 JUL 2023

Cody Rhodes narrates and emcees the opening video package. A homage to Dusty Rhodes permeates the message as he was influential in both the Great American Bash in WCW/NWA and in NXT.
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