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  • WWE NXT Live Results (December 13, 2022) Roxanne Perez beats Mandy Rose for NXT Women's title

WWE NXT Live Results (December 13, 2022) Roxanne Perez beats Mandy Rose for NXT Women's title

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 14, 2022 08:41 IST

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08:41 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Full Results for NXT for 13 December 2022.
Wes Lee defeats Stacks Lorenzo by pin.
Toxic Attraction vs. Tatum Paxley and Ivy Nile ends in a No Contest.
Odyssey Jones defeats Von Wagner by pin.
Ikemen Jiro defeats Javier Bernal by pin.
JD McDonagh defeats Brutus Creed by pin.
Lyra Valkyria defeats Amari Miller by pin.
Duke Hudson defeats Damon Kemp by pin.
Roxanne Perez defeats Mandy Rose by pin to become the new NXT Women's Champion.

08:37 (IST)14 DEC 2022

08:34 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Roxy goes for a kick but Mandy catches it and slams Perez for a near fall. Rose goes for her finisher knee strike but Roxy moves. Mandy counters into a Lebel Lock. She breaks it but rolls Mandy up for a near fall. Mandy fights back with her Kiss From the Rose but Roxy kicks out. Mandy admonishes the ref. Mandy goes for an Implant Buster but Roxy counters out. She hits a kick and Pop Rocks to become the new NXT Women's Champion!!!! Finally!!!
Result - Roxanne Perez defeats Mandy Rose by pin to become the new NXT Women's Champion.

08:31 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Mandy continues to work on Roxy's shoulder, but Roxy lands a few sledgehammer strikes to Rose. She goes for a side leg sweep but Mandy counters out of it. She goes for a strike in the corner but Rose kicks her in the shoulder. Mandy sits on the top buckle, allowing Perez to hit a Hurricanrana off the top for a near fall.

08:28 (IST)14 DEC 2022

During the picture-in-picture, Mandy tossed something in the direction of Booker T. 

08:27 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Perez gets a near fall. Mandy goes for a shoulder block in the corner but misses, hitting the ring post. Roxy hits a suicide dive and kick to Mandy on the outside. She goes for Pop Rox on the outside, but Mandy shakes her off her back. She sends the challenger into the steel steps.

08:25 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Roxy evades a move and poses to mock Mandy. Mandy does the same with a cartwheel and a basement dropkick. 

08:18 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Main event time upcoming!

08:17 (IST)14 DEC 2022

08:16 (IST)14 DEC 2022

08:15 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Kemp has Duke in a headlock when Drew Gulak comes out again. Chase yells at Gulak, saying that Duke is "Chase U" and to leave. Back in the ring, Duke "Hulks Up" by going on a spree, highlighted by a sidewalk slam. He adds a belly-to-belly suplex and some Chase U strikes. Duke lands a big boot from the corner to pick up what seems like his first win in forever.
Result - Duke Hudson defeats Damon Kemp by pin.

08:12 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Kemp lands a few moves on Duke before mounting him. He rubs his forearm across Duke's face. 

08:11 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Brooks Jensen is randomly walking around until Kiana James talks to him. She gifts him a shirt that actually fits. She also says he should worry about what he can control, like becoming a Champ again. In the background, Diamond Mine and the Women's tag Champs brawl until Toxic Attraction joins the fray. A triple threat, folks. 

08:03 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Miller attempts a kick but Valkyria hits a Spinning Heel Kick. She heads to the top and hits a Frog Splash to pick up the debut win.
Result - Lyra Valkyria defeats Amari Miller by pin.

08:02 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Lyra Valkyria takes on Amari Miller. Lyra hits a loud enzuguiri that sends Miller to the outside. Miller recovers to slam Lyra's head into the turnbuckle. Lyra lands a flurry of punches and kicks before hitting a bridging Northern Lights Suplex. Miller fights back with a Senton for a near fall. 

07:54 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Mac Mitchell interviews Zoey Stark about Nikkita Lyons' random TikTok where she was reacting to the falls during the Women's Iron Survivor match. It was a random segment that seemed pointless, but after Stark's words, we now know why. Stark says that Nikkita couldn't las 10 minutes in her ring. She also calls Lyons a waste of roster space before rethinking things. Zoey wants Nikkita in "her ring." 

07:52 (IST)14 DEC 2022

JD grabs a chair and is about to hit Brutus with it but Indus Sher comes out and prevents him from using the chair. McDonagh brings him back into the ring before hitting the Devil Inside for the win.
Result - JD McDonagh defeats Brutus Creed by pin.

07:50 (IST)14 DEC 2022

McDonagh goes for a kick but Brutus catches him and sends him over the top with a Slingshot. Brutus then hits a Belly-to-Belly suplex. McDonagh recovers and hits Julius with a Soccer Kick. He lands one on Brutus as well.

07:49 (IST)14 DEC 2022

McDonagh hits some strikes and a dropkick but it doesn't faze Brutus. He then pretends he's Donkey Kong and walks like a Gorilla into the corner. McDonagh kicks him out of the corner but Creed continues to reign down punches. JD then hits a dropkick that sends Brutus into the announce table. JD works on Creed's hand.

07:47 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Before the next match, we get a segment of Elektra Lopez getting her makeup done. She says she would have won the Iron Survivor match and that Indi Hartwell loses every big match she's in. She's kinda right, but that doesn't stop Indi from attacking Elektra. Up next is JD McDonagh taking on Brutus Creed.

07:40 (IST)14 DEC 2022

And just like that, the morons get a title shot next week against Kofi and Xavier. 

07:39 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Kit and Elton want a rematch but Xavier says they can have one if they can recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Briggs and Jensen come out to do it since they think that's a requirement for a title shot.

07:37 (IST)14 DEC 2022

New Day tries to celebrate with music, but Pretty Deadly comes out to cut the celebration short. Kofi tried to twerk but Deadly says that the New Day ruined their Christmas. Xavier then gives a shout-out to a guy dressed as Santa in the crowd. Xavier then mocks how England lost in the World Cup and then Pretty Deadly lost at Deadline.

07:34 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Xavier says that Kofi is the only singles and tag team Triple Crown Champ as well as a record-setting 15-time tag Champ, which prompts some mumbling from Booker T.

07:29 (IST)14 DEC 2022

07:25 (IST)14 DEC 2022

After the match, Scrypts comes from out of nowhere to blindside Jiro. He takes off his jacket and hits a 450 Thesz Press off the top on Jiro.

07:24 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Bernal rushes Jiro off the bell but Jiro holds his own. Javy hits a clothesline and a Bulldog variant for a near fall. Javy admires his work in front of the announce table but Jiro lands a flip on Bernal. He then hits several jacket-assisted strikes. Bernal climbs a buckle but gets hit with a top-rope Hurricanrana. Jiro hits a Shining Wizard to pick up the win.
Result - Ikemen Jiro defeats Javier Bernal by pin.

07:16 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Jones goes on the offensive, leading Mr. Stone to grab Malik's sweater. He escapes into the ring but it allows Blade to kick Wagner. Jones hits a bodyslam for the win. Mac Mitchell interviews Javier Bernal and they have another fun back-and-forth. Mac says 99 times out of 100, she's objective, but tonight, she wants Ikemen Jiro to beat Javier Bernal. He tries to come up with a name for his "fans," ending on Big Body Believers.

07:13 (IST)14 DEC 2022

The two have a standoff in the middle as neither man budges after colliding. Wagner goes to the top and hits a clothesline. He adds a few kicks and a sliding clothesline for good measure. 

07:10 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Trick and Melo whine about Melo not winning at Deadline. Trick shows Melo a picture of Melo being shocked at Axiom hitting a moonsault off of the penalty bot. Up next is Von Wagner taking on Odyssey Jones.

07:07 (IST)14 DEC 2022

07:05 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Briggs and Jensen try to console Fallon Henley because something's up with her father. Jensen says 2023 will be their year.

07:04 (IST)14 DEC 2022

All four women brawl early on. Jacy hits a Cannonball on Ivy while Gigi kicks Paxley. Jayne gets a near fall on Ivy. Gigi comes in and lands some strikes on Ivy. Jayne and Dolin try to l and a move on Nile but she kicks both of them. She goes out of the ring for some reason instead of tagging Paxley in. Jayne tosses her into Kayden and Katana at the announce table. The Champs then attack Toxic Attraction before everything breaks down.
Result - Toxic Attraction vs. Tatum Paxley and Ivy Nile ends in no contest.

06:54 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Dijak comes out after the pin while Tony D attacks Lee from behind. Tony and Dijak stare at each other as the former leaves the ring. We go backstage to see Thea Hail and Andre Chase talking. They see Duke Hudson talking to Drew Gulak. They shake hands and Chase questions what Hudson is doing. Chase says that Duke was right last week as Thea wasn't ready for Isla Dawn.

06:52 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Stacks then locks in a single-leg Boston Crab. He can't put Lee away to the frustration of Tony D. Lee fights back with some strikes and a dropkick to the back of Stacks' head. He adds a German Suplex and a series of backflips into a kick for the win.
Result - Wes Lee defeats Stacks Lorenzo by pin.

06:49 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Stacks has Lee in a headlock but Lee turns the tide with a basement dropkick. Lee goes on the top buckle but Stacks trips him, dropping him head-first. He then works on Lee's back. Stacks hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a near fall.

06:46 (IST)14 DEC 2022

06:43 (IST)14 DEC 2022

We then cut to Wes Lee heading out to the ring but he's blindsided by Stacks and Tony D. They head out for their match. Lee dropkicks Stacks, sending him out of the ring. He adds a Tope Con Giro before heading to the commercial break.

06:41 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Bron chases Grayson out of the crowd while Mandy blindsided Roxy in the ring. We then pivot to seeing JD McDonagh telling the doctor what his diagnosis is. Then the Creeds come in to try to get around being medically cleared. Brutus essentially challenged JD. Back in the ring, Roxy stands up and says she doesn't want to wait for New Year's Evil. She challenges Mandy for the title tonigth and she accepts. 

06:38 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Roxy says she did the same thing Grayson did, only first and from the first spot. He says that she was first because she had to be home for bedtime. He then name-drops some reality show people who need to get real jobs. His words bring out Bron Breakker.

06:36 (IST)14 DEC 2022

He says that since he won the Iron Survivor match, it's his parking lot and brand, and the show doesn't start until he shows up. He goes into the crowd and angers Roxy. She tells him to shut his mouth.

06:34 (IST)14 DEC 2022

Booker opens the night saying that he's "composed tonight." Roxanne Perez, the winner of the Women's Iron Survivor match, kicks off the show but is interrupted by Grayson Waller.
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