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  • WWE NXT Live Results (25th October, 2022) JD McDonagh puts Ilja Dragunov to sleep in main event

WWE NXT Live Results (25th October, 2022) JD McDonagh puts Ilja Dragunov to sleep in main event

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What will happen on NXT?


02:10 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

02:09 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

Full Results for NXT for 25 October 2022.
Katana Chance and Kayden Carter defeat Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark by pin.
Shotzi defeats Lash Legend by pin.
Pretty Deadly defeats Edris Enofe and Malik Blade by pin.
Indi Hartwell defeats Sol Ruca by pin.
JD McDonagh defeats Ilja Dragunov by referee stoppage.

02:07 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

EMTs take Dragunov out on a flatboard as McDonagh admires his work.

02:05 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

Ilja hits a superplex and a punch from above. He goes for his running headbutt but JD catches him in a neck crank submission. Ija starts bleeding from the mouth before passing out. The ref calls it for JD McDonagh.
Result - JD McDonagh defeats Ilja Dragunov by referee stoppage.

02:02 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

McDonagh works on Ilja's rib with a simple waist lock. The two exchange strikes before Ilja drops JD with a kick. Dragunov hits a knee in the corner and one off the buckle. He goes for a Senton off the top but gets hit with knees in the back from McDonagh. 

01:59 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

The ref delays the match and has doctors check on Ilja. As the show returns from the commercials, Ilja is back in the ring and at the mercy of JD McDonagh and his weirdly shaped head.

01:54 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

Ilja goes for a move between the ropes but can't complete it due to the damage from Halloween Havoc. He tries a suplex but McDonagh stops it. He then runs into Ilja, sending him off of the apron and into the announce table ribs first.

01:52 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

Ilja doesn't even wait for the bell before he attacks JD. He lands several chops and a big boot. JD tries to plead with the ref but the ref eludes JD's grasp.

01:49 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

Roxanne Perez cuts a brief promo before the main event. She says that friends come and go but it's allowed her to rely on herself and learn. After that, we cut to Edris and Malik leaving the building. They're sad after losing their title match but Odyssey Jones pulls up with some women in his truck. He says not to be sad and to come out with him and the women.

01:44 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

01:43 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

It's time for another Chase U segment. Bodhi Hayward doesn't show up and Andre is disappointed because he was supposed to give a presentation. Duke Hudson takes his seat. Thea Hail tries to write with her pen, but it won't work. Duke gives her his and says that he'll remember whatever Chase says. Chase then yells and swears at Hudson for not taking notes. Hudson apologizes before stealing the pen of the student on his other side.

01:40 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

01:39 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

Ruca hits an elbow but whiffs on a move off the ropes. Indi lands a few clotheslines before quickly ending it with a lariat to the back of Ruca's head. After the match, Elektra Lopez attacks both Indi and Ruca.

01:38 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

A phone call from the WWE PC is played. The person on the other end recites a rhyming poem where they promise to tear NXT apart. They end it by revealing their name to be Scrypts.

01:34 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

01:32 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

Up next is Indi Hartwell facing Sol Ruca.

01:30 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

Gacy, Rip, and Jagger all talk before revealing the new member. It turns out to be the Rock's daughter, Ava Raine, and she says that "this family completes her."

01:21 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

01:20 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

01:20 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

JD McDonagh cuts a promo saying that he loved Ilja's face when he prevented him from becoming NXT Champion. Following that promo, Schism will reveal its newest member.

01:17 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

After Prince makes a tag to Kit, they hit an assisted gutbuster for a near fall. Kit and Malik exchange strikes in the middle of the ring. Blade makes the tag to Enofe and they hit a tandem neck breaker/Flatliner for a two-count. After the pin, Wilson kicks Enofe but Prince breaks up the pin. Edris tags Malik in. As they go for a tandem move, Prince pulls Enofe over the top rope. After some back-and-forth, Blade rolls Elton up for a very close two. Pretty Deadly recovers and hits Spilt Milk to pick up the win.
Result - Pretty Deadly defeats Malik Blade and Edris Enofe by pin.

01:13 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

Elton keeps Enofe away from his corner. He decks Blade before kicking Enofe in the face a few times. Enofe stumbles Prince long enough that he needs to stage Kit in. Kit almost gets rolled up but makes another quick tag to Elton. Enofe makes the tag to Malik and he goes to the top. Elton rolls out of the ring but Blade hits a Tope Con Giro after running from the other side of the ring. He gets a tow-count.

01:10 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

01:08 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

Edris gets a near fall off a Sunset Flip. The teams exchange control again with Blade and Elton in the match. Elton hits a sidewalk slam for a two-count before tagging Kit back in. Enofe makes the blind tag and he hits the Champs with a reverse crossbody.

01:06 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

Blade hits a dropkick and a Blockbuster right after the bell. Enofe gets a two-count. He tags Blade back in and they hit some tandem offense of Kit Wilson. Wilson makes the tag to Elton as Pretty Deadly takes control. Prince makes the blind tag to Kit but Blade makes the tag to Edris.

01:01 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

Toxic Attraction has a conference call where Gigi is poolside, Mandy is in a car somewhere, and Jacy is in the gym. They will have a one-year celebration for Mandy on next week's show. Up next is the NXT Tag title match.

00:57 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

00:54 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

Kemp appears on the big screen to say that he's not medically cleared. Julius said the same thing and won, so it's okay that he's hurt. After they say that they'll be waiting to bash on Kemp, the Creeds are attacked by Veer and Sanga. Sanga hesitates to slam Julius but ramps it up by doing so to Brutus and his squished face/head. Robot Ivy Nile comes down as Sanga and Veer leave to try to sound like a human, asking them "why."

00:52 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

Up next, Brutus Creed gets "5 minutes" with Damon Kemp, like it's 5 minutes with someone like Bobby Heenan.

00:50 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

00:49 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

00:47 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

Legend puts Shotzi on the top buckle but Shotzi kicks her in the face. She then hits a modified DDT called "Never Wake Up" for the win.
Result - Shotzi defeats Lash Legend by pin.

00:46 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

Legend bodyslams Shotzi and wraps her leg around the bottom rope. Lash then locks in a Stretch Muffler submission. Interesting note on commentary - Booker T admitted that Legend "was still a work in progress" but that he'd "make her a Champion if he had her for six months." Send her to Reality of Wrestling?

00:45 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

After getting thrown over the top rope, Shotzi comes back in and hits a dropkick to Legend's leg. She adds headscissors before it's broken by a five count. As she tries to get back in the ring, Legend knocks her down with a pump kick. Quincy goes to check on Shotzi but Legend stops him. The two ladies exchange strikes on the outside.

00:43 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

Before Shotzi vs. Legend, Apollo Crews says that he's put Grayson Waller in his rearview. He's now focused on the NXT title and when Bron Breakker returns next week.

00:37 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

Edris and Malik hype themselves before their title match later tonight. We then pivot to Quincy Elliott introducing Shotzi, who will take on Lash Legend tonight.

00:36 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

Truth thinks he's hosting Halloween Havoc, confusing everyone. Waller cuts him off, but Truth says that he likes his "British" accent. Truth congratulates Lee after learning that Havoc already happened. It sets up a match next week between Waller and Truth.

00:31 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

R Truth then comes out randomly. LOL

00:30 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

Lee says that winning the title has given him a sense of validation that he has been looking for. After some love for the NXT Universe, Grayson Waller's music hits. He says to stop sucking up to the fans. Waller adds that he hates Halloween because it's a made-up holiday.

00:27 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

It still amazes me that IMPACT never crowned Dezmond Xavier as an X Division or Tag Team Champion. He's won two titles in NXT.

00:23 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

00:22 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

Ilja Dragunov addresses how he was unsuccessful in winning the NXT title. He says that he sent JD McDonagh out of NXT UK before and that he'll do the same tonight.

00:20 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

00:19 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

A ref runs out to tell the match's official that Carter, and not Chance, was legal. The match is restarted and all four women fight it out. Stark is sent out of the ring, leaving Stark alone on the buckle Champs. Stark gets hit with a Spanish Fly off the top for a near fall. Carter tags back in but gets hit with a German Suplex. That allows Lyons to tag in. She knocks Chance off the apron before hitting her kicks and split on Carter. Chance breaks up the pin. Chance hits the 450 off the top onto Lyons to pick up the win.
Result - Kayden Carter and Katana Chance defeat Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark by pin.

00:15 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

Zoey and Katana are the legal competitors for their teams. Chance gets a roll-up for a near fall before tagging Carter in. Stark recovers and evades a kick to roll Chance up for a win. Chance may not have been the legal competitor, however.

00:13 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

After some control during the commercial, Lyons takes over and turns a crossbody into a Uranage for a near fall. Chance makes another blind tag to Carter, who runs around the ring. She hits a kick in the corner on Stark before making another quick tag to Carter. Her pin attempt is disrupted by Stark. 

00:08 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

Katana makes the tag to Kayden, but all of her strikes are blocked by Lyons. Lyons catches her leg and locks in an ankle lock. Chance battles out and makes a blind tag to Carter. They both knock the challengers out of the ring but get slammed after attempting crossbodies off the apron.

00:07 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

Lyons and Carter start off, and Lyons ends up in a split. She makes the tag to Stark. Kayden makes the tag to Katana, and they hit a few tandem moves capped off with a Senton from Chance. She gets a near fall. Chance attempts a headscissors move but Stark lands on her feet. Lyons tags in and easily drops Chance with a shoulderblock.

00:04 (GMT)26 OCT 2022

After a brief rehash of Halloween Havoc, the show opens with the NXT Women's Tag Team title match between Katana Chance/Kayden Carter defending against Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark.
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