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  • WWE NXT Live Results: Ilja Dragunov stands tall as Austin Theory teases cashing in Money in the Bank at Halloween Havoc

WWE NXT Live Results: Ilja Dragunov stands tall as Austin Theory teases cashing in Money in the Bank at Halloween Havoc

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 19, 2022 02:11 GMT

What will happen on NXT?


02:11 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Full Results for NXT for 18 October 2022.
Rhea Ripley defeats Roxanne Perez by pin.
Shinsuke Nakamura defeats Stacks by pin.
Alba Fyre defeats Sonya Deville by pin.
Cameron Grimes and the OC defeat Schism by pin.
Quincy Elliott defeats Xyon Quinn by pin.
Cora Jade defeats Raquel Rodriguez by disqualification.

02:09 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

02:09 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

02:07 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Ilja fights back by saying that JD will remain a contender and never become a Champion. Ilja and Bron square off and fight, and Owens departs the ring. JD sits back and laughs. Bron spears a security guard, Ilja hits his headbutt on Bron and then on JD. Ilja hoists the belt, but then Austin Theory comes out with his briefcase.

02:04 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

JD says that he wasn't the one who hit the others. Ilja says he meant to hit Bron but was aiming for JD. He also says that he saw a flaw in Bron's armor. Bron says he'll hold onto the title as long as he breathes. Owens says that Ilja and Bron need to stop worrying about each other and remember that McDonagh is in the match. He says that no one wants JD to be the Champion, not even JD's mother.

02:00 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Owens says that one of the competitors has been stirring the pot by getting in everyone's head. He says it's JD McDonagh and that he feels like he needs a shower just by looking at JD. 

01:57 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

The fighters not booked for Halloween Havoc are having a party backstage. They're about to watch the KO Show and have a drinking game any time "Halloween Havoc" or "this Saturday" is uttered. Lots of drunk people will be backstage.

01:48 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

As Jade smiles outside of the ring, Perez runs down and hits her from behind. She sends her back into the ring and almost gets to hit her with Jade's weapon. 

01:48 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Cora grabs her weapon and tries to hit Raquel, but Raquel catches it. She then whacks Jade with it a few times, leading to a disqualification.
Result - Cora Jade defeats Raquel Rodriguez by DQ.

01:46 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Jade gets in Raquel's face but Raquel drops her and shoves her into the buckles twice. She hits Snake Eyes on Jade and chops her on top of the announcer's table. She whiffs on the second chop. Jade stomps on Raquel's back but gets knocked down when attempting another move.

01:45 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

01:44 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Pretty Deadly and Edris/Malik have their contract-signing segment before next Tuesday's title match. Up next is Cora Jade vs. Raquel Rodriguez.

01:40 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

01:39 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

We next get a Chase U segment where Andre Chase recounts the history of the Halloween Havoc event. His favorite moment was Rey Mysterio taking on Eddie Guerrero. He says the homework for this weekend is to watch Havoc. They're all interrupted by Chucky, and a lot of swears are uttered, capped off by Thea Hail uttering something that cannot be said on tv or typed here :)

01:36 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Quinn drops Quincy with a thunderous clothesline. Quincy battles back with some shoulder blocks. He rushes Xyon in the corner but is dropped with a kick from Xyon. Xyon hoists Quincy on his back but crumbles under the weight. Quinn rolls out of the ring to grab a chair, but Hank Walker prevents him from doing so. Quinn rolls back into the ring and gets dropped by a Yoko Bomb for the win.
Result - Quincy Elliott defeats Xyon Quinn by pin.

01:29 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

01:29 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Shotzi says the winner of their upcoming match can be her co-host. So of course, Quincy is winning cuz he likes to dress up. 

01:27 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Shotzi hypes up her hosting duties as well as her upcoming Women's Tag Team match on SmackDown. She howls like she used to before she is interrupted by Xyon Quinn. He says he can free up some time to be her co-host. He's followed by Quincy Elliot, looking like Mabel reborn.

01:25 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Alicia Taylor announces the only person who could be the host of Halloween Havoc, Shotzi, as the host of this year's show. Thank the lord.

01:24 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Julius goes on a rant saying that he won more NCAA matches in a month than Kemp did in his career. He calls him an HS athlete. Didn't Kemp beat Brutus in an NCAA match??? Creed says that Kemp isn't even the most talented member of his own family (his older brother is not progressing in developmental Gable Steveson).

01:22 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Vic and Booker interview Julius and Damon ahead of their Ambulance Match at Halloween Havoc. Creed says he's always protected his brother, even climbing himself up on the crib. Please. He calls Kemp a clown before Kemp says that there are two sides to Julius. Kemp says it's like talking to a robot. 

01:20 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

01:20 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

01:16 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

We then get a video package for Katana and Kayden and Nikkita and Zoey. They are all in a conference room signing contracts for a match next week. They exchange the usual words of "we'll win cuz we're a team" and "no, we'll win cuz WE'RE a team."

01:14 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Mac Mitchell tries to ask Veer what he whispered in Sanga's ears last week. He says it's not for everyone else's ears but his and Sanga's. Sanga comes over and says he's ready to listen.

01:13 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

LG then hits some kicks and a short-form Lowdown. He tags Anderson in but all hell breaks loose. Everyone hits a move, leaving Anderson and Rip in the ring. The Dyad goes for a move but Grimes lands the Cave In to prevent it. It leaves the OC in the ring to hit the Magic Killer on Reid for the win.
Result - Cameron Grimes and the OC defeat Schism by pin.

01:11 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

After the break, Gacy finally gets in against Grimes. Gacy keeps control until he whiffs on a Uranage. Grimes hits his flipping bodyslam to even the odds. Gacy makes the tag to Fowler and Grimes tags in Gallows. Gallows clotheslines everyone.

01:06 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Anderson fights back against Reid. He finally makes the tag to Cameron Grimes, who hits a flying crossbody off the top. The pin attempt is broken up by Gacy and Fowler. Things break down as the OC and Grimey send Schism out of the ring before the commercial break.

01:05 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Reid distracts Anderson with a knee to the back after getting a blind tag. They land a tandem move on the outside before the creeps all hug on the outside. 

01:03 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Grimey starts off against Reid but Fowler quickly comes in. They neutralize Grimey in their corner briefly until he lands a double Hurricanrana on the Dyad. He makes the tag to Karl Anderson who then quickly tags in the Big LG. He hits a clothesline and some elbows on Fowler before getting a near fall. On commentary, Booker T makes a case for the Nasty Boys for the WWE HOF 2023. No thanks, Book.

00:58 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Mac Mitchell interviews Bron Breakker ahead of the KO Show tonight. He says he'd prefer to go through them instead of around them  (his opponents at Halloween Havoc). 

00:58 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

00:54 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

00:53 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Trick and Melo attack Oro and Wes after the match. Oro and Lee send Trick out of the ring, but Melo hits a Tope Con Giro. He's dropped by a big boot from Von Wagner. Nathan Frazer then hits Wagner with a crossbody off the top. After that melee, we get the usual promo from Joe Gacy and the Schism.

00:52 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Lee and Hayes come back in but Trick sends Lee off the buckle while the ref is distracted. Mensah and Trick battle on the outside as Melo hits a facebuster on Lee in the ring. Melo hits his jumping legdrop off the top for the win. Lee's head bounces off the mat.
Result - Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes defeat Oro Mensah and Wes Lee by pin.

00:50 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Lee and Trick are in the ring for their teams. Trick hits his usual pop-up punch but he tags Melo in. That also allows Mensah to tag in. Mensah hits a dropkick on Melo before Trick tags back in.

00:45 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Deville and Toxic Attraction attack Alba after the match. They get her in their clutches as Mandy Rose trots out to sound tough. It doesn't work as Fyre fights out of it and holds a bat to Rose's neck.

00:43 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Fyre lands a slap in the corner but gets dropped off the top buckle by Deville. She lands a kick to Fyre's face for a near fall. Fyre recovers and hits a facebuster and a kick. She goes to the top but Gigi distracts her. Jacy gets in and almost gets Gory Bombed. Gigi comes in also and gets inadvertently kicked by Sonya. Fyre takes advantage of the distraction and rolls Deville up for the in.
Result - Alba Fyre defeats Mandy Rose by pin.

00:39 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

00:38 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

00:35 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Despite the loss, Tony D says he's still proud of Stacks for rolling with the punches. We then go backstage to see Nathan Frazer and Axiom reliving their Best of 3 Series. They're interrupted by Mr. Charisma, Von Wagner. Up next is Alba Fyre battling Sonya Deville.

00:33 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Despite being outgunned, Stacks tells Nakamura to bring while on his knees. Nakamura obliges, landing the Kinshasha for the win.
Result - Shinsuke Nakamura defeats Stacks by pin.

00:32 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Nakamura drops Stacks with a kick to the chest before giving the "c'mon" pose. Shin hits the sliding German Suplex for a near fall. He then locks Stacks in an armbar before knocking him outside of the ring with a kick.

00:29 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

The crowd erupts for Nak but Stacks doesn't seem too fazed by it. Nak hits a knee and an axe kick right off the bat before hitting Good Vibrations in the corner. He then hits several kicks on the grounded Stacks. Stacks catches the last one and starts to elbow Nakamura's knee.

00:27 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Mac Mitchell interviews Grayson Waller, who promises to put an end to Apollo Crews' comeback story. He's interrupted by Chucky, who's a real boy. He says that the match with Crews will be a "Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal" match. Waller runs off scared. As Stack awaits his opponent, Shinsuke Nakamura makes a triumphant return to NXT.

00:21 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

00:19 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

After the match, we see Cameron Grimes and the OC getting ready for their match. Grimes shows him the cash he promised when he recruited them on RAW. Gallows is especially hilarious by sniffing the money like a nutbag. After that segment, Tony D heads out to the ring with Stacks for the latter's match.

00:17 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Perez goes for a strike in the corner but gets caught by Ripley. She slams Perez on her face for a two-count. Rhea goes for the Riptide but Perez blocks it. Roxy goes for her Canadian Destroyer but Ripley flips her over her back. Dom momentarily distracts Perez, allowing Ripley to hit the Riptide for the win.
Result - Rhea Ripley defeats Roxanne Perez by pin.

00:15 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

Perez goes for a tilt-a-whirl move but Ripley uses her strength to stop her. Roxy lands a strike to send Ripley to the corner and eventually to the outside. She hits a Suicide Dive on Ripley for good measure. She goes to the top but is met by Ripley. Perez eventually hits the RAW star with a top-rope Hurricanrana for a near fall.

00:12 (GMT)19 OCT 2022

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