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By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 10, 2024 02:16 GMT

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02:16 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Trick and Ilja shake hands

02:12 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Izzi Dame and Kiana James defeats Fallom Henley and Kelani Jordan by pin.
Je'Von Evans defeats Scryptus by pin.
Roxanne Perez defeats Natalya by pin.
Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo and Luca Crusifino defeat Myles Borne and Damon Kemp by pin.
Jaida Parker defeats Brinley Reece by pin.
Nathan Frazer and Axiom defeat The Wolf Dogs (Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker) by pin.

02:08 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Trick says if he can't slay Ilja for the title, he doesn't belong here in NXT. They shake hands, but Melo blindsides Trick and pushes him into Ilja. Melo grabs the belt and says Trick won't make it to Spring Breakin' because they'll fight in a steel cage next week. He holds up the title to end the show.

02:06 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Trick lays down the challenge but Ilja says 'No' because Trick had his chance and failed. Trick asks who he has to go through for another shot. Ilja says he has the title shot at Spring Breakin' but if he loses, Trick has to leave NXT. Hmmmm, right around draft time.

02:04 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Trick says that we saw Bayley and Cody Rhodes get their titles at WrestleMania, so what's next for him? He knows what's next and it's slaying The Mad Dragon for the NXT title. He calls Ilja out to talk about it. Ilja comes out and says he's proud of the superstar that Trick has become especially the "Trick Willie charisma."

02:02 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Trick says NXT is hotter than ever thanks to everyone in the building. He says we don't see him in the ring in this position if not for Carmelo Hayes. He adds that he doesn't agree with how Melo handled things, but he's still HIM. 

01:59 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Announced for next week are:
Ridge Holland (shortest retirement ever) taking on Joaquin Wilde
Dijak vs. Noam Dar
Sol Ruca vs. Lola Vice

01:59 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Vic Joseph says that Josh Briggs sustained two cracked ribs at Stand & Deliver. They also say that Spring Breakin' is a two-week event to close out April. 

01:58 (GMT)10 APR 2024

If no one debuts or shows up, what's the point?

01:57 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Time for Trick Williams to say he won and stuff.

01:56 (GMT)10 APR 2024

New Champions crowned

01:55 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Axiom hits the Golden Ratio on Corbin

01:53 (GMT)10 APR 2024

As Frazer and Axiom celebrate in the ring, The Final Testament's music hits. Akam and Rezar come through the crowd as Karrion Kross and Scarlett come out through the entrance area. They hit the Super Collider on the Champs before holding up the belts. 

01:52 (GMT)10 APR 2024

The Wolfdogs go for a Doomsday Device, but Axiom pushes Corbin into Bron Breakker. Corbin hits the End of Days on Axiom before hitting the Steiner Brother's Bulldog off the top.
Axiom kicks Corbin to break up the pin. Frazer hits an Enziguri on Corbin. He adds a Suicide Dive, but Corbin stops him and sends him into the steel steps. Corbin comes in and hits an FU on Axiom. He goes for End of Days but Axiom counters out and hits a kick on Bron as he goes for a spear.
Corbin drops Axiom with two clotheslines. Frazer reenters and is hit with a jumping knee from Bron. Bron goes for a spear on Frazer, but he jumps. He almost spears Corbin, but they stop. Axiom kicks them into each other, sending Bron from the ring. Axiom hits the Golden Ratio on Corbin followed by the Phoenix Splash for the win.

Result - Axiom and Nathan Frazer defeat the Wolfdogs (Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker) by pin.

01:48 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Bron and Baron control Axiom with a slingshot into a power slam for a near fall. Frazer comes in off a hot tag. Bron tries to Gorilla Press him but gets countered into a DDT. 
Axiom hits a Frog Splash, and Frazer adds a 450 Splash. Corbin breaks up the pin, locks Frazer in a Sleeper, catches Axiom, and hits a power slam for two.

01:43 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Arianna Grace says she was the best-kept secret of WrestleMania weekend.

01:42 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Corbin goes for a slam but Frazer and Axiom make a tag. Bron tries to even things up but is sent out of the ring. Axiom and Frazer hit a series of Suicide Dives that would make AEW jealous. Axiom adds the Golden Ratio Moonsault as we hit the commercial break.

01:41 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Booker T mentions how it's unprecedented how the challengers got an immediate rematch after losing at the event. Breakker darn near runs through Axiom with a shoulder block. Frazer comes in to out quick Bron, landing a kick. Baron Corbin tags in, giving the match some bald flair.

01:38 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Up next is the NXT Tag Team title rematch between The Wolfdogs and Axiom and Nathan Frazer. 

01:37 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Arianna Grace is backstage, blabbering about being the best-kept secret of WrestleMania weekend. Sol Ruca is on her phone as Grace blabs. Lola Vice comes in and rambles on about how she can beat anyone in a fight. Ruca says 'You should have expected Nattie's retaliation' since Lola cost her the title.

01:35 (GMT)10 APR 2024

After bodyslamming Parker, Reece builds some momentum. She hits a handstand lariat for a two-count and adds a Spinebuster for two. Parker hits a hip check to pick up the win.
Result - Jaida Parker defeats Brinley Reece by pin.

01:33 (GMT)10 APR 2024

The ladies trade armlocks until Parker hits a somersault neckbreaker off the ropes for a near fall. Back to a rest hold.

01:30 (GMT)10 APR 2024

They should turn the North American title into the Meatman Championship.

01:28 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Parker hits a slap and her sit-down move in the corner.

01:27 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Up next is Jaida Parker taking on Brinley Reece. Edris and Malik accompany Reece. Edris looks like he's modeling for the summer collection of Abercrombie & Fitch. Booker simps over Jaida Parker. 

01:25 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Meta-Four is backstage basking in the fact that Stand & Deliver was the most watched show in history. Oro isn't happy because Oba Femi slammed him at Stand & Deliver. 
Dijak then comes in to say he 'loved' the parody they did of him as hosts. Dar says that he needs 'less ratio and more sunshine.' Dijak says this is your warning, and everyone only gets one.

01:23 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Ivar says he was jealous that he wasn't in the fight. He adds that he wants to be the one to take the title from Femi. Femi says 'we'll see' before walking by Ivar. The latter stops him but Femi headbutts him. Ivar stands tall after hitting a springboard clothesline on Femi.

01:22 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Ivar says everyone is talking about their match for the weekend and that he loved the chaos. He also loved how the big guys were going at it. Unfortunately, he's wearing skinny jeans and I don't think Vikings wear those...

01:20 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Femi says that he knew he would win at Stand & Deliver. He says that Briggs and Dijak were impressive. He adds that he's going to be North American Champion for a very long time and that won't change. Cue Ivar's music.

01:18 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Personally, the triple threat for Femi's title was one of the best matches of WrestleMania weekend.

01:17 (GMT)10 APR 2024

We get the announcement of the Women's North American Title that aired during Stand & Deliver. 
Out next is Oba Femi.

01:16 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Borne hits a neckbreaker on Luca. Dempsey tries to interfere but Luca brings him into the ring. Luca and Stacks hit a Codebreaker combo to pick up the win.
Result - Stacks Lorenzo and Luca Crusifino defeat Damon Kemp and Myles Borne by pin.

01:15 (GMT)10 APR 2024

The Crew hits a tandem dropkick/German Suplex combo for two. Drew Gulak's absence tonight is conspicuous. Perhaps he's off for the week as the Ronda Rousey controversy dies down.

01:14 (GMT)10 APR 2024

It's still ironic how Damon Kemp is a much better WWE performer than his brother, Gable Steveson. Myles Borne and Kemp represent the NQCC. The Family controls Borne early on. Kemp tries to intervene but Stacks hits a Cannonball on Kemp. Charlie Dempsey pulls Borne out of harm's way, giving the NQCC control.

01:10 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Lola says she's making her own opportunities instead of waiting for them backstage. Nattie walks up behind her and the two brawl. Up next is the NQCC taking on Stack Lorenzo and Luca Crusifino.

01:07 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Perez retains her title

01:05 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin have a pep talk in their locker room before their title defense tonight. Corbin tries to get Bron to admit that teaming together is a good thing. Bron says he won't admit it because Corbin wants him to.

01:04 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Nattie slaps Perez on the outside before tossing her back in the ring. As Roxanne gets in the ring, Lola Vice runs down and kicks Nattie. Roxanne takes advantage to hit Pop Rox for the win.

Result - Roxanne Perez defeats Natalya by pin.

01:03 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Natalya takes over with some strikes and a German Suplex for a near fall. She lands her discus Lariat for another two count. Nattie goes for a Sharpshooter but Roxy counters out. Nattie goes for the Sharpshooter again, but Roxanne counters into a Crossface. Natalya locks the Sharpshooter in for a third time but Roxy makes it to the ropes.

01:01 (GMT)10 APR 2024

After some control during the commercials, Perez bashes Nattie against the announce table on the outside. Roxanne works on Natalya's back while trash-talking her. Nattie tries to fight out but Perez locks in a Guillotine Choke. Nattie breaks out by standing up and bodyslamming Perez.

00:54 (GMT)10 APR 2024

After the ladies trade some chain holds, Roxanne slaps Nattie. The latter returns the favor, sending Perez out of the ring. Back in the ring, Roxanne plays the Ric Flair heel car by asking for a timeout and handshake. Nattie takes her hand and lands more offense after Roxy tries to kick her.

00:49 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Kelly Kincaid tries to get a few words with Ridge Holland. Joe Gacy says he gets it and it's okay. Holland storms off and the LWO questions what he's doing because they know the real Ridge from SmackDown. He storms out of the building, accidentally hurting Cruz Del Toro.

00:46 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Je'Von Evans win

00:46 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Up next is Natalya challenging Roxanne Perez for the NXT Women's Championship. Karmen Petrovic hugs Nattie as she heads out to the ring.

00:42 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Scrypts hits a chop and a standing Shooting Star Press for two. The former Reggie keeps Evans in check for a spell, but Evans bounces back after Scrypts taunts him. Evans hits a springboard kick and a springboard Cutter for a close two-count. He adds a springboard clothesline, but OTM pulls Scrypts out of the ring.
Evans hits a flying splash on everyone. The two trade kicks until Scrypts hits a German Suplex. He goes to the top for a Moonsault but Evans moves.
Evans hits a rope-ascending Corkscrew Splash to pick up the win. OTM tries to get him after the match, but he escapes safely.
Result - Je'Von Evans defeats Scrypts by pin.

00:37 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Scrypts and Evans trade flips early on. The latter hit a rope-assisted Hurricanrana and a big kick for a near fall. Evans hits a chop and goes for a move off the top but Scrypts hits the ropes to stop him.

00:35 (GMT)10 APR 2024

The No Quarter Catch Crew talks about Charlie Dempsey's weekend at Josh Barnett's Bloodsport. The Family walks over to say that their problem will be taken care of but The Don is in Boca (FL) for the week. This leads to a match for tonight. Time for Je'Von Evans' debut.

00:31 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Fallon Henley took the bullet and unfortunately, the loss.

00:30 (GMT)10 APR 2024

Jacy Jayne ruins a nice moment for Chase University.
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