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  • WWE NXT Live Results (12th April, 2022) - Pretty Deadly wins the NXT Tag Team titles.

WWE NXT Live Results (12th April, 2022) - Pretty Deadly wins the NXT Tag Team titles.

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What will happen on tonight's NXT?


07:44 (IST)13 APR 2022

07:43 (IST)13 APR 2022

Full results for NXT for 12 April 2022.
Cameron Grimes defeats Solo Sikoa by pin.
Von Wagner defeats Ikemen Jiro by pin.
Mandy Rose defeats Dakota Kai by pin.
Xyon Quinn defeats Draco Anthony by pin.
Pretty Deadly wins the NXT Tag Team title gauntlet by defeating the Creeds by pin.

07:40 (IST)13 APR 2022

07:40 (IST)13 APR 2022

07:38 (IST)13 APR 2022

In two appearances, Pretty Deadly has already shown me more personality than Von Wagner and the Creeds have in half of a year.

07:37 (IST)13 APR 2022

PD hits a tandem move for a two-count. All four men are in the ring. Brutus and Wilson run into each other. Prince kicks Brutus but isn't the legal man. They drop Julius off the apron before hitting their finisher, either called Spilled or Spilt Milk, for the win.
Result - Pretty Deadly defeats the Creeds by pin the win the NXT Tag Team title gauntlet.

07:34 (IST)13 APR 2022

Deadly goes for a double suplex and hits it for a near fall. Julius throws Prince but finally makes the tag to Brutus. PD hits an assisted gutbuster for a near fall. Prince tossed Julius into the steel steps, but he no sells it by getting right back up.

07:31 (IST)13 APR 2022

Pretty Deadly is out last, decked out in baby blue pants. Prince hits a strike and gets a two-count. He tags Kit Wilson in. The gear reminds me of the Fabulous Rogeau Brothers gear from back in the day. 

07:29 (IST)13 APR 2022

Back from commercial and waller is in control of Brutus. Brutus hits a back body drop to even the odds. Brutus tags Julius in and he cuts Waller off from tagging Sanga in. He eventually makes the tag to Sanga, but Brutus lands a lift and slam on the big man. He tags Julius in and they hit thee weird clothesline to eliminate Waller and Sanga.
Results - The Creeds eliminate Sanga and Grayson Waller by pin. 

07:24 (IST)13 APR 2022

Waller and Sanga are out next. Sanga kicks Julius and gets a two-count. Waller is jaw jacking with the crowd before he is tagged in. He sucker punches Brutus before sliding out of the ring to deck Julius. He pulls off the sling to reveal his arm is 100%.

07:23 (IST)13 APR 2022

Brutus tags in. Jensen gets hit with a countered clothesline as Julius holds Briggs' leg so he can't break up the pin.
Result - The Creeds eliminate Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs by pin.

07:22 (IST)13 APR 2022

07:21 (IST)13 APR 2022

Jensen hits a sit-out powerbomb for two. Briggs boots Brutus off the apron. I guess getting put through the announce table doesn't hurt as much as it used to. Briggs and Jensen hit a Doomsday Device variant but Brutus breaks up the pin attempt.

07:20 (IST)13 APR 2022

Briggs is in the ring with Julius and he drops him. Jensen and Briggs pancake Brutus before sending him through the announce table. Briggs goes for a slam but Julius hits him with a dropkick. Jensen tags in and the big boys drop Julius with a double shoulder block. Jensen locks Julius in a crossface.

07:16 (IST)13 APR 2022

07:15 (IST)13 APR 2022

07:15 (IST)13 APR 2022

Briggs and Jensen are out next, and they have a scuffle with Legado as Elektra Lopez decks Fallon Henley. The big boys get in the ring and bump fists with the Creeds.

07:14 (IST)13 APR 2022

Wilde hits a neck breaker on Julius before tagging Mendoza in. He hits a dropkick before tagging Wilde in. Wilde hits a 450 Splash but the pin is broken up by Brutus. Mendoza gets tossed out and Julius hits an Angle Slam. They hit a spinebuster and a clothesline to advance.
Result - The Creeds eliminate Legado Del Fantasma by pin. 

07:12 (IST)13 APR 2022

Wilde hits a Cannonball off the top for a near fall. Julius counters into an ankle lock on Wilde. Mendoza tries to break it up but Brutus stops him and puts Mendoza in an ankle lock. It's broken when the creeds are pushed into each other. Brutus drops some Donkey Kong punches on the chest of Wilde. He hits a powerbomb for a two-count.

07:10 (IST)13 APR 2022

Vic hypes the Creeds up, saying that they haven't had any rest since Stand & Deliver. Throw up in the mouth. Wilde and Mendoza start off on fire, landing an assisted jump over the ropes. Brutus is tagged in and then Legado utilizes quick tags in the corner.

07:08 (IST)13 APR 2022

Man, Legado got the second spot, meaning that they won't win, even if they are well overdue for a tag title run.

07:07 (IST)13 APR 2022

Before the gauntlet, Persia and Indi ponder the gauntlet's winner. They say if their men were in it, they'd win it. After some coaxing, Dexter and Duke begrudgingly agree to team up.

07:03 (IST)13 APR 2022

07:03 (IST)13 APR 2022

07:02 (IST)13 APR 2022

In typical gauntlet fashion, the Creeds end up being the first team. WWE and other promotions always do this so fans root for who they want to win. It usually means that they'll last until the end and lose to the final team. Just a humble prediction.

07:01 (IST)13 APR 2022

Nattie struts into the women's locker room and is met by Tatum Paxley. She says that since no one else is taking her seriously, she wants to step up to the BOAT. Nattie simply says, okay before putting the locker room on notice.

07:00 (IST)13 APR 2022

Quinn tosses Anthony across the ring but Draco fights back with a clothesline. He continues to mock Quinn's gestures, so Quinn tosses him across the ring before decking him a few times. He hits a spinning Death Valley Driver before landing two forearms. He stands Anthony up and hits a third forearm for the win.
Result - Xyon Quinn defeats Draco Anthony by pin.

06:57 (IST)13 APR 2022

Anthony lands a dropkick off the bat. He mocks Quinn. Quinn drops him easily. Anthony's pants remind me of the Dudley Boys.

06:56 (IST)13 APR 2022

The next match is Draco Anthony's death at the hands of Xyon Quinn. 

06:56 (IST)13 APR 2022

Nathan Frazer is the next NXT UK star to cross the ocean to join NXT!

06:55 (IST)13 APR 2022

06:52 (IST)13 APR 2022

06:51 (IST)13 APR 2022

Nattie is visibly affected by the warm welcome she received from the crowd. Nattie introduces herself to Jade, and Jade says that Nattie's action figure was the first one she ever had and that she messaged Nattie one night before SmackDown. Nattie says that she's looked around at the landscape of the current NXt women's division and that Jade is the future. She then says, "but the present is bleak" before slapping Jade and putting her in the Sharpshooter.

06:47 (IST)13 APR 2022

Jade cutely turns fangirl once Nattie gets in the ring. 

06:45 (IST)13 APR 2022

Jade says that her folks were in the second row for Stand & Deliver. She doesn't want to be NXT Women's Champ, she NEEDS to be NXT Women's Champ. She mentions AJ Lee, Natalya, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Paige. After the name drop, Nattie's music hits and here she comes!

06:43 (IST)13 APR 2022

Tony D'Angelo interrupts Legado Del Fantasma's team meeting before the gauntlet match. He thinks there was a misunderstanding last week between himself and Santos. He tries to hand an envelope with money in it to Santos, but Santos says that family can't be bought. Up next is Cora Jade, who is surprisingly chipper after not winning two weeks ago.

06:37 (IST)13 APR 2022

Joe Gacy cuts another promo about how the truth is what people believe, not what they know. He says social media rules society and that Breakker is too easy to manipulate. Gacy adds that he can control every move of Bron. He picks the ring out of the fire and puts it on his pinky while still hot. 

06:35 (IST)13 APR 2022

As toxic Attraction celebrates in the ring, wendy Choo shows up and hits them with a squirt gun. Some people are okay with that . . . 

06:34 (IST)13 APR 2022

06:33 (IST)13 APR 2022

Kai hoists Rose on her shoulders, but rose falls off and chop blocks Kai's legs. She lands a spinebuster for a near fall. Kai hits an inside cradle for two before landing a backstabber. Gigi distracts the ref and Jacy distracts Kai. She drops her title belt and Kai picks it up. Rose hits a jumping knee on Kai to pick up the win.
Result - Mandy Rose defeats Dakota Kai by pin.

06:31 (IST)13 APR 2022

Rose took control during the commercial break. Kai evades for a moment, but Rose hits a move for a two-count. Kai manages some offense, including a Scorpion Kick and a double stomp. She drops Mandy in the corner and lands a kick in the face. She gets a two-count.

06:28 (IST)13 APR 2022

06:25 (IST)13 APR 2022

06:25 (IST)13 APR 2022

Kai gets a near fall on two attempts. She drops the Champ with a dropkick, but it doesn't take long before Jacy Jayne interferes. She grabs Kai's leg, but Kai drops Rose off the apron. Kai takes all three women out with a crossbody off the top.

06:23 (IST)13 APR 2022

Gigi and Jacy accompany Mandy to the ring. That doesn't bode well for Dakota. 

06:21 (IST)13 APR 2022

Pretty Deadly says what I've been saying about the Creeds for weeks - they are meatheads. Wilson and Prince, however, add that they don't have any style but have cauliflower ears. Judging from their reaction to the lottery pick, they got a good spot.

06:20 (IST)13 APR 2022

06:13 (IST)13 APR 2022

Sofia Cromwell shows up randomly in the crowd. She's pointing, and Wagner throws Jiro into the front row. Mac Mitchell then interviews Nikkita Lyons. She addresses the victory last week over Lash Legend. Before Lyons can get too far, Legend shows up and pump kicks her off the stage. 

06:11 (IST)13 APR 2022

Wagner lands a fallaway slam before locking in a Bear Hug. Jiro gets out and lands some jacket punches and a jumping knee. Jiro lands a superkick before heading to the top. He lands a Swanton for a two-count. Stone briefly distracts Jiro, allowing Wagner to land a big boot. He then hits the Angle Slam for the win.
Result - Von Wagner defeats Ikemen Jiro by pin. 
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