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  • WWE NXT Live Results (March 29, 2023) Grayson Waller signs contract, Roxanne Perez is cleared for Stand & Deliver, and more

WWE NXT Live Results (March 29, 2023) Grayson Waller signs contract, Roxanne Perez is cleared for Stand & Deliver, and more

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 29, 2023 02:21 GMT

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02:21 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

02:09 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Full Results for NXT for 28 March 2023.
Axiom wins a 20-man battle royale.
Tyler Bate defeats Von Wagner by pin.
Elektra Lopez defeats Valentina Feroz by pin.
Eddy Thorpe defeats Myles Borne by pin.
Indi Hartwell defeats Sol Ruca and Ivy Nile by pin.
Drew Gulak defeats Hank Walker by pin.
Tony D'Angelo and Channing Lorenzo defeat Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen by pin.

02:07 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

The fight continues in the entrance area with Gargano bleeding. 

02:06 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Waller adds that he used Gargano to put himself on the map and that he'll do it again at Stand & Deliver. Gargano's music hits and Waller readies himself, but Gargano reveals himself to be a ringside cameraman. They exchange a few blows before the "security" attempts to separate both men. 

02:05 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Grayson said that he tried to stand out during the NXT 2.0 launch and that he thought he would be the talk of the town after WarGames. Instead of talking about Grayson Waller, they were all talking about Johnny Gargano instead. He adds that he is always the main event, without titles. 

02:01 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Vic hands Waller the contract, but he doesn't sign it. He says he wants to hurt Gargano in front of Vic Joseph and that anything he does to Johnny Wrestling will be Vic's fault.

01:55 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

01:53 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Fallon Henley takes the mic after the match and Kiana James agrees that she has something to tell him. She just walks up to him and kisses him instead of revealing anything of note. Henley and Briggs are noticeably upset by the lack of disclosure.

01:51 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Jensen and Briggs hit a Doomsday Machine-type move for a near fall. Henley and James have made their way out to the ring. Stacks and D'Angelo hit a tandem pancake to get the win and keep the tag team match a Triple Threat bout.
Result - Tony D'Angelo and Channing Lorenzo defeat Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs by pin.

01:44 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Briggs and Jensen hit they're sliding punches as the match heads off to a commercial break.

01:44 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Jensen and Stacks go back and forth early on until Briggs tags in. He hits a shoulder block and goes for a slam, but Tony D tags in and grounds the big man. Stacks tags back in and gets a near fall. The camera cuts backstage to see James and Henley arguing while watching the match. Henley storms out after saying that she's going to tell him after the match.

01:38 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

01:37 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

01:35 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Just give Pretty Deadly their own weekly segment please.

01:35 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Pretty Deadly run down the tag team title match. They say that the Creeds have shown a little more personality but still don't have as much as a handkerchief. They add that the Meathead Boys, Briggs and Jensen could make it a fatal four-way. They also run down the women's tag title match. 

01:33 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Walker battles back with a Thesz Press. He adds a splash in the corner and a slinging bodyslam. He hits a running shoulder block for a near fall. Gulak rolls into another Crossface on Hank. Hank counters out and locks in another armbar. Gulak breaks it by getting his leg on the bottom rope. Hank stands against the ropes with his back turned. The ref doesn't see it but Charlie Dempsey hits Hank from behind, allowing Gulak to roll Hank Walker up for the pin.
Result - Drew Gulak defeats Hank Walker by pin.

01:30 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Gulak fires back with a neck breaker and some knees to the noggin. Vic keeps saying that Booker should respect Hank because he was an offensive lineman at NC State. Booker says that's great but this isn't college football but pro wrestling. Booker is right to a degree. Drew locks in a Crossface.

01:29 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

On commentary, Booker T is strongly against Hank Walker because "he is a rookie who should be getting me coffee." Oh Book.

01:28 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Hank overpowers Drew early on. He lands some strikes and goes for a flying armbar. Drew counters out but Hank counters into a Camel Clutch. Gulak counters into a Stretch Muffler and then Hank does the same.

01:22 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Hank Walker takes on Drew Gulak next. 

01:21 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

We get the Prime Target segment for Bron Breakker vs. Carmelo Hayes. They both say they've been training harder than ever and that they're the best. Usual stuff. Get this - Melo even skipped a party session to focus on the match! That's . . . . funny.

01:16 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

01:10 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

01:09 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Pretty Deadly runs down the field of the ladder match. Elton Prince picks Tiffany Stratton to win because the show is in Los Angeles.

01:08 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

The rest of the competitors randomly show up throughout the arena. 

01:06 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Ruca hits a springboard splash on Indi for the two count. Nile goes for another Hurricanrana but Ruca counters and hits a superkick. Indi pancakes Ruca but Nile breaks up the pin. Nile locks in the Dragon Sleeper but Ruca hits the Sol Snatcher on Nile. Indi kicks Ruca out of the ring before hitting a sliding elbow to the back of Nile's head for the win.
Result - Indi Hartwell defeats Ivy Nile and Sol Ruca by pin.

01:03 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Nile and Hartwell fall out of the ring. Ruca drops both with a moonsault off the top. She rolls Indi back into the ring for a near fall. Nile returns to the ring by nearly botching a Hurricanrana. She gets a two-count on Ruca but then counters into an armbar. Indi breaks it up with an elbow.

00:56 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Pretty Deadly run down the Grayson Waller/Johnny Gargano match for Stand & Deliver. Kit says he'd take on a challenge like an unsanctioned match. He says his middle name is "bravery." Up next is the last-chance triple-threat match between Sol Ruca, Indi Hartwell, and Ivy Nile.

00:54 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

00:53 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Borne hits a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Thorpe fights back, hitting a few strikes and an Enzuguiri. He adds a jumping elbow for a near fall. He adds a snap Dragon Suplex and a swinging neck breaker for the win.
Result - Eddy Thorpe defeats Myles Borne by pin.

00:51 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Thorpe takes on Myles Borne. Eddy hits a reverse crossbody but Borne hits a dropkick. The two trade shots.

00:47 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

00:45 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Lopez works on Feroz's leg early on. Feroz gets out with a counter. She gets a few near falls on Lopez. Feroz goes to the top but Lopez catches her. She hits a Lo Down for the win.
Result - Elektra Lopez defeats Valentina Feroz by pin.

00:40 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Shawn is still reluctant to have her compete. He says that there will be other Stand & Delivers, but she says that isn't always promised. After some convincing, HBK agrees after she wants to show that she can overcome her anxiety.

00:39 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Before the ad, we see Roxanne Perez walking down the hall. She's looking for Shawn Michaels. She finds him and reveals that she was medically cleared early today. It turned out to be a mix of anxiety and body exhaustion. Roxanne wants to battle for the title at Stand & Deliver but Michaels says that her health is paramount and that maybe she can have the first shot after a new Champion is crowned.

00:35 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

00:33 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Chase University celebrates in the ring after the match with Hudson still appearing disinterested. Schism appears on the big screen to spell the end of Chase University. They say they'll reprogram the students but keep a hall as the Chase University Detention Center for Delinquents.

00:31 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Wagner nearly decapitates Bate with a clothesline. He then works on Bate in the corner. Bate finally gets some offense in, hitting a few forearms on the big man. He adds a flying forearm off the top and a clothesline. Wagner is still left standing. Robert Stone then grabs Bate's leg. Bate sends Stone back into the ring but Thea Hail rushes him. Wagner sends Bate over the top and he lands on Mr. Stone. Bate hits a clothesline on Wagner and a Spinny Boy off the top for the win.
Result - Tyler Bate defeats Von Wagner by pin.

00:27 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Wagner overpowers Bate early on, including a Gorilla Press Slam.

00:25 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

We go backstage to see Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs talking with each other. Brooks is waiting to - surprise - hear from Kiana James. She and Fallon Henley enter and James doesn't reveal the "secret" that is hanging over this puppy love scenario. She says she got Briggs and Jensen a match and if they win, they are added to the triple threat at Stand & Deliver. I guess because they and/or the Creeds always have to be in a title match at an NXT event.

00:22 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

00:21 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

00:19 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

We then go backstage to Chase University hyping up Tyler Bate before his match against Von Wagner. Thea and Andre are hyped but Duke Hudson looks indifferent about the whole thing. Will he turn on the University at Stand & Deliver??

00:18 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Pretty Deadly then gives a brief rundown of the five-person match for the North American Championship. Elton Prince picks JD McDonagh to win while Kit Wilson picks Dragon Lee because he's "mysterious." These guys are great.

00:17 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Wes Lee and Dragon Lee hit the ring after the match to shake Axiom's hand. Ilja Dragunov and Melonhead McDonagh also stand on the apron to stare the rest of the field down. 

00:16 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Frazer and Axiom trade numerous kicks and shots and counters. Axiom goes for the Golden Ratio but Frazer catches him with a kick. Frazer goes for a superplex and the Falcon Arrow but Axiom counters it. The two trade superkicks before Axiom toses Frazer out of the ring for the win.
Result - Axiom wins 20-man battle royale.

00:14 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Dempsey hits a wheelbarrow deadlift slam on Axiom but Frazer hits a springboard dropkick. Axiom then sends Dempsey over the top rope and onto the ring apron. Frazer and Axiom are the final two unless I missed someone rolling under the ropes earlier in the match. 

00:11 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Axiom and Frazer team up to eliminate Mahal. Dempsey joins in to help send Dabba-Kato over the top after several kicks and strikes.

00:10 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

Charlie Dempsey eliminates Hank Walker and Drew Gulak as they are fighting with each other. The final six are Dempsey, Crews, Dabba-Kato, Nathan Frazer, Axiom, and Mahal. D-K eliminates Crews.

00:08 (GMT)29 MAR 2023

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