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  • WWE NXT Live Results (2nd August, 2022) Solo Sikoa beats Von Wagner in a Falls Count Anywhere match

WWE NXT Live Results (2nd August, 2022) Solo Sikoa beats Von Wagner in a Falls Count Anywhere match

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 03, 2022 02:11 GMT

What will happen on NXT?


02:11 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Trick Williams vs. Wes Lee and Nikkita Lyons vs. Kiana James also announced for next week.

02:10 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Full Results for NXT 2.0 for 2 August 2022.
Katana Chance and Kayden Carter defeat Yulisa Leon and Valentina Ferroz, Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne, and Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley by pin.
Carmelo Hayes defeats Nathan Frazer by pin.
Mandy Rose defeats Sarray by pin.
Axiom defeats Duke Hudson by pin.
The Creeds defeat Tony D'Angelo and Channing Lorenzo by pin.
Joe Gacy defeats Brooks Jensen by pin.
Solo Sikoa defeats Von Wagner by pin.

02:08 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

02:07 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Sikoa lands the splash and covers his opponent with his fingers.
Result - Solo Sikoa defeats Von Wagner by pin.

02:06 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Sikoa goes to the top buckle but Mr. Stone grabs his leg. Solo kicks him off the apron as Wagner recovers to knock Solo off the buckle. Solo sends Von into the ringpost before hitting a Superkick. He lands a second one as Wagner falls on top of the announce table. Solo goes to the top for his splash.

02:05 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

02:04 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Wagner tries to bash Solo with a chair but Solo hits him with a fire extinguisher. They get back into the ring with Solo decking Von in the face. He hits another Samoan Drop before picking up a chair. Solo hits Von a few times with the chair before dragging the steel steps into the middle of the ring. He hits Wagner with a Uranage on the steps but only gets a two-count.

02:02 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

He hits Wagner with a chair from the dumpster and the two continue fighting in the parking lot. Solo sends Von into a garage door before hitting several knees. The two battle back into the arena as Cameron Grimes attempts to leave the building. Wagner then sends Solo through a table inside the building with a side suplex.

02:01 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Big Von then clotheslines Solo outside of the ring before taking him to the announce table. Solo counters and drops Von on top of it with a Samona Drop. He gets a two-count. The two continue fighting until they end up backstage and out in the parking lot. They run into Melo and the ladies in the lot and Solo pie-faces Melo into his car. Wagner then tosses Solo into a dumpster before Solo "triumphantly" emerges from inside said dumpster.

01:58 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

The action spills to the outside again. Von tosses Solo into the steel steps. Wagner then brandishes a few chairs and hits Solo with them several times. He drops Solo on a chair with a side suplex. He gets a two-count. Von then hits Solo with a chair several times. Wagner then body slams Sikoa onto two chairs set up in the ring.

01:55 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

The match is in the ring for about three seconds before Solo sends Von out of the ring. He hits a shoulder block and a Senton for a near fall. The two deck each other before heading back into the ring.

01:53 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Nikkita Lyons addresses the breakdown of her life by Kiana James. She says she is proud of who she is and where she has come from and that she's dealt with people like James her whole life. She says she'll be waiting in the ring for James next week. Also announced for next week's show is Cora Jade vs. Zoey Stark.

01:50 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Before the main event, Trick and Melo are leaving the arena. Some random ladies are in the parking lot and their car has broken down. It seemed random . . . 

01:48 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

01:47 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Being the second show under the Triple H/Stephanie regime, the show feels the same but also comes across differently. There used to be about 8 matches per week but they seemed rushed. While there have been around the same matches tonight, they have been booked well. The backstage interviews and segments have also been paced well. For the most part, it doesn't feel as rushed as previous weeks.

01:45 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Legend gets control with a pump kick. She hoists Fyre onto her back before hitting a facebuster on her knees. She gets a near fall before choking Alba in the ropes. Legend hits another move but celebrates too much. Fyre fights back with a few strikes before heading to the top. Lash attempts a superplex but Alba kicks her off the top. Fyre jumps off the top but Lash evades it. She grabs the bat but Fyre superkicks her. She goes for the Gory Bomb and hits it before landing the Swanton for the win.
Result - Alba Fyre defeats Lash Legend by pin.

01:39 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

01:38 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Up next is Alba Fyre taking on mouth Legend.

01:37 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

After the match, Gacy addresses the camera, talking directly to Cameron Grimes. Grimes is watching backstage and he heads off in anger. After that exchange, Tony D and Stacks are upset in their locker room. Tony D gets a call from Santos and they agree to an "accord" with no one else. Thought it might lead to a Loser Leaves NXT match.

01:35 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Gacy sends brooks into the ropes and Brooks counters with an impressive spinning heel kick. As both men lay on the canvas, Jagger and Rip approach Fallon Henley. She walks over to tell them off, as does Briggs. That brings Pretty Deadly, but Jensen tosses Elton Prince out of the ring. Gacy takes advantage of the distraction to hit his handstand into a clothesline for the win.
Result - Joe Gacy defeats Brooks Jensen by pin.

01:33 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Jensen is wrestling in cut-off jorts. He has control early on until Gacy decks him for having a mullet, a wispy mustache, and a general overall aura of goofiness. Gacy hits a running forearm in the corner before doing his upside/down lift in the corner. Gacy hits a Uranage and an elbow for a near fall.

01:32 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Mac Mitchell interviews Kayden and Katana, and they cut the usual babyface promo. THey fought through ups and downs, being cheated and slighted. I only remember one instance of being cheated, but WWE faces.

01:28 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

01:28 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

01:28 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

01:26 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Roxanne Perez addresses Cora Jade and her actions in a backstage vignette. She challenges Jade for a match at Heatwave. It's followed by Mac Mitchell interviewing Jade and she declines the offer. Mandy Rose comes by and asks Jade to take Stark out before the match at Heatwave. Jade says "hard pass" and "typical Mandy Rose" because it only benefits Rose. Mandy then tries to rationalize that with Stark out of the way, the runner-up from the battle royal gets to step in. Jade walks out after saying that she'll think about it.

01:20 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Brutus finally makes the tag to Julius and he hits both members of the Family with moves. He tosses Stacks out of the ring. Vic Joseph says that "there are no leaders in Diamond Mine" but Roddy was the leader. Julius has also tried to be the leader. WWE babyface logic. All heck breaks loose and Elektra Lopez hands the crowbar to D'Angelo. He grabs it, but Santos Escobar reappears to pull it out of his hands. He then decks Tony D with brass knuckles. It allows the Creeds to hit their finisher for the win.
Result - The Creeds defeat Tony D'Angelo and Stacks Lorenzo by pin. 

01:15 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Damon Kemp accompanies the Creeds out to the ring. Stacks and Tony D are in control early on as Stacks has Julius in a Boson Crab. Brutus tags in but Stacks rolls out of the ring. His run is short-lived as he gets kicked by Stacks. He then works on Brutus' arm before Tony D tags back in.

01:07 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Mac interviews Wes Lee and he then compares the careers of Muhammad Ali and Trick Williams. Lee says that Ali inspired millions while Trick annoys millions. He then challenges Williams to a match for next week and even says it can be with rounds to see if he's as good as he says he is.

01:05 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Hudson tosses Axiom all across the ring until the smaller fighter targets Hudson's leg. Hudson recovers quickly and hits a Uranage. The crowd begins chanting "Duke's a Hero" mocking the superhero gimmick. Hudson goes for the Razor's Edge, but he gets sent head-first into the middle buckle. Axiom then rolls him up for the win.
Result - Axiom defeats Duke Hudson by pin.

01:03 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

They hit the ring and Hudson stands tall after hitting a spinning Uranage on Axiom. He grabs a mic and says that's why you don't believe in your heroes - they always let you down. Axiom stands up and says Hudson is wrong, and it leads to an impromptu match that Hudson will probably lose.

01:00 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Axiom says he's not afraid of Hudson before Hudson decks him and calls him a nerd. The two brawl backstage until they make it out to the arena.

00:59 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Mac Mitchell interviews Axiom about his debut until he's interrupted by NXT whipping boy, Duke Hudson. Why he keeps losing is beyond me.

00:58 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

00:54 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

We get a segment where Tiffany Stratton talks and does some moves in a gymnastics club. She says everything she does is pretty.

00:53 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Mandy gets a chair after the match and says that "this is what awaits you" to the camera and Zoey Stark. She bashes Sarray with the chair a few times before Stark runs out for the save.

00:51 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

This match has been really awkward as Rose has barely hit moves before attempting a pin. Sarray battles back with a dropkick off the top before getting a two-count with a Fisherman's Suplex. Sarray then rushes Rose in the corner. After an awkward exchange, Rose hits a spinebuster followed by her jumping knee for the win.
Result - Mandy Rose defeats Sarray by pin.

00:49 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Back from the break, both exchange pin attempts. Sarray goes for a basement dropkick on Rose, but Rose rolls out of the ring. She pulls Sarray into the ropes and gets a few near falls. 

00:46 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

The match literally starts during the commercial. Shows how important it is in the scheme of things. 

00:44 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

00:43 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

We head backstage to see Team Meathead (the Creeds) training. Apollo Crews comes up to say he's a fan and the Creeds say the same thing. Crews says to keep their eyes open because things aren't always what they seem. Damon Kemp shows up after Apollo leaves and he says that Roddy is "running late." After that, we see Gigi and Jacy throwing a fit after losing in the opener. She then heads out for her match with Sarray.

00:41 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

JD adds that Bron may be able to endure pain but he welcomes it. Wade gives JD the contract to sign first, but McDonagh says he wants the Champ to sign first because he sees fear in his eyes. JD is playing him like a fiddle (on the mic). Bron signs it, and McDonagh says the segment won't end in violence, but it will end in blood. He stabs himself in teh finger and signs the contract in blood before extending his hand to the Champ. Bron was bothered by the blood thing.

00:38 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

JD says he sees a fire in his eyes but that he wants to stomp out that fire. He also says that he's not afraid of Breakker like a lot of other stars are. Bron says that McDonagh might be the smartest person he's been in the ring with, but that doesn't matter once he breaks him in half.

00:31 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

00:28 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

And has been the case with all of his defenses, Trick Williams interference leads to him retaining the title. Hayes doesn't need consistent interference to be a good Champion.

00:28 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Frazer gains control and goes for the Phoenix Splash. Hayes moves out of the way but Frazer hits a superkick. Frazer then hits a Suicide Dive on Hayes, sending him into Vinci at the announce table. Vinci's drink spills on his lap. Williams distracts the ref, allowing Vinci to send Frazer off the top rope. That allows Hayes to hit his flying legdrop for the win.
Result - Carmelo Hayes defeats Nathan Frazer by pin.

00:26 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

00:26 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Hayes gets another near fall before he falls out of the ring off a Flatliner into the middle buckle.

00:25 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

Hayes and Frazer exchange moves early on until Hayes hits a reverse legdrop off the middle rope for a near fall. Frazer evades another move from Hayes but Hayes hits him with a springboard clothesline for a near fall.

00:23 (GMT)3 AUG 2022

As Not Fabian Aicher stops to pose for his usual pictures, Nathan Frazer runs down and gets in the ring for the match. Vinci joins commentary. 
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