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  • WWE NXT Live Results (15th November, 2022) Isla Dawn debuts to cost Alba Fyre a chance at dethroning Mandy Rose

WWE NXT Live Results (15th November, 2022) Isla Dawn debuts to cost Alba Fyre a chance at dethroning Mandy Rose

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 16, 2022 03:09 GMT

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03:09 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Full Results for NXT for 15 November 2022.
Bron Breakker defeats Von Wagner by pin.
Indus Sher defeats Ariel Dominguez and George Cannon by pin.
Apollo Crews defeats JD McDonagh by pin.
The Dyad defeats Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen by pin.
Indi Hartwell defeats Tatum Paxley by pin.
Mandy Rose defeats Alba Fyre when Fyre cannot answer the 10 count.

03:08 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

03:08 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Dawn goes nuts on top of the ladder as the lights in the arena flicker.

03:07 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Fyre grabs her bat and hits Mandy in the stomach with it. She then sets up the ladder by the announce table. She lays Rose on the table before climbing the ladder. She gets ready to jump off but is met by Isla Dawn, who spits mist out of her mouth, sending Alba through the table. It leads to the 10 count for Mandy and the win.
Result - Mandy Rose defeats Alba Fyre when Fyre cannot answer the 10 count.

03:05 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Alba tries to suplex Mandy from that spot but Rose shoves Alba off the barricade and almost into the steel steps. Fyre beats the 10 count and she kicks Rose in the face once Mandy jumps off the barricade. She then hits Rose with the Gory Bomb onto the ring apron.

03:04 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Mandy sets a trashcan up in the middle of the ring, but she buckles under the pressure of trying to hoist Alba on her shoulders. Alba then takes advantage and drops Mandy on the side of the can. Mandy gets up at 8. Fyre approaches Rose but gets tossed over the top rope. As she's lying down, she's grabbing HER knee. Mandy then tosses her into the weird space between the barricade and the crowd.

03:01 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Alba gets a ladder out from under the ring and hits Mandy in the gut with it. Alba sets the ladder up against a ring post but Mandy sends her into it. She then drops the ladder onto Fyre.

03:00 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Rose has control back from the commercials, but Alba counters with a front-facing suplex. She adds a Tornado DDT and a Tope con Giro off the top.

02:58 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

02:57 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Alba pulls a chair and some tools out from under the ring. Rose bodyslams Fyre on a chair for the first count of the night. Alba tries to hit Mandy with a chair but she kicks it out of her hands. Rose then goes for her running knee but Fyre puts the chair in the way. She then locks Mandy ina single-leg Boston Crab.

02:55 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Rose immediately jumps out of the ring once the bell rings. She goes for a knee but Alba catches it. Fyre then drops Rose with a Suicide Dive. She sets the announce table up for a move but the action spills to other sides of the ring.

02:53 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

02:52 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

02:51 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Roxanne Perez congratulates Indi on her win, but questions why she resorted to tearing off her protective mask. Indi says she'll do whatever she wants or needs to do to get into the Iron Survivor match at Deadline. 

02:48 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

02:46 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Another message from Scrypts plays, and he mentions that he'll debut next week.

02:45 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Paxley hoists Indi on her shoulders but Indi pulls off Paxley's protective mask. She kicks Paxley down and tosses the mask at Ivy Nile. Indi then hits a sliding clothesline for the win.
Result - Indi Hartwell defeats Tatum Paxley by pin.

02:43 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Hartwell controls the match early on, She goes for a move but Paxley evades it. She bashes Indi's head into two buckles. She hits a neck breaker and a spinning Senton for a near fall.

02:42 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Indi Hartwell battles Tatum Paxley. Before the two tangle, the lights flicker, possibly because of Scrypts or someone else.

02:41 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

HBK announces that both the men and women of NXT will compete in "Iron Survivor" matches. The bouts will be 25 minutes long each, with 5 stars. The stars will enter in 5-minute intervals with a pinfall giving a star 1 point. Being pinned sends that person to the penalty box for 90 seconds. Whoever has the most pins at the end of 25 minutes will be named the "Iron Survivor" and will be the #1 Contender for NXT titles.

02:37 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

02:36 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

02:33 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Jensen gets knocked out of the ring. He hits Rip but Ava Raine stands in his way. That allows Jagger to send Jensen into the announce table with a suicide dive. Jensen finally makes the tag to Briggs, and he cleans house. He hits a clothesline off the top and a sidewalk slam on Reid. As Fallon Henley looks on, Kiana James comes down to get in her face. That distraction allows the Dyad to hit the Ticket to Mayhem on Briggs for the win.
Result - The Dyad defeats Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen by pin.

02:30 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Briggs and Jensen battle the Dyad. The Southern boys work over Jagger Reid's arm.

02:28 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

We get a brief story about why Malik Blade wears sweater vests. He says that his father always dressed in fashionable suits, and that he ordered Malik a sweater vest from his tailor's catalog. His father passed away, so he wears them to honor his late father.

02:26 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

02:24 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

02:24 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

02:21 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Trick adds that there isn't a ladder to climb this time, so this will be his first and last defense. Booker asks Lee what he's willing to do to keep the title. Lee says he'll do everything and anything. Lee tries to say something but Williams's mouths off, saying that no one cares what Lee has to say. That enrages Lee, but Booker T stops them from ending the segment in fisticuffs.

02:18 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Melo sucks up to Booker T, saying that "real recognizes real" and that he's happy to be a part of Book's "Fab 5." Booker then asks Melo about possibly becoming a three-time NA Champ.  

02:15 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Mac Mitchell interviews Big Body Javy, who says instead of waiting for an opportunity, he's gonna challenge someone instead. He first challenges Axiom, who Mitchell says is not medically cleared. He then challenges Ilja Dragunov, who also isn't cleared. Javy then tries for any member of Galllus, who Mitchell says is suspended. Javy then claims that Mitchell is part of the problem, trying to hold him back. It was pretty funny and simple.

02:08 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

After the win, Bron Breakker comes out to look Crews in the eyes. After that, Mac Mitchell interviews Mandy Rose who says the same crap about people not respecting her. She looks like Nikki Bella with a backward hat.

02:06 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Crews rushes McDonagh in the corner but McDonagh evades it. He then hits a high-mark chokeslam-type move to pick up the hard-fought win.
Result - Apollo Crews defeats JD McDonagh by pin.

02:04 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

McDonagh mimicks Crews' kick on the outside and moonsault off the apron. He then goes to the top but Crews tosses him off the top to even things out. The two trade inside cradle pin attempts. JD hits a Spanish Fly, causing the crowd to actually chant his name. JD goes for the Devil Inside but Crews counters out. He goes for it again and hits a Sunset Flip for a near fall.

02:01 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Crews fights back, tossing JD over the top rope. He adds a moonsault from the apron for good measure. He hits a pump kick and a clothesline. Apollo adds two power bombs, getting a two-count. During the match, Vic Joseph asks Booker T if the winner of this match is next in line to challenge Bron Breakker. JD McDonagh has always lost twice, so no. Only Crews is if he wins.

01:58 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

After returning from the commercial break, McDonagh has Crews in a Sleeper Hold. Crews climbs to the middle buckle and drops back on JD. JD maintains the move and hits a side suplex.

01:55 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Crews and McDonagh one-up each other with moves and counters. Apollo sends JD out of the ring. He chases the big-headed Irishman, tossing him back first into the announce table.

01:51 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Mac Mitchell interviews Wendy Choo, who says that Cora Jade said some things that aren't true and some things that she hasn't heard since high school. She ends by saying people who are always mad need to look in the mirror, but for Jade to wait a week to look in the mirror so that she can give her two black eyes.

01:47 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

01:46 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Veer and Sanga call out the Creeds because they get respect in America but Indus Sher does not. Backstage, we see the meathead brothers watching the in-ring promo. They say the usual stuff like we'll knock them down if they come for us. Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley walk in and Nile tries to say that they're focusing on the wrong team. She still sounds like a robot.

01:43 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Sanga kicks Cannon off the apron with a big boot. Indus Sher then hits a leg drop off the top on Ariel Dominguez for the squash win.
Result - Indus Sher defeats Ariel Dominguez and George Cannon.

01:42 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Sanga drops George Cannon neck first on the top rope. He bodyslams him a few times. The two then crush Gannon between their bodies. Veer then tosses Cannon into the corner so the little guy can tag in. Veer brings him into the ring by tossing him over the top rope. They pancake the little guy like the big guy. Sanga bodyslams the little guy twice before tagging Veer back in. 

01:35 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

01:34 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Backstage, Andre Chase asks Duke Hudson why he tossed in the towel last week. Hudson says he did it so that Chase could live to fight another day. He also says that if Chase is down, then so is Chase U. Thea Hail comes in as Hudson leaves. She says that Hudson is "kinda growing on" her.

01:32 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

She ends by mocking the fans and claiming that she is the hunter and the rest of the division is the prey.

01:30 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Zoey adds that the more time she spent helping the new recruits and athletes at the WWE PC, her focus on herself waned. She mocks Lyons and stars who get exposure from non-wrestling stuff on social media.

01:28 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Stark says that her back feels lighter not having to carry Lyons on her back anymore. She also recounts how she was paired with Lyons for the WWE Women's Tag Team title tournament. The duo wasn't able to compete, however, because Stark got hurt in her match with Rose.

01:25 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

Breakker is seen walking backstage. He takes a second to sit and admire the NXT title, but JD McDonagh walks over and says "you know you're never gonna be done with me, right?"

01:19 (GMT)16 NOV 2022

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