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  • WWE NXT Live Results (8th November, 2022) Zoey Stark and Nikkita Lyons challenge Kacey and Kayden one more time

WWE NXT Live Results (8th November, 2022) Zoey Stark and Nikkita Lyons challenge Kacey and Kayden one more time

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08:39 (IST)9 NOV 2022

08:38 (IST)9 NOV 2022

Full Results for NXT for 8 November 2022.
Joe Gacy defeats Cameron Grimes by pin.
Elektra Lopez defeats Sol Ruca by pin.
Charlie Dempsey defeats Andre Chase after Duke Hudson throws in the towel.
Channing Lorenzo defeats Hank Walker by pin.
JD McDonagh defeats Axiom by referee stoppage.
Katana Chance and Kayden Carter defeat Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark by pin.

08:37 (IST)9 NOV 2022

08:36 (IST)9 NOV 2022

After the match, Nikkita and Zoey grab the belts because they want to hand them to the Champs. Nikkita does and says "respect" to Katana, but Zoey blast Lyons with the title in her hands. She then goes after the Champs before hitting a sliding knee on Lyons.

08:34 (IST)9 NOV 2022

All four women are left down in the ring. Zoey goes for a move and almost hits Lyons. Lyons pushes Zoey out of harm's way but Chance hits a DDT. The Champs hit the top-rope 450 Splash combo to pick up the win.
Result - Kayden Carter and Katana Chance defeat Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark by pin.

08:32 (IST)9 NOV 2022

The Champs hit a sloppy tandem move off the top rope for a near fall. Chance goes for a move but gets hit with a back bodydrop. Stark tags in Lyons, who knocks Chance down. She tosses Chance across the ring before tagging Zoey in. Zoey hits a Half-and-Half throw and a kick to the back of her head for a near fall.

Lyons and Carter go at it outside the ring. Stark misses a Phoenix Splash, allowing Chance to hit a Cutter for a near fall. Lyons breaks up the pin before battling with Carter.

08:30 (IST)9 NOV 2022

Back from the break and Stark has Chance in a Stretch Muffler submission. Chance rolls out of it for a near fall. She tags in Kayden. Kayden hits a few kicks before hitting a crossbody on Stark. Zoey hits a Pescado on Lyons. 

08:27 (IST)9 NOV 2022

Next week we'll see the following:
Bron Breakker vs. Von Wagner for the NXT Championship.
Mandy Rose vs. Alba Fyre in a Last Woman Standing match for the NXT Women's Championship.
Apollo Crews vs. JD McDonagh.
North American title contract signing between Wes Lee (c) and Carmelo Hayes.

08:26 (IST)9 NOV 2022

The challengers hit stereo bodyslams but get worked over with some tandem offense by the Lil Ladies. Lyons catches Kayden but Katana kicks her down. The Champs knock the challengers down before heading off for a commercial break.

08:25 (IST)9 NOV 2022

Zoey and Nikkita work on Katana's arm early on. Katana tries a Monkey Flip on Zoey but Zoey lands on her feet. She then hits headscissors to drop Stark. Kayden tags in and gets a near fall. After some exchange, Stark drops Kayden with a dropkick. In comes Lyons.

08:21 (IST)9 NOV 2022

Roxanne Perez asks Indi Hartwell if she is okay after her earlier comments. Hartwell says that they'll never get anywhere if they aren't looking out for themselves. Indi says you don't get ahead in this business by being nice. Roxy is still freakin adorable.

08:20 (IST)9 NOV 2022

08:19 (IST)9 NOV 2022

08:14 (IST)9 NOV 2022

After the match, Sanga and Veer lock eyes with the Creeds in the ring. 

08:13 (IST)9 NOV 2022

Brutus then says he's a better man than Kemp after hitting him with a chair a few times. He picks the chair up again and hits him one more time.

08:12 (IST)9 NOV 2022

Brutus lands some Donkey Kong punches and a few Cannonballs before grabbing the chair that Kemp brought into the ring. he hits Kemp with it, ending the match.
Result - Damon Kemp defeats Brutus Creed by disqualification.

08:11 (IST)9 NOV 2022

Brutus throws a lot of hands that miss. He hits a belly-to-belly suplex before knocking Kemp off the ring apron. Brutus then tosses Kemp into the steel ring steps knee-first. Brutus gets in the ring but Kemp kicks his feet out from under him. He sends Brutus into the ring post before getting a chair.

08:09 (IST)9 NOV 2022

Shawn Michaels will "issue a statement" about NXT Deadline next week. Up next is Brutus Creed getting "5 minutes" with Damon Kemp, as if Kemp is just gonna sit there and take it. Before Kemp even gets to the ring, Brutus rushes him.

08:05 (IST)9 NOV 2022

08:04 (IST)9 NOV 2022

McDonagh takes the mic and calls out the rest of the roster, especially Apollo Crews.

08:02 (IST)9 NOV 2022

Axiom locks in another choke before transitioning into an arm lock. McDonagh counters into a submission where he twists Axiom's leg in a direction it doesn't normally go. The ref pushes JD off of Axiom but Axiom says not to stop it. As the doctors check on Axiom, the ref stops the match.
Result - JD McDonagh defeats Axiom by referee stoppage.

08:00 (IST)9 NOV 2022

Axiom evades a move from JD. He springboards off the top rope and lands in a position to lock JD in a rear-naked choke. JD breaks the hold by getting to the ropes. He then grabs Axiom's leg and locks in a Boston Crab. After the move is broken, the two exchange strikes in the middle of the ring.

07:57 (IST)9 NOV 2022

McDonagh escapes the ring and Axiom lands a picture-perfect moonsault off the top. Charlotte Flair needs to see how it's done. Both men are almost counted out. McDonagh kicks Axiom in the injured leg. 

07:55 (IST)9 NOV 2022

JD and Axiom trade moves and counters early on. McDonagh locks Axiom in an Argentine Backbreaker before busting out to get a near fall on JD. Axiom hits a dropkick that sends JD out of the ring. The Irish Ace gets control on the outside by kicking the steel steps in Axiom's leg. He continues to target the leg of Axiom.

07:45 (IST)9 NOV 2022

Cora Jade bashes Wendy Choo, saying she is desperate to have a friend.

07:44 (IST)9 NOV 2022

07:44 (IST)9 NOV 2022

07:38 (IST)9 NOV 2022

Von and Bron stare each other down with Robert Stone imploring Von to wait until next week. Bron slams his head into the table as Waller looks on like a kid on TikTok. Mac Mitchell then interviews Wes Lee and Melo attacking him last week. 

07:34 (IST)9 NOV 2022

Waller mentions a "tweet" from his feed where someone questions why Wagner is getting a title shot while Carmelo Hayes is "stuck" in the NA Title division. He says he doesn't care if the NXT Universe like him or not. He adds that he left Bron laying in the ring last week and will do the same next week. Stone cuts Bron off, saying that Von is stronger than Bron.

07:27 (IST)9 NOV 2022

07:27 (IST)9 NOV 2022

07:25 (IST)9 NOV 2022

Hank catches a kick attempt from Stacks. He hits a clothesline and a Thesz Press before hitting a Pounce. He sends Lorenzo into the corner before hitting a strange bodyslam. Stacks slaps him in the face, enraging the big man. He sends him to the corner but Stacks pokes him in the eye. He then hits a jumping knee to the back of Walker's head for the win.
Result - Channing 'Stacks' Lorenzo defeats Hank Walker by pin.

07:23 (IST)9 NOV 2022

The two are even early on until Walker pushes Stacks over the top rope. Stacks gets control by grounding the big man. He lands a few strikes before hitting a few knees in Walker's face. Stacks gets a near fall.

07:21 (IST)9 NOV 2022

Hank Walker is waiting in the ring in his best LL Bean outfit. He's facing Stacks Lorenzo. Stacks is the second wrestler in different gear tonight. He's ditched the wifebeater for no shirt. 

07:20 (IST)9 NOV 2022

Apparently Kiana James and her assistant Gionna show up at Henley's bar. She seems like she wants to buy the bar, but Fallon has said no. Brooks Jensen and his stupid hair do their usual "fawn over any woman in his vicinity" thing. Fallon rejects her last and final offer before kicking them out. 

07:15 (IST)9 NOV 2022

After about five years, Indi Hartwell finally says that she finally understands how things work in NXT. She addresses Sol Ruca and Elektra Lopez, and the recent history with both women. She's going to bet the house on herself I guess.

07:13 (IST)9 NOV 2022

Chase goes for a Uranage, but Dempsey drops down to lock in an ankle lock. Chase tries to make his way to the ropes, and Duke Hudson tries to push them closer to Chase. He refrains but eventually grabs the towel that Thea Hail holds. He throws it in to end the match as Chase is locked in a Crossface.
Result - Charlie Dempsey defeats Andre Chase when Duke Hudson throws in the towel for Chase.

07:11 (IST)9 NOV 2022

Andre has control early on, sending Dempsey out of the ring. As the action spills outside the ring, Duke Hudson has to hold Thea Hail back. Chase has a front headlock locked in, but Dempsey hits a Northern Lights Suplex. Chase still holds on but counters into a Kimura lock. Chase fights back, hitting the Chase U Stomp.

07:09 (IST)9 NOV 2022

I don't know what it is, but Thea Hail reminds me of an elf or a Fraggle.

07:08 (IST)9 NOV 2022

Before the next match, Jacy and Mandy FaceTime each other about Alba Fyre. Jacy is afraid to go to the arena. Before hanging up, a "mall cop" approaches Jacy's car and pulls her out of it. Of course, it's Alba Fyre. She signs off by saying that next week, she'll be the last woman standing. Hmmmmmmm . . . .

07:02 (IST)9 NOV 2022

07:01 (IST)9 NOV 2022

After the match, Indi Hartwell attacks Lopez. We then go backstage to see hyped-up Thea Hail wanting to attack Charlie Dempsey for attacking Chase last week. She says that if Chase doesn't get him then she will. Hudson hypes both Hail and Chase up.

07:00 (IST)9 NOV 2022

Ruca fights back with some clotheslines and strikes before landing a flipping splash in the corner. She goes to the top, but Lopez pulls her off. She then hits a LowDown variant move for the win.
Result - Elektra Lopez defeats Sol Ruca by pin.

06:58 (IST)9 NOV 2022

Lopez looks like she borrowed some of Dana Brooke's old gear, sporting the pink and gold. Ruca slaps Lopez a few times and hits an X Factor that sends Elektra out of the ring. As she rolls out, Lopez drops Ruca with a clothesline. She gets a near fall. 

06:56 (IST)9 NOV 2022

As Vic and Book talk about the Melo promo, the arena goes black and a message from SCRYPTS plays. It sounds like he might be someone from NXT's past. Up next is Sol Ruca taking on the recently returned Elektra Lopez.

06:53 (IST)9 NOV 2022

The barber shop is a bunch of Yes People for Carmelo Hayes. He does make a good point, saying that he hasn't technically been pinned to lose the title. The people in the shop just shake their heads "yes" after everything he and Trick say. What do they do if TrickMelo ain't there??

06:47 (IST)9 NOV 2022

After the match, we see Nathan Frazer leaving the trainer's office. He looks sad. Axiom is waiting for him and Frazer says he'll be out for a few weeks after the ladder match at Halloween Havoc. They are interrupted by JD McDonagh and his weirdly-shaped neck/head/body. It seems like he and Axiom will be battling it out tonight.

06:45 (IST)9 NOV 2022

06:44 (IST)9 NOV 2022

Grimes hit a Tope con Giro on Gacy and the Dyad before throwing Gacy back into the ring. He goes to the top, but Fowler and Reid distract the ref. Ava Raine then pushes Grimes off the top buckle, allowing Gacy to hit his handspring lariat for the win.
Result - Joe Gacy defeats Cameron Grimes by pin.
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