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  • WWE NXT Live Results (April 25, 2023) Indi Hartwell defends her title, Friends reunite, and more from Spring Breakin'

WWE NXT Live Results (April 25, 2023) Indi Hartwell defends her title, Friends reunite, and more from Spring Breakin'

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 26, 2023 02:20 GMT

Check out the live results from WWE NXT.


02:20 (GMT)26 APR 2023

02:19 (GMT)26 APR 2023

02:19 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Full Results for NXT Spring Breakin' (April 25th, 2023).
Tony D'Angelo and Stacks Lorenzo defeat Pretty Deadly by stuffing Pretty Deadly in a car trunk.
Bron Breakker defeats Andre Chase by submission.
Cora Jade defeats Lyra Valkyria by pin.
Carmelo Hayes defeats Grayson Waller by pin.
Josh Briggs and Fallon Henley defeat Brook Jensen and Kiana James by pin.
Oba Femi defeats Oro Mensah by pin.
Indi Hartwell defeats Roxanne Perez and Tiffany Stratton by pin.

02:15 (GMT)26 APR 2023

After the main event, we see a random dock with an empty trunk. It appears as if Tony D and Stacks drowned Pretty Deadly with the fishes. They then stake a claim to tag team gold before driving off.

02:12 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Indi slams Stratton for a near fall, but is broken up by Roxy. Stratton recovers and slams Roxy. She hits her multi-level moonsault but Indi pulls her out of the ring. Indi hits a sliding elbow to the back of Roxy's head for the win. 
Result - Indi Hartwell defeats Roxanne Perez and Tiffany Stratton by pin.

02:11 (GMT)26 APR 2023

The two exchange strikes in the middle until Roxy gets ANOTHER near fall and another off a side Russian leg sweep. Indi comes limping out. She pins both women to no avail.

02:09 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Perez hits a chin breaker on Tiffany. She goes to the top but Stratton catches her. She goes for her finisher, but Roxy counters out and gets a close call. Stratton sits on the top buckle with Roxy climbing up. Roxy lands a top rope Hurricanrana for a two count. She landed on her head. Ouch. 

02:07 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Roxy and Stratton continue to battle with Indi outside the ring. Hartwell's ankle got rolled under Perez during the dive, so it looks legit. Will they call an audible?

02:06 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Perez hits another dive on Indi. Indi catches Perez and goes for a suplex, but Roxy turns it into a pin. Indi hits a few clotheslines on Roxy but Roxy gets a pin attempt off. Stratton storms back into the ring to break it up. She sends Indi outside the ring before hitting both Indi and Roxy with a Swanton off the top. Refs come out to check on Indi after the Swanton.

02:03 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Roxy and Stratton are in the ring off the ad break. Roxxane gets a near fall on Stratton with a bridge pin. Indi comes back into the ring to clothesline both challengers. Roxy gets a close call off of a victory roll pin. Roxy goes off the ropes but is tossed onto Indi. Stratton falls out of the ring, allowing Roxy to hit a Suicide Dive on both women. Tiffany's head slams into the announce table. Ouchie.

01:58 (GMT)26 APR 2023

01:57 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Vic says that Indi has fought her entire career as if no other star has. Stratton mouths off to both opponents early on. They trade a few quick covers before again cutting to a commercial not a minute into the match.

01:49 (GMT)26 APR 2023

01:48 (GMT)26 APR 2023

After the match, Gigi Dolin commandeers the announce headset from Vic. She blasts Jacy Jayne for running down her family situation last week. She says she'll cave Jacy's face in next week with her brother sitting at ringside. After that, Mac Mitchell interviews Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak. Charlie says they weren't going to win the battle, but instead the war. They say his mistake is continually defending the title.

01:47 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Oro tries to fight back, landing a flipping kick. He climbs to the top and hits a springboard kick for a near fall. Femi catches a kick attempt from Oro. He sends him into the ropes and hits a strong forearm. He then blasts Oro with a pop-up powerbomb for an impressive win.
Results - Oba Femi defeats Oro Mensah by pin.

01:44 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Femi takes on Oro Mensah. Femi tosses Mensah across the ring. He adds a shoulder block in the corner before rag-dolling Oro. He hoists Oro up on his shoulder but Mensah fights out. Femi drops him with another shoulder block. Oro goes to the top but is knocked off with a European Uppercut.

01:42 (GMT)26 APR 2023

The NXT Anonymous Twitter person shows footage of Sol Ruca being attacked by someone. Great. Another attack.

01:39 (GMT)26 APR 2023

01:35 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Mac Mitchell interviews Dragon Lee about Noam Dar and the Heritage Cup. He says he respects heritage and has been keeping an eye on Dar. As he walks off, a vignette airs behind Mitchell. It's Scrypts standing on a ledge. One of his bad rhymes streams across the ring. It essentially leads to a match between him and Axiom next week.

01:34 (GMT)26 APR 2023

After the match, Kiana James admonishes Brooks for the loss. She tries to slap him but Brooks catches it. He says they can still get past it because they love each other. She says she never loved him. She walks off as Briggs puts his hand on Brooks' shoulder. The two console each other as it shows that you shouldn't ditch your friend for a chick. You can have both.

01:32 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Briggs is about to hit a move on Brooks but Kiana mocks him from ringside by saying "he's mine." That doesn't stop Fallon from pulling her off the ring apron. Jensen actually lands an impressive spinning heel kick on Briggs. The two former tag partners bludgeon each other with hard strikes. Jensen hits a clotheslines to Briggs' neck and another to his chest. He hits a brainbuster for a near fall. On the outside, Kiana slams Fallon's head into the apron. James tosses Brooks the loaded purse and he whiffs when trying to hit Briggs with it. Instead, he knocks Kiana off the ring apron. The distraction allows Briggs to hit a thunderous clothesline to pick up the win.
Result - Josh Briggs and Fallon Henley defeat Brooks Jensen and Kiana James by pin.

01:29 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Briggs shouldn't lose to a guy with a ponytail like that, but who knows? He and Brooks trade strikes in the middle of the ring. James and Henley storm in as Henley hits a series of kicks on James. She goes for a move in the corner, but James moves. Jensen tags in while Henley is in the ring, and he tries to say he's sorry because he was tagged in. It takes a second for Briggs to storm in and truck Brooks to save Fallon.

01:23 (GMT)26 APR 2023

James pounds on Henley in the corner but wastes time by taunting Henley and going for an unnecessary backflip move. Henley makes her pay with a kick. Henley and Briggs do the usual sliding punch that Briggs and Jensen used to do. Jensen catches James as she falls off the apron.

01:22 (GMT)26 APR 2023

The commentary is hard to listen to during the opening of this match. Vic tries to say some fans are cheering for one side and some for the other. Booker says that Briggs came between him and his woman. Throw up now, folks. Man Boyo and Briggs start off and Briggs sends Jensen to the outside. He kicks the barricade in anger. He rolls in and Kiana tags herself in. Henley immediately rushes in and tackles James.

01:20 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Up next is a mixed tag team match between Josh Briggs, wearing his finest Boy Scout-looking shirt, and Fallon Henley taking on Kiana James and Man Boy Brooks Jensen. Brooks is wearing red trunks.

01:19 (GMT)26 APR 2023

With some revelations of Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler asking for their releases recently, Joe Gacy approaches Joe Coffey for another title match for The Dyad. Coffey asks what's in it for Gallus, and Gacy says that he will face Joe next week. If he wins, The Dyad gets another title shot since the Creeds were pinned last week. If Joe wins, The Dyad won't receive a title shot as long as Gallus are tag champs.

01:10 (GMT)26 APR 2023

01:10 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Roxanne Perez cuts a brief promo before the Women's title match tonight. She says that while a lot of her friends liked Barbie dolls and Disney princesses, she loved WWE stars growing up. She was a fan and now she wears a green bow in her hair to represent those fans who dream to be a WWE star someday.

01:07 (GMT)26 APR 2023

01:07 (GMT)26 APR 2023

After the match, Trick joins Melo in the ring. Melo calls Bron out for a match on May 28th at Battleground in Lowell, MA. Bron's music hits and he sneak attacks Trick with a spear. He slams Melo and then puts Trick in the Steiner Recliner. Melo rolls out of the ring and doesn't help his bud, but he did get housed. Bron spears Melo through some set design.

01:05 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Trick Williams still ran over and tried to interfere, so I will still wait for a 100% clean win for Hayes.

01:05 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Melo jumps up to hit a Codebreaker but Waller rolls out of the ring. Hayes tries to pull him back in but Waller kicks him. Waller rolls in for his cutter but stumbles under his knee's damage. Melo takes advantage to hit his jumping leg drop off the top for the win.
Result - Carmelo Hayes defeats Grayson Waller by pin.

01:03 (GMT)26 APR 2023

A distraught Waller cleans off the announcers' desk and puts Hayes on top. He climbs to the top buckle and lands an elbow on Hayes through the table. No hesitation in that move. He tosses Hayes back in the ring for a very close two-count.

01:02 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Waller continues to work on Hayes' knee. Hayes recovers and targets Waller's knee instead. He lands a few kicks and a reverse DDT off the middle rope for a near fall. Melo tries to climb up but can't. Waller goes for his rolling cutter but Hayes jumps up for a Codebreaker. Waller catches him and hits a slam for a close fall. Melo goes for another springboard move but Waller hits his cutter on him. Melo, however, rolls out of the ring.

00:58 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Waller has Hayes in a Boston Crab off the ad break. Apparently, Trick Williams was helped to the back during the break.

00:55 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Both men exchange counters early on. Melo goes for a move on the top, but Waller makes him fall thanks to running into the ropes. As usual, Trick Williams runs to interfere after Waller throws a chair into the ring. Melo catches it, but the ref turns his back. Trick runs over to Waller on the outside and gets blasted by a chair shot. Waller didn't do anything to get disqualified.

00:50 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Carmelo ain't "HIM" until he wins a big match on his own. Once he does, I'll accept that.

00:49 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Before the next match, we get an in-car shot of Tony D and Stacks driving around with Pretty Deadly in the trunk. They aren't wearing seatbelts, so they better not get pulled over! Tony D pulls the car over so Stacks can check on the "noise" they're hearing. Stacks opens and slams the trunk on Pretty Deadly.

00:48 (GMT)26 APR 2023

00:43 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Jade has been off during the match. She nearly misses a spot where she was supposed to get kicked, making it look awkward. Valkyria goes for a springboard move off the ropes but Jade rolls out of the ring. She wrenches on Lyra's arm, causing the ref to go check on Lyra. She grabs her pipe and some miscommunication allows Jade to hit a DDT for the win.
Result - Cora Jade defeats Lyra Valkyria by pin.

00:41 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Jade took over during the commercial break. She hits a hard knee on Lyra for a near fall. Jade grabs Lyra and says something to her. Don't know if it was trash talk or blatant spot-calling in the middle of the match. Lyra recovers and hits two Northern Lights Suplexes until Jade goes for her running knee in the ropes. Jade falls out of the ring and Lyra hits her with a dropkick. She tosses Jade back into the ring before climbing to the top. Lyra lands a missile dropkick before going for a Perfect Plex for a near fall.

00:36 (GMT)26 APR 2023

00:35 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Lyra takes control early on, landing a flying crossbody off the middle rope for a near fall. Right off to the commercial break not even three minutes into the match.

00:33 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Mac Mitchell tries to report on how Tony D and Stacks drove off with Pretty Deadly in their trunk but gets distracted when Ilja Dragunov randomly walks by with his suitcase. Before she can talk to him, Dijak superkicks him and beats the pulp out of him. It ends with Dijak slamming a garage door on top of Ilja's chest.

00:30 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Breakker's new gear says "Meaner Than Evil" on the backside. Chase gets a moment of control as Bron misses a running shoulder block in the corner. Chase hits a Side Russian Leg Sweep before attempting the Chase U Stomp. Bron catches the kick and drops Andre with a clothesline. He hits the Gorilla Press into a Power Slam, followed by the Steiner Recliner for the win.
Result - Bron Breakker defeats Andre Chase by submission.

00:28 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Up next is Bron Breakker vs. Andre Chase. I guess since Bron's in all black now he lost his smile like HBK back in the day.

00:22 (GMT)26 APR 2023

00:21 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Tiffany Stratton arrives in an SUV. She says Roxanne Perez is "so 2022." She says that Indi's cutesy story will end tonight when she wins the championship. We then pivot to Andre Chase contemplating his match with Bron Breakker tonight. Duke Hudson comes in to give him a pep talk before he is slaughtered.

00:20 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Stacks is hung in the Tree of Woe as Tony D is blasted with chairs. Pretty Deadly put Stacks in the trunk, but he fights out with a fire extinguisher. The Family puts Kit Wilson in the trunk. They send Elton through a table full of water bottles before putting Elton in the trunk with Kit for the win.
Result - Tony D'Angelo and Stacks Lorenzo defeat Pretty Deadly by stuffing them in the trunk.

00:15 (GMT)26 APR 2023

Kit Wilson gets a nerf football and puts it in Stacks' crotch. Elton kicks a successful "field goal" with the ball. Tony D clotheslines both opponents and sends them into the ring. He blasts them with chairs, allowing Stacks to recover. Stacks hits a Cannonball on a chair in the corner.
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