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  • WWE NXT Live Results (April 18, 2023) Wes Lee defends against Charlie Dempsey, Roxanne Perez vs. Zoey Stark, and more

WWE NXT Live Results (April 18, 2023) Wes Lee defends against Charlie Dempsey, Roxanne Perez vs. Zoey Stark, and more

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Check out the live results from WWE NXT.


07:38 (IST)19 APR 2023

Full Results for NXT for 18 April 2023.
Gallus defeats the Creeds and the Dyad by pin.
Noam Dar defeats Myles Borne by pin.
Roxanne Perez defeats Zoey Stark by pin.
Cora Jade defeats Gigi Dolin by pin.
Dijak defeats Apollo Crews by pin.
Wes Lee defeats Charlie Dempsey by pin.

07:37 (IST)19 APR 2023

07:36 (IST)19 APR 2023

Melo says to put Waller's accomplishments up on the screen, but nothing shows up because he doesn't have any. Waller says that he should call MVP up next week so he can carry Omos' bags because they are the same size. Melo says he should call up Logan Paul and dress up Waller in the Prime suit. 

07:34 (IST)19 APR 2023

Waller says that in the last 18 months, he's become a star without a belt, while Hayes has needed a belt to be relevant. Waller then asks him what "I am Him" means, and we don't get a straight answer. Grayson then says that Trick interferes in every single one of Melo's matches, WHICH HE DOES.

07:32 (IST)19 APR 2023

Hayes says that despite all the losses he takes, he's surprised of all the main events Waller is in. He can also build a house with all the bricks Grayson shoots up. Waller brings up that Melo says the same thing every week, which he kind of does.

07:30 (IST)19 APR 2023

This will be Waller's like third title match this year. Two against Bron Breakker and now against Melo.

07:29 (IST)19 APR 2023

Announced for Spring Breakin' next week:
Trunk Match between The D'Angelo Family and Pretty Deadly
Lyra Valkyria vs. Cora Jade
Josh Briggs and Fallon Henley vs. Brooks Jensen and Kiana James
Grayson Waller vs. Carmelo Hayes
Indi Hartwell vs. Roxanne Perez vs. Tiffany Stratton
Bron Breakker vs. Andre Chase

07:28 (IST)19 APR 2023

A brief vignette airs for Oba Femi, who debuts next week. He's throwing a bunch of random stuff, like an old boombox, a couch, a chair, and some other things.

07:24 (IST)19 APR 2023

07:23 (IST)19 APR 2023

Gulak and Dempsey attack Lee after the match. Gulak hits a powerbomb while Dempsey hits a suplex. We then head to an Italian restaurant where Stacks and Tony D are contemplating how to handle Pretty Deadly. They set up the first Trunk Match for Spring Breakin'. I guess the loser gets stuffed in a trunk.

07:21 (IST)19 APR 2023

With Lee in the corner, Dempsey goes for a third German suplex but Lee just lands on his feet. He hits a few kicks on Dempsey. Drew Gulak jumps up on the apron but gets knocked down by Lee. Lee hits the Cardiac Kick for the win.
Result - Wes Lee defeats Charlie Dempsey by pin.

07:20 (IST)19 APR 2023

After more joint manipulation, Lee fights back and hits a series of strikes and a dropkick to Dempsey's head. He goes for another kick in the corner but Dempsey catches it and hits a Dragon Screw leg whip. He hits a German suplex for a close call. He hits another deadlift German but Lee almost counters it into his own pin attempt.

07:17 (IST)19 APR 2023

During his entrance, Lee goes for his usual jump off the steel steps, but Drew Gulak blasts him with a punch on the downswing. He tosses Lee into the ring and the bell rings. Dempsey locks Lee in a kneebar and then an armlock.

07:11 (IST)19 APR 2023

After the match, Dijak goes for another Feast Your Eyes, but Ilja Dragunov runs out to make the save. Dijak tries to chokeslam Ilja but Ilja reverses it and hits a strike that sends the big man out of the ring. After that segment, Jacy Jayne is leaving the building in the parking lot. She says that if Dolin thinks her life was hell before, she's going to make it worse. She says Dolin abandoned her baby brother.

07:09 (IST)19 APR 2023

Dijak goes for a chokeslam but Crews lands a knee on the way up. Crews goes for a standing moonsault but Dijak catches him by the neck and hits Hard Justice (a sit-out chokeslam) for a close call. Dijak catches Crews off the top buckle and hits Feast Your Eyes for the win.
Result - Dijak defeats Apollo Crews by pin.

07:07 (IST)19 APR 2023

The action heads back into the ring with Crews actually in control. He hits a few clotheslines and a splash in the corner before landing a Blockbuster for a near fall. Crews goes for a splash off the top but Dijak evades it. They both evade moves until Dijak hits a turnaround boot to Crews' face for a near fall.

07:03 (IST)19 APR 2023

07:03 (IST)19 APR 2023

Crews lands the first shot on Dijak, hitting a dropkick. He adds three German Suplexes. Both men attempt to suplex the other with Crews on the ring apron. Dijak breaks out and shoulder blocks Crews off the apron and into the announce table.

06:58 (IST)19 APR 2023

We get another segment with Fallon Henley and Josh Briggs. They're trying to wrap their heads around Brooks just dropping them so quickly. He clearly one of those friends who clearly chooses girls over friends. Brooks and Kiana challenge Josh and Fallon to a mixed tag team match next week. Fallon gladly accepts. 

06:56 (IST)19 APR 2023

06:55 (IST)19 APR 2023

06:52 (IST)19 APR 2023

Gigi chases Jacy off before Cora Jade grabs the mic. She tries to say something but Lyra Valkyria cuts her off in a cloud of fog. She says that they're gonna fight next week at Spring Breakin'. Backstage, Mac Mitchell interviews Eddy Thorpe. He says he's trained for eight years and slept in his car and on gym floors just to prepare for this opportunity. Damon Kemp interrupts him and gives him a backhanded compliment.

06:49 (IST)19 APR 2023

Gigi hits a Soccer Kick early on for a near fall. She lands another one on Jade's back before landing a Bronco Buster. Jade recovers and hits a running elbow to the back of Gigi's head. Gigi busts out of a submission with a backstabber before landing some kicks on Jade. Jade goes for a running knee but it's caught by Gigi. Gigi rolls Cora up but Jacy Jayne runs out and distracts Gigi. Gigi grabs her and sends her into the steel steps. She also throws Jayne over the announcers' table and into Booker T's lap. Gigi rolls back in, but Cora hits a running knee and a DDT to pick up the win.
Result - Cora Jade defeats Gigi Dolin by pin.

06:45 (IST)19 APR 2023

What's funny about Cora Jade vs. Gigi Dolin is that they're really good friends in real life. 

06:40 (IST)19 APR 2023

06:38 (IST)19 APR 2023

We get a quick segment from last week after Von Wagner lost and Mr. Stone said he'd walk away from Von. Von finally opens up and says he has always wanted to be in the WWE since it's in his blood and because his father was a Beverly Brother (Wayne Bloom).

06:37 (IST)19 APR 2023

Mac Mitchell questions Grayson Waller's title shot even though he won a fatal four-way last week. She reminds him that he lost to Johnny Gargano in an Unsanctioned match, but he reminds her that they don't count in his best American accent.

06:35 (IST)19 APR 2023

Roxy grabs the mic after the win but Indi Hartwell comes out before she can say anything. Indi offers up a match for next week at Spring Breakin'. Roxy accepts but says that anything goes when it comes to the title. Tiffany Stratton comes out to claim that she should be getting a title shot instead. Stratton says that Roxy is "beatable" but Roxy reminds Tiffany that she beat her in the Breakout Tournament. Indi then makes it a triple threat for next week. Is this going to lead to a title change without someone being pinned?

06:32 (IST)19 APR 2023

Roxy hits a jumping knee and a side Russian Leg Sweep for a two-count. Zoey goes for a move off the top rope but Roxy moves out of the way. She goes for Pop Rox but Zoey counters out and hits a superkick and a suplex before getting a near fall. Zoey goes for Z 360 but Roxy moves out of the way. Roxy finds a way to land Pop Rox for the win.
Result - Roxanne Perez defeats Zoey Stark by pin.

06:30 (IST)19 APR 2023

Zoey maintains control over Perez, keeping the former champion in a cravat hold. Roxy breaks it by hitting a neck breaker. Roxy jumps right into Zoey's arms, but Zoey drops her. She hits a Thesz Press off the top before dropkicking Stark out of the ring. She hits a suicide dive before throwing Zoey back into the ring. Perez climbs to the top and hits a flying crossbody, but Zoey rolls it over for a near fall.

06:24 (IST)19 APR 2023

Roxy looks focused early on. They trade arm drags before Zoey kicks Roxy in the gut. Roxy sends Zoey from the ring with headscissors. She goes for a suicide dive but is caught by Zoey. Zoey dumps her on the ring apron.

06:20 (IST)19 APR 2023

Mac Mitchell interviews Pretty Deadly about their brush-up with Tony D'Angelo and Stacks Lorenzo. They challenge Tony D and Stacks to essentially a no-disqualification match for Spring Breakin'.

06:16 (IST)19 APR 2023

06:15 (IST)19 APR 2023

06:14 (IST)19 APR 2023

Mac Mitchell interviews Cora Jade before her match with Gigi Dolin later tonight. She says she was nice last week when she was running down the locker room. Gigi Dolin interjects and says she learned how to channel her anger into beating people up in the ring.

06:11 (IST)19 APR 2023

Duke says that Bron will be going up against Andre Chase so fast that no one really heard that it wasn't Duke who challenged Bron. 

06:10 (IST)19 APR 2023

He's mad because Bron disrupted the MVP ceremony and ripped the Chase U flag. Duke mocks Bron for losing his marbles because he lost the NXT title. Duke then challenges Bron to a match at Spring Breakin' next week. Bron accuses Duke of running off with his trophy instead of staying and helping Chase U.

06:09 (IST)19 APR 2023

Odyssey Jones comes out for a match. Before anything happens, Bron Breakker lays him out. He says, "that's what happens when you get in my way." He calls the fans "fat rednecks" before saying he had to put an end to the Chase U segment from last week. He calls them clowns. Bron says that Odyssey, Carmelo, and Andre Chase felt his power, which brings out Duke Hudson. 

06:06 (IST)19 APR 2023

Up next is another segment from earlier today featuring Kiana James and Josh Briggs. Briggs is in her office and asks her to get him to get Brooks Jensen to talk to him again. She blames him for not letting her cheat last week. Brooks walks in wearing shoes and no socks and a pony tail. He says that Josh should probably go. Jensen says he's tired of being treated like a kid despite acting like one.

06:02 (IST)19 APR 2023

06:00 (IST)19 APR 2023

Roxanne Perez addresses her match with Zoey Stark tonight. She blasts Zoey for running people down, saying that's what insecure people usually do. She then says she'll go through Tiffany Stratton if she has to since Stratton thinks she is the top contender for the title.

05:58 (IST)19 APR 2023

Borne takes Dar down early, but Dar hits Borne in the shins with a Soccer Kick. He lands some Muay Thai knees before Borne drives him into the corner. Dar fights back with 12-to-6 elbows to Borne's head. He adds a loud kick to Dar's gut. Noam adds a series of kicks before Borne catches the last one. He decks Dar and hits a dropkick. Borne goes for a takedown but gets blasted with a knee. Dar adds a spinning elbow and a Shining Wizard-type kick for the win.
Result - Noam Dar defeats Myles Borne by pin.

05:55 (IST)19 APR 2023

Another nugget is to "never slow down" because you can turn things around if you try. Not bad, gives us a look into his personality rather than being a breakneck type star in the ring. Up next is Noam Dar and his cornrows taking on Myles Borne.

05:53 (IST)19 APR 2023

We get the first installment of HardHittingHomeTruths with Nathan Frazer. It's a talk show-type segment. He says he injured himself at Halloween Havoc. He says since he came back, he's had some hard losses. He also says that NXT is cutthroat and filled with studs and studettes.

05:51 (IST)19 APR 2023

05:47 (IST)19 APR 2023

After the match, we get a segment from earlier today of Dijak walking in the parking lot. He's asked about the WWE Draft and says RAW or SmackDown can have some "hard justice" if they choose to. He then pushes the cameraman down before Apollo Crews confronts him. They agree to a match for tonight.

05:46 (IST)19 APR 2023

Brutus is left in the ring with the Dyad but Julius comes back in. He hits a double suplex but gets distracted when Ava gets on the apron. Ivy Nile just stands there instead of helping her team. It takes like 20 seconds for her to move. Jagger Reid falls out of the ring and knocks Ivy over. That allows Gallus to hit their finisher on Brutus for the win.
Result - Gallus defeats the Creeds and the Dyad by pin.

05:44 (IST)19 APR 2023

Off the commercial break, Julius, Mark, and Jagger exchange blows until everyone is left on the ground. They all tag out and of course, Brutus drops both of his opponents. He lands a few clotheslines before hitting a suplex/pin combo for two. Vic props up the Creeds again, saying "Have you seen anything like that in your Hall-of-Fame Career?" He hasn't given any props to the other two teams.

05:41 (IST)19 APR 2023

05:39 (IST)19 APR 2023

Gallus takes control over Brutus and Jagger Reid. Mark stomps on Jagger and Brutus. Brutus makes the tag to Julius, and he hits a few suplexes and a moonsault. for a near fall. Everyone gets a shot in, leaving Jagger on top of Mark Coffey for a pin. It's broken up and Gallus takes over briefly until Jagger and Ripl work on Julius.
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