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  • WWE NXT Live Results (December 27, 2022) Wes Lee fends off Tony D'Angelo, Fallon Henley saves her bar, and more

WWE NXT Live Results (December 27, 2022) Wes Lee fends off Tony D'Angelo, Fallon Henley saves her bar, and more

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08:39 (IST)28 DEC 2022

08:38 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Full Results for NXT for 27 December 2022.
Julius Creed defeats JD McDonagh by pin.
Wendy Choo defeats Cora Jade by pin.
Scrypts defeats Ikemen Jiro by pin.
Lyra Valkyria defeats Lash Legend by pin.
The Schism (Joe Gacy, Jagger Reid, and Rip Fowler) defeat Edris Enofe, Malik Blade, and Odyssey Jones by pin.
Fallon Henley defeats Kiana James by pin.
Wes Lee defeats Tony D'Angelo by pin.

08:34 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Tony D'Angelo goes to the top, but as he does, Dijak appears from out of nowhere to drag Channing Lorenzo away. It distracts Tony D'Angelo so that Wes Lee can hit his finishing kick for the win.
Result - Wes Lee defeats Tony D'Angelo by pin.

08:33 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Tony D'Angelo sends Wes Lee out of the ring after working over his leg. Lee gets slammed face-first on top of the announce table. Wes Lee counters a suplex into a DDT. The Champion takes over, landing a flurry of offense on the challenger in the corner. Wes Lee climbs up but gets powerbombed.

08:29 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Tony D hits a T-Bone Suplex that sends Wes Lee into the corner. Dijak is also looming over this at some point. Tony D'Angelo starts to work on Wes Lee's leg as payback (in his mind) for his leg injury earlier this year.

08:24 (IST)28 DEC 2022

08:23 (IST)28 DEC 2022

The Don takes control, dropping Wes Lee in the corner. Lee evades a move and wrenches his leg. Wes Lee hits a kick and a standing Shooting Star Press but Tony D'Angelo rolls out of the ring. Wes Lee hits a suicide dive before the show heads off to the commercial break.

08:21 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Tony D'Angelo starts off in control, knocking Wes Lee down several times. He adds a German Suplex with a bridge for a near fall. Wes Lee uses his athleticism to elude Tony D'Angelo. Wes Lee lands some strikes in the corner, forcing Tony D'Angelo to roll out under the bottom rope.

08:16 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Grayson Waller will host Bron Breakker on the Grayson Waller Effect next week. Axiom will battle Trick Williams while Carmelo Hayes and Apollo Crews will do battle. Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn will face off in an Extreme Resolution match.

08:13 (IST)28 DEC 2022

08:10 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Last up is Myles Borne, who gets a move or two in on Drew Gulak. Throughout the demonstration, Gulak said that you break the hold immediately when the person taps. Once Myles Borne gets the upper hand, Drew Gulak locks in a submission but doesn't break the hold. Hank Walker walks over to break things up. They are interrupted by Charlie Dempsey. Hank Walker breaks things up before Charlie Dempsey says he's going to make examples of the students.

08:08 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Drew Gulak stands in the ring with Hank Walker. He starts with a guy named Luca. Drew Gulak demonstrates a Chicken Wing. He brings in a guy named Tavion next. Drew Gulak and Tavion "roll around" on the mat. Tavion gets wrapped up in a leg lock from Drew Gulak.

08:05 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Isla Dawn addresses Alba Fyre's challenge for next week. Isla Dawn says that it will be bad for Alba and not her.

08:02 (IST)28 DEC 2022

08:00 (IST)28 DEC 2022

08:00 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Roxanne says that she wants to live up to the history set by previous Champions because they are all future Hall-of-Famers. She knows she has a target on her back and that things move fast in NXT.

07:59 (IST)28 DEC 2022

During the finishing sequence, Fallon Henley tripped Kiana James, leading to the finish. Brooks Jensen is concerned about Kiana James' injury. After the match, Mackenzie Mitchell interviews new NXT Women's Champion Roxanne Perez. She says that she's waking up from the dream of winning the title. 

07:57 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Both women exchange strikes in the middle of the ring until Fallon Henley takes over with some offense. Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen continue to argue outside as Josh Briggs thinks Brooks Jensen is rooting for Kiana James. Fallon Henley keeps on top by hitting a Shining Wizard for the win.
Result - Fallon Henley defeats Kiana James by pin.

07:55 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Kiana James works Fallon Henley's arm early on. Fallon Henley fights back and decks Kiana James outside of the ring. Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen look on outside. Kiana James continues to work over Fallon Henley in the corner. She slams Fallon Henley for a near fall.

07:52 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Booker T is in love with all of Kiana James' credentials that are a part of her entrance graphic.

07:50 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Mackenzie Mitchell interviews Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams. Axiom will face Trick Williams next week and Apollo Crews will face Carmelo Hayes.

07:48 (IST)28 DEC 2022

07:46 (IST)28 DEC 2022

07:44 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Edris Enofe hits an elbow off the top for a near fall as the pin attempt is broken up. Jagger Reid and Joe Gacy pull Odyssey Jones out of the ring before hitting a series of nearly seven Suicide Dives to bring Odyssey Jones down. Edris Enofe hits a Tope Con Giro off the steel steps. Joe Gacy makes a tag as Edris Enofe and Malik Blade are hoisted on shoulders. Jagger Reid hits a Double Doomsday Machine on his opponents. Jagger Reid and Ripl Fowler hit Edris Enofe with a double Codebreaker before Joe Gacy hits his finisher for the win.
Result - The Schism (Joe Gacy, Rip Fowler, and Jagger Reid) defeat Odyssey Jones, Malik Blade, and Edris Enofe by pin.

07:41 (IST)28 DEC 2022

During the break, Joe Gay took control for his team. As the Schism takes control, Ava Raine heads to the announce table to say that "the Schism is living it's best life. 4 roots and one tree." Ava Raine says that to Booker T, leaving him confused. Back in the ring, Odyssey Jones tags in and cleans house.

07:36 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Edris Enofe misses a crossbody but hits a dropkick. He makes the tag to Odyssey Jones, who immediately drops Rip Fowler. He admires his work instead of taking advantage, but it doesn't matter. Rip Fowler rolls to his corner after Malik Blade hits a splash off of Odyssey Jones' back.

07:34 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Joe Gacy starts off with Malik Blade. Jagger Reid tags in but Malik Blade controls the action. He tags Edris Enofe in, but he is soon neutralized as Rip Fowler tags in.

07:31 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Grayson Waller says he's at home in Sydney, Australia. Bron Breakker watches angrily from the locker room. Grayson Waller says that he'll bring home the title on January 10th and that he'll be there next week to sign the papers for New Year's Evil. Bron Breakker responds to the video by ripping the television up and throwing it into the lockers. Mature, Bron Breakker, real mature.

07:29 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Mackenzie Mitchell interviews Bron Breakker about his ongoing feud with Grayson Waller. Bron Breakker says he's not playing games and that he's going to the ring to call Grayson Waller out. Mackenzie Mitchell informs him that Grayson Waller left him a video message because he's not there tonight.

07:28 (IST)28 DEC 2022

07:23 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin cut a promo about what's next for them and how 2022 was their year. They both say that they will rebuild and return to glory, starting with the woman (Roxanne Perez) who took them down in the first place.

07:21 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Lash Legend hits a backbreaker before missing a handstand moonsault. Lyra Valkyria fights back by hitting a rough-looking DDT. Lyra Valkyria hits a roundhouse kick and a splash for the win.
Result - Lyra Valkyria defeats Lash Legend by pin.

07:19 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Lash Legend uses her size early on to bully the smaller Lyra Valkyria. Lash Legend hits an elbow for a near fall. Lash Legend goes for a Pump Kick but missed. Lyra Valkyria hits a dropkick through the middle rope, but Lash Legend pulls her down face-first on the apron.

07:16 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Alba Fyre cuts a promo against Isla Dawn as Dawn has cost her two big matches. Alba Fyre says she has brought out something she hasn't used in a while. Alba Fyre proposes a "No Disqualification" match for next week.

07:12 (IST)28 DEC 2022

07:11 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Scrypts drapes Ikemen Jiro's jacket over his lifeless body in the ring. Up next, we get another club-boy promo from Oro Mensah. He tries to equate club-life to wrestling. Seems like Oro Mensah would fit in well with Katana Chance and Kayden Carter.

07:10 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Ikemen Jiro fights back, hitting a back body drop and some open-hand palm strikes to Scrypts' face. He adds a knee. Scrypts hits a corkscrew crossbody before missing a standing Shooting Star Press. Ikemen Jiro hoists Scrypts on the top. He hits a big kick and climbs to the top. Ikemen Jiro hits a backflip off the top before Scrypts hits a 450 Thesz Press for the win.
Result - Scrypts defeats Ikemen Jiro by pin.

07:06 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Scrypts jumps into the ring as Ikemen Jiro is waiting for him to come down the normal entrance way. Ikemen Jiro hits a Tope Con Giro. Scrypts jumped into the ring wearing Ikemen Jiro's jacket. Scrypts drops Ikemen Jiro with a sweep before going for a lazy pin.

07:04 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Josh Briggs tries to hype Fallon Henley up before her match for her bar against Kiana James. Brooks Jensen is too busy putting on the shirt he was gifted by Kiana James. Fallon Henley and Josh Briggs try to get Brooks Jensen to focus more on supporting Fallon Henley rather than thinking about how he looks in the shirt. Up next is Ikemen Jiro vs. Scrypts.

07:03 (IST)28 DEC 2022

07:02 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Ikemen Jiro cuts a backstage promo about how he is just "Jiro" without his jacket. He's angered and ready for action.

06:58 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Cora goes for a step-up knee in the corner but Wendy catches her and hits a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. Choo hits a belly-to-belly suplex and a handstand elbow in the corner. She adds her nap drop off the middle rope for a near fall. Jade hits a variant of Sister Abigail for a near fall. Cora screams "this is my company" before Choo rolls her up. She hits a slam and the reverse Vader Bomb to pick up the win.
Result - Wendy Choo defeats Cora Jade by pin.

06:55 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Cora fights back and hits a double stomp for a near fall. She fends off some offense from Wendy, hitting a knee as Choo runs at her in the ropes. Jade continues to say "Ha" and point a lot to mock Choo.

06:53 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Joe Gacy and the Schism cut a promo along with The Rock's daughter before their match tonight against Blade, Enofe, and Jones. 

As Choo's music hits, she immediately runs down to the ring. It confuses Jade as Choo aggressively beats on her. Jade tries to hit her with her Kendo Stick but she hits the ring post instead.

06:46 (IST)28 DEC 2022

06:46 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Mac Mitchell interviews Tony D before his North American title match tonight with Wes Lee. Tony D adds that Dijak won't be a problem because Stacks took care of him last week. We shall see. Up next is Cora Jade taking on Wendy Choo.

06:44 (IST)28 DEC 2022

Indus Sher comes out after the match to say that he's proven that he is healthy and ready for a match at New Year's Evil.

06:43 (IST)28 DEC 2022

McDonagh whiffs on a moonsault off the top. Julius hits a throw and his sliding elbow to pick up the expected win over McDonagh.
Result - Julius Creed defeats JD McDonagh by pin.

06:42 (IST)28 DEC 2022

As JD has a submission locked in, Julius picks him up and drops him backward. He adds a backbreaker to JD. Creed hits a move before they are both dropped by a Spanish Fly. McDonagh continues to punch Creed's back but he stands up. He hits a German Suplex throw before JD hits and enzuguiri. JD lands a brainbuster for a near fall.
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