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  • WWE NXT Live Results (21st June, 2022) - Escobar helps Carmelo Hayes defeat Tony D'Angelo

WWE NXT Live Results (21st June, 2022) - Escobar helps Carmelo Hayes defeat Tony D'Angelo

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 22, 2022 02:09 GMT

What will happen on WWE NXT?


02:09 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Full Results for NXT for 21 June 2022.
Grayson Waller defeats Solo Sikoa by pin.
Katana Chance and Kayden Carter defeat Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz by pin.
Damon Kemp and Roderick Strong defeat Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde by pin.
Cameron Grimes defeats Edris Enofe by pin.
Von Wagner defeats Brooks Jensen by pin.
Alba Fyre defeats Lash Legend by Disqualification.
Carmelo Hayes defeats Tony D'Angelo by pin.

02:06 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

02:04 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Could this lead to a "Loser Leaves NXT" match? Santos is more than ready to move on.

02:04 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

As Melo goes to the top, D'Angelo crawls toward his Family. Melo pulls him off the ropes but Tony D counters out and hits a throw on the Champ. Lorenzo distracts the ref as D'Angelo yells at Santos to give him the brass knucks. Santos sends them to Melo instead to the chagrin of the Italians. Melo decks D'Angelo with the knucks and picks up the win.
Result - Carmelo Hayes defeats Tony D'Angelo by pin.

02:02 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Tony D stands Melo up and yells "I'm the Dahn" before slapping him a couple of times. Melo waits in the corner for Tony and moves out of the way as Tony hits the middle buckle. Melo hits a Codebreaker for two.

02:00 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Melo breaks the submission and hits a few chops in the corner. He hits a flipping clothesline before mounting Tony D and decking him. Melo goes for a Pump Kick but Tony catches it. He hits a throw and gets a near fall. 

01:59 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

01:58 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

01:57 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

D'Angelo sends Melo head-first into the steel steps right before the commercial break.

01:56 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Both men have moments of control early on. The factions, or groups, stand up on the apron but Williams gets down first since he's outnumbered 5 to 1.

01:53 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

D'Angelo is wearing baby blue tracksuit pants along with his usual wifebeater.

01:49 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Announced for next week are:
Xyon Quinn vs. Sanga
Kayden and Katana vs. Cora and Roxy with the winners getting a shot at Toxic Attraction

01:45 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

The main event is next, featuring two braggarts who love themselves in Tony D'Angelo and Carmelo Hayes.

01:44 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Legend goes for a Pump Kick in the corner but whiffs and gets tangled in the buckle. Fyre takes advantage and hits the Gory Bomb. She goes for the Swanton, but Legend rolls out of the ring. She grabs Fyre's bat and hits Fyre in the throat with it.
Result - Alba Fyre defeats Lash Legend by Disqualification.

01:43 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Fyre goes for the Gory Bomb but Legend counters it into a move that looks like it would hurt both people equally. Fyre regains control and hits a kick or two. Legend fights back and hits a spinning side suplex for a near fall.

01:41 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Fyre hits a dropkick to Legend's chest for two. She lands a few chops before Legend hits a sloppy kick to take over. 

01:40 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

I like how WWE has Legend and Stratton bragging about how they won stuff in other sports before coming to WWE. That's great, but this is pro wrestling and WWE. What you did before doesn't mean you'll translate it to success. But WWE is gonna WWE.

01:39 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Up next is Words vs. Actions, aka Lash Legend vs. Alba Fyre.

01:35 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

01:35 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

01:34 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

01:33 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Cameron Grimes is sitting in the locker room after his match. Bron Breakker comes in and says "that's the Cameron Grimes that I want to face at the Great American Bash." Grimes adds "No, it isn't. If you face this Cameron Grimes, you're looking at the next NXT Champion."

01:32 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Jensen goes for a move off the top, but Wagner turns it into an arm drop. He hits the Olympic Slam to pick up the win.
Result - Von Wagner defeats Brooks Jensen by pin.

01:31 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Wagner traps Jensen's injured hand in a turnbuckle. He then slams it against the ring several times. Jensen fights back with a big Lariat but it only drops Wagner for a few seconds. Jensen hits a DDT off the middle buckle for two.

01:28 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Jensen comes off as a big goober kid, but he is exactly a big goober kid. He drops Wagner with a Spinning Heel Kick. Wagner drops Jensen with a big boot before working over the injured wrist/hand.

01:26 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Nikkita Lyons is great, but she says she doesn't do patience. She's always in motion and goes after what she wants. Lyons will return next week apparently.

01:21 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Grimes helps Edris up and tells him that that was what he was talking about. They hug and shake hands. I'm glad they shook hands and didn't have a heel turn there. Up next, 18-year-old just graduated high school Thea Hail shows up at the dorm room at Chase University. Bodhi Hayward turns out to be her roommate because he's the only other person that goes to Chase U. Hail has loads of energy and goes for some food.

01:19 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Enofe hits a kick that sends Grimes outside of the ring. He adds a Torpe Con Giro before tossing Grimes back into the ring. He goes to the top but misses a 450 Splash. Grimes hits a spinning uranage before hitting the Cave-In for the win.
Result - Cameron Grimes defeats Edris Enofe by pin.

01:17 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Grimes kicks Enofe in the chest a few times. He pumps himself up and tells Grimes to keep kicking him in the chest. Grimes hits a kick off the ropes but Enofe jumps up and the two exchange strikes. Enofe drops Grimes with a jumping knee off the middle ropes.

01:16 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

After some back-and-forth, Edris hits a dropkick for a near fall. Grimes fights back with a Hurricanrana and a soccer kick on the apron. He tosses Edris back into the ring and lands a flying crossbody for two.

01:14 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Jordan Devlin joins Fabian Aichner as weirdly shaped head guys who have undergone name changes. 

01:14 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

01:13 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Mac Mitchell interviews Indi Hartwell until she is interrupted by Kiana James. James says that Indi has set the women's movement back because she jumps from friend to friend and can't stand by herself. She also says she trusts numbers and facts and not emotions. Indi says she'll punch her in the face next week.

01:06 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Mandy tells Roxy not to cash in the contract for a title shot. Roxy says that even though she'll be NXT Women's Champ one day, winning the tag team titles with Cora Jade would be sweeter. Chance and Carter come out and say that the line for the tag titles starts behind them, but Jade reminds them that they had their shot at TA and lost. The two teams battle it out on the entrance area as TA laughs on from the ring.

01:03 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

TA mocks Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade after their "fluke" win from last week. Jacy and Mandy mention action figures and posters, and that Roxy should put up posters of real Superstars like Toxic Attraction.

01:00 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

I wonder if Gigi thinks the roses taste good, cuz she's always biting them.

01:00 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

00:59 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

We get another vignette of Superhero JournalMan, Apollo Crews. 

00:55 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

00:55 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Donovan and Lorenzo tell Legado that it was their fault that they lost, not because Donovan didn't pay attention. Mac Mitchell interviews Giovanni Vinci, until he is interrupted by Ikemen Jiro. Vinci says that he won with style, and Jiro says something about Style Strong. A future match is imminent.

00:53 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Wilde takes Kemp out with a Pescado as Del Toro and Roddy battle. Donovan inadvertently trips Del Toro, thinking it was Roddy. Roddy takes advantage of the misstep and hits a jumping knee to pick up the win. I wonder if that's why Donovan got released. I'm kidding, I know it isn't.
Result - Roderick Strong and Damon Kemp defeat Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro.

00:51 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Kemp hits a slam but misses an elbow. Strong and Del Toro come in off tags and Del Toro hits several moves, including a Hurricanrana. He walks the ropes and hits a dropkick to Roddy's chest for a two-count. He goes for a lift, but Roddy elbows him in the head. He hits an Olympic Slam but Wilde breaks up the pin.

00:49 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Roddy starts off with Wilde and he drops him immediately and locks in an armbar. Del Toro tags in and Legado uses tandem offense highlighted by a springboard moonsault by Del Toro. Roddy kicks out and tags Kemp in. Kemp is confused that Del Toro is fighting back and he goes to whine to Roddy. Roddy slaps him in the face, and it fires Kemp up. He hits several moves and throws on both men. 

00:43 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

00:42 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Up next is Roddy Strong and Damon Kemp taking on Wilde and Del Toro.

00:39 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

After some more insults, Lee says that Williams only really plays second fiddle to Hayes. Lee says cut the crap and just come in the ring and fight, but Williams says he'll do it on his time. He then leaves after saying he's going to do what all of Lee's friends do - leave.

00:38 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Lee says that over the last three months he's gone through the highest of highs and lowest of lows. As he was picking up the rubble and trying to find himself, he's been angry and trying to prove himself. He tries to go on, but Trick Williams cuts him off. Williams says he doesn't care what Lee has to say and that maybe, he left his friend behind.

00:36 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

Funny how the same crowd that relentlessly booed Lee and MSK is now chanting "You Deserve It" meaning the adulation from the crowd. 

00:31 (GMT)22 JUN 2022

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