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  • WWE NXT Live Results (17th May, 2022) - Escobar defeats D'Angelo by outsmarting the Don of NXT.

WWE NXT Live Results (17th May, 2022) - Escobar defeats D'Angelo by outsmarting the Don of NXT.

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Can Tony D'Angelo and Santos Escobar make peace on NXT?


02:13 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

02:12 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Full results for NXT 2.0 for 17 May 2022.
Cameron Grimes and Solo Sikoa defeat Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes by pin.
Lash Legend defeats Tatum Paxley by pin.
The Viking Raiders defeat the Creeds by pin.
Grayson Waller defeats Andre Chase by pin.
Roxanne Perez defeats Kiana James by pin.
Nathan Frazer vs. Wes Lee ends in a No Contest.
Santos Escobar defeats Tony D'Angelo by pin.

02:09 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

To end the show, Joe Gacy cuts another one of his weird and creepy promos. It ends with the camera panning out from high above with Gacy laughing maniacally.

02:08 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

02:08 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

02:06 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

As both men recover, D'Angelo goes to the steel steps, looking for his beating stick. It's not there because Wilde and Del Toro have grabbed it. The goons come out to fight Del Toro and Wilde, distracting the ref. With his back turned, Escobar decks D'Angelo with brass knucks. He gets the pin for the win.
Result - Santos Escobar defeats Tony D'Angelo by pin.

02:05 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Santos works the left arm of D'Angelo. D'Angelo fights back with a belly-to-belly suplex. He lands a second suplex after giving Santos the Kiss of Death. Tony D tries to suplex Santos back into the ring, but it doesn't work. Santos lands a top-rope Hurricanrana to even the odds.

02:01 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Tony D lands a swinging neck breaker. He then rubs Escobar's eyes on the top rope. After some back-and-forth, Tony D is sent out of the ring. Santos his the Arrow From the Depths of Hell dive. He tosses D'Angelo into the steel steps before throwing him back into the ring.

01:52 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

01:52 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Wes Lee and Nathan Frazer walk by Sanga backstage, and he says it wasn't fair what Wagner did to them. He says men of their size would have a hard time against a person as big as Wagner. Frazer says it's a miscommunication, but Lee is still fuming. It leads to a match between the two.

01:46 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

01:46 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Vic Joseph yells that Sofia Cromwell is watching, doing nothing as usual.

01:45 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

01:44 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Frazer goes for a Superplex but Lee shifts his weight to land on top for a near fall. He's getting increasingly frustrated. As he argues with the ref, Frazer hits a Superkick. He goes to the top for the Phoenix Splash but Lee evades it. They both end up going for crossbodies but hit each other. As both men are still down, Von Wagner hits the ring and attacks both men. Wagner tosses Lee over the top rope and onto the announce table.

01:41 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Lee and Frazer have an exchange of many counters, blocks, and jumps. If you blinked, you might have missed it. Lee hits a Pescado on Frazer but Frazer recovers quickly and hits the Arrow from the Depths of Hell suicide dive. Frazer goes for a move off the top but Lee counters. 

01:33 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

01:32 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

After that match, Edris Enofe and Malik Blade are cosplaying as Santos and Tony. Dimes and Two Stacks, aka Tony's goons, come up and say that they should face the real thing. The two teams will battle it out next week.

01:31 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Roxy hits a Side Russian Leg Sweep for a two-count. James takes control and hits a side suplex for two. As James runs at Roxy in the corner, Perez counters and hits a Canadian Destroyer in the corner to pick up the win.
Result - Roxanne Perez defeats Kiana James by pin.

01:29 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

James goes for a Boston Crab but Roxy blocks it. James continues to kick Roxy before finally locking it in. Roxy counters out of it and gets two near falls. James lands a backbreaker off a counter for a near fall of her own. 

01:27 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Roxy and James battle back and forth with each landing some athletic moves. Perez gets a near fall but James grounds Perez with a Bow and Arrow submission.

01:25 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Diamond Mine argues backstage after another match of interference. the Creeds storm off to leave Roddy alone. Pretty Deadly comes up and says that it's sad he can't get the Creeds the titles. It leads to a tag match next week between the Champs and Kemp/Roddy.

01:20 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

01:20 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Gigi and Jacy watch a post-NXT interview where Katana Chance and Kayden Carter say they want the titles to represent the roster rather than for likes and subscriptions on social media. Mandy comes in angry and puts Indi Hartwell on notice. Gigi Dolin says that the women need to put some respect on Toxic Attraction's name.

01:18 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

01:17 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Chase gets a near fall, but Waller quickly lands a kick for his own near fall. Chase sends Waller into the turnbuckle with a slingshot. He goes on a run of moves before doing his stomp. Waller decks Chase in the face before sending him over the top into Bodhi. Chase gets out of the ring to check on Bodhi, but it allows Waller to hit his rolling cutter for the win.
Result - Grayson Waller defeats Andre Chase by pin.

01:15 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Wes Lee vs. Nathan Frazer is announced for tonight's show after a meeting earlier in the night. Lee revealed that Xyon Quinn was again not medically cleared.

01:14 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Grayson Waller takes on Andre Chase. Sarray is "the honorary flagbearer" this week. Chase hits a swinging neck breaker and a few European uppercuts. Vic says that Bodhi Hayward has received his first degree from Chase U (in Mischieviousness). 

01:13 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

As Bron Breakker leaves the arena, he's interrupted by Duke Hudson, paying him back for earlier. It leads to a potential match between Hudson and the Champ.

01:12 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

01:06 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Diamond Mine argues after the match. After the tag match, Legado addresses the feud with Tony D. Santos says that he'll also come out by himself, but Cruz and Joaquin want revenge. 

01:05 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Both teams get to their feet and reboot the match. After Brutus gets dropped to the outside, Damon Kemp distracts the ref. Roddy jumps in and tries to interfere again, but Julius catches him and throws him out of the ring. He yells that they don't need him. That distraction allows the Viking Raiders to land a tandem power bomb for the surprising win.
Result - The Viking Raiders defeat the Creeds by pin.

01:03 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Erik tosses Brutus out of the ring and he tags Ivar back in. Ivar caves Julius in and lands a slam off the top rope. He gets a near fall after Brutus breaks up the pin. Erik hits a German Suplex on Brutus, but Julius does the same to Erik. Julius jumps to the top but Ivar pushes him off. Ivar misses a flying head butt, allowing Julius to get another near fall. Erik breaks up the pin with a knee to the face of Julius.

01:01 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Ivar hits a move and gets a near fall. FYI - Roddy Strong and Damon Kemp came out to the ring as well. Erik and Brutus are tagged back in and the Creeds land a tandem move for a near fall.

01:00 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

After Brutus hits a rough-looking cannonball before the break, things are even once the action resumes. Ivar and Julius come in with Ivar bludgeoning Julius.

00:44 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Indi Hartwell says that she's had a lot of ups and downs. She also says that it is the first time she's been only out for herself. A challenge for Mandy Rose follows.

00:43 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Gacy tries to goad Bron into physicality. He says that if Bron gets disqualified at In Your House, he will lose the title. Breakker accepts. He's looking more orange today than usual.

00:41 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Gacy talks in circles before asking for another one-on-one match. What is it with these guys losing matches and asking for another title shot?

00:40 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Bron hits the ring and says that Gacy is coming to drop him unconscious after leaving him in a field two weeks ago. Gacy comes out to the random pulpit in the arena, flanked by the two hooded people.

00:38 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Duke Hudson is telling Mac Mitchell how he's recalculated things over the last two weeks. Mac asks him about what's next, and before he can answer, Bron Breakker loudly storms by and says to hit his music. 

00:31 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Tony D and his goons recount certain times that they "took care" of some people in their past. It ends with Tony saying he'll take care of Escobar by himself. Yeah right.

00:30 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

00:30 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Lash misses a spinning heel kick but whiffs. Paxley tries to hoist Lash up for the third time, but whiffs again. That allows Legend to land a pump kick for the win.
Result - Lash Legend defeats Tatum Paxley by pin.

00:28 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Lash puts Paxley in an ugly-looking Stretch Muffler submission, but Paxley pulls herself up and rolls into a pin attempt. She tries to hoist Legend on her shoulders again but fails again. Tatum hits a suplex on Legend before hitting a spinning Senton for two.

00:27 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Legend hits Paxley right after the bell. she picks Paxley up on her shoulders, but Paxley counters out with headscissors. She hits two dropkicks on Legend for a near fall. Tatum goes to deadlift Legend but she falls down. Legend kicks her and sends her head-first into the middle buckle. She then wraps Paxley's leg around the post.

00:25 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

By the way, that was in reference to a Thea Hail vignette airing before the next match. SHE HASN'T EVEN GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL!

00:24 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Not sure how I feel about people under 20 who don't have wrestling experience getting chances that others fought years to get.

00:21 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

00:20 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

00:19 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

Mac Mitchell interviews Pretty Deadly, and they fake being afraid of the Creeds. Mac says that they'll face the Creeds at In Your House. I guess there isn't a #1 Contender's match, huh?

00:18 (GMT)18 MAY 2022

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