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  • WWE NXT Live Results (May 16, 2023) Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade advance, Battleground matches made, and more

WWE NXT Live Results (May 16, 2023) Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade advance, Battleground matches made, and more

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 17, 2023 02:06 GMT

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02:06 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

After nine matches last week, this week's show is more story-driven to build to Battleground. Only five matches were on tonight's episode.

02:05 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Full Results for NXT for May 16th, 2023.
Cora Jade defeats Fallon Henley by pin.
The Creeds defeat the Dyad by pin.
Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes defeat Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak by pin.
Kiana James defeats Thea Hail by pin.
Roxanne Perez defeats Jacy Jayne by pin.

02:04 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Melo says he's going to build his dynasty on top of Bron's body. Bron then mocks the history of dynasties in Boston sports, like the Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox, and Bruins. Trick runs out but is stopped by the security. He and Melo finally make it past security to Bron. Bron levels Trick again but is kicked in the crotch by Melo. Melo then hits him with the belt.

02:03 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

02:02 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Melo tells Bron to blame himself and not the fans or Carmelo for the change of attitude. Bron says it's fine that Melo wants to retain the title at Battleground, but Bron only cares about destroying Melo in front of his fans and family in his home state.

02:00 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Breakker finally comes out at the end of the show with security, which is for Melo and Trick, not for him.

02:00 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

01:59 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Dar faces Nathan Frazer, Cora Jade faces Lyra Valkyria, and Roxanne Perez battles Tiffany Stratton on next week's NXT.

01:59 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

The Triple Threat North American Championship match between Wes Lee, Tyler Bate, and Joe Gacy is made official. Noam Dar will defend the Heritage Cup against Dragon Lee at Battleground.

01:54 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Perez and Tiffany Stratton stare down at each other over the title. As they look at each other, Gigi Dolin rushes to the ring and attacks Jacy Jayne. The two fight for a bit until officials break it up. After the main event match, Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams hit the ring for a third time to call Bron out.

01:51 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Perez almost counters into Pop Rox, but Jayne pushes her off her back. She lands a Superkick and a Discus Clothesline for a quick call. Enraged by not getting the win. Jacy pounds on Roxy from the mount position. She hits a kick to the gut, but Roxy counters out of the way to hit Pop Rox for the win.
Result - Roxanne Perez defeats Jacy Jayne by pin.

01:50 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Roxy gets a few more near falls during the break but Jacy hits a neckbreaker for her own near fall. She bullies Roxy in the corner, leading to the ref pulling her off of Perez. She goes for a Cannonball in the corner but misses. The two trade strikes until Roxy knocks Jacy out of the room with a dropkick. She adds a Suicide Dive before hitting a crossbody off the top. She adds a pump kick and a Russian Leg Sweep for two.

01:46 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

01:44 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Roxanne gets a few quick pin attempts early on. Roxanne goes for another move off the ropes but Jacy blasts her in the back with a forearm. Roxy then goes to the top but is pushed off by Jacy. Jacy then shoves her off the apron and into the announcer's table. 

01:42 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Before the main event, Von Wagner is walking backstage with a dark-haired lady. She compliments him on his participation in the Intercontinental Battle Royal on RAW last night. He thanks her while she apologizes for how Luca talked about him last week. As they try to converse, Luca is berating Mr. Stone. Von walks over and roughs Luca up and says they can handle stuff in the ring next week. Mr. Stone thanks Von for standing up for him. He then asks if Von is ready to talk about the picture from Von's early life where he has a huge scar on his head. Von is not ready, but this is a great way to humanize someone who has had trouble standing out beyond the ring.

01:35 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Roxanne Perez has a collage board of her last year as a member of NXT. She has ups, downs, and title wins on the board but wonders what will be on her next collage board. It has NXT, WrestleMania, RAW, SmackDown, and Battleground logos on it.

01:33 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Bate says Gacy has a receipt coming for the beating he took. He challenges Gacy but then says he is friends with Lee and would also like a title shot in the spirit of competition. Ava and Gacy mock him from the pulpit. He continues to push a wedge, asking if Lee will accept the challenge from the enemy who will confront him face to face or the friend who would stab him in the back. Lee says he'll fight both men in a Triple Threat bout.

01:31 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Wes Lee hits the ring to address Joe Gacy and the attack on Tyler Bate earlier tonight. Lee says all he had to do was ask for a title shot instead of mocking his friendship and attacking them. Gacy and Ava appear on the arena pulpit to ask for a title shot. Tyler Bate watches from the trainer's room. Gacy calls Bate a liar and we see Bate walk out to the ring with his elbow taped. 

01:30 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

We're reminded that Dabba-Kato exists in a pre-taped vignette. He says he took care of his business (Apollo Crews) but since he wasn't drafted to RAW or SmackDown, he'll hunt the prey in NXT. Edris Enofe, Malik Blade, Axiom, Dante Chen, and Eddy Thorpe all watched the segment together on a tablet in the locker room.

01:27 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

01:24 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Mac Mitchell interviews Wes Lee and Tyler Bate from the trainer's room after Schism attacked Bate. He says he'll say what he has to say out in the ring rather than backstage.

01:23 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Hank and Tank are looking at Tank's mouth in a mirror after he had a tooth knocked out last week. Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs congratulate them on the match last week and offer to pay for drinks when they are done here. They also say they got a better bond after they beat the crap out of each other. That leads Tank to say that he and Hank should fight each other next week. To me, they are already much more likable than the Meathead Creeds.

01:21 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Kiana continues to work on the smaller Hail. She eventually fights back with a flurry of offense. She hits a T-Bone Suplex, and Senton and a Trust Fall off the middle rope. She then lands the crossbody off the top for two. James faceplants Hail before hitting the 401K (a Flatliner) for the win.
Result - Kiana James defeats Thea Hail by pin.

01:17 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

James pushes Hail down twice before Hail stomps on her. Kiana goes for her loaded bag but Hail rolls her up for a near fall. She hits a back body drop on James as Duke continues to grade papers on the outside. Hail hits a Suicide Dive and gets a High Five from Duke. Hail goes for a Flying Crossbody but she misses. James lands some knees to the gut on Thea.

01:15 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Before Thea Hail takes on Kiana James, we see Dar walking by Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson. He asks her if she watched, but she is mad that Dar, Nathan Frazer, and even Grayson Waller had talk shows when she had the original, Lashing Out.

01:12 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

01:09 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

They call Bron out again after the win, but he appears on the big screen. He says he made a pit stop on his way to the arena. The camera pans back to show Bron in the barber chair at Melo's barber shop. Bron hasn't beaten anyone up but has everyone on their toes while he walks out of the shop. Up next is Thea Hail taking on Kiana James.

01:07 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Melo tags in and he hits a springboard clothesline on Dempsey. He adds a pancake but Gulak breaks up the pin. Trick tags in off the move, hitting a spinning heel kick. Melo tags in and he hits his jumping leg drop off the top for the win.
Result - Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams defeat Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak by pin.

01:06 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

01:06 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Gulak hits a German Suplex and Dempsey hits one with a bridge for a near fall. 

01:05 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Gulak tries to end it quickly with a roll-up. He then locks a Kimura in to drag Melo to their corner. In comes Dempsey, who continues to work the arm. Dempsey and Melo trade counter attempts. Trick tags in and hits a jumping clothesline for a near fall. Dempsey recovers quickly. Williams heads over to the wrong corner and gets dropped behind the ref's back. Gulak tags in and puts Trick in a modified Surfboard.

01:01 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Trick starts off with Dempsey. Dempsey gets a quick pin attempt off a bridge. Trick then hits a flurry of moves before he tags Melo and Dempsey tags Gulak.

01:01 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Mac Mitchell interviews Jacy Jayne ahead of her match against Roxanne Perez. She says she doesn't know why they're having the tournament because she should be handed the title. She's disappointed she isn't facing Gigi Dolin after tonight but she's not surprised because Gigi is a bad daughter and a failure. Interference is pretty much guaranteed.

00:56 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

We go back to Dijak and Ilja and their love of pain. Ilja is heaped over with his hands tied behind his back. Dijak asks if he's had enough and Ilja says no way. Up next is Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams taking on Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak.

00:55 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Frazer says everyone would like to see Lee take on Dar in this country. Lee challenges Dar for Battleground. Frazer brings up Alicia Fox, but Dar still accepts the challenge. Dar says he will kick Frazer's butt next week, but it won't be a match for the Cup.

00:53 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Dar mocks Mexico, saying Lee is only really a star there. Dar then says that this is the closest Lee will ever get to the cup. Lee then says he has to defend the cup. He then runs down the Heritage Cup rules and that there are a lot of forms and rules to go through before getting a shot. Nathan Frazer comes out to call Dar a fraud. It needs to be defended regularly like every other title in WWE.

00:51 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Dar welcomes Lee but thinks he doesn't speak English, so he takes out a Spanish translation book. Lee says he speaks English better than Dar does and that it's an honor to be here in front of respectful fans, unlike him. He says he learned from his father to respect his opponent.

00:49 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Up next is the Supernova Sessions with Noam Dar. He's wearing MJF's scarf pattern as a flannel and shorts combo. He introduces Dragon Lee as his first guest.

00:44 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

00:44 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Also as predicted, the Creeds call out Gallus for ANOTHER title shot after beating the Dyad. 

00:43 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

After the tag team match, Tony D'Angelo and Stacks are having a meal at some restaurant. Stacks walks off to take a phone call from "Paulie." As Tony eats his meal, some guys who are clearly not real cops approach Tony D and take him in for some "questioning" about illegal activities. 

00:41 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Reid distracts Brutus, allowing Fowler to drop him. Brutus still fights out of it and hits a Northern Lights Suplex pinning combo for a near fall. He and Fowler trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Reid and Julius hit stereo 450 Splashes on their opponents. They then trade kicks and punches until Julius drops Reid with a clothesline. He goes for a powerbomb, but Reid counters with a DDT. On the outside, Fowler randomly grabs Nile's foot to distract her. Ava grabs her, but as predicted, Nile counters it into her Dragon Sleeper submission. Brutus hits Rip with a Cannonball as Julius drops Reid for the win.
Result - The Creeds defeat The Dyad by pin.

00:37 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Reid has Julius in a headlock off the commercial break. He tries to fight out and he eventually hits a suplex on Reid. Reid tags Fowler but Julius makes the tag to Brutus. He does the usual Donkey Kong Smash offense on Fowler. He looks to tag Julius but he's not on the apron. He hits an Angle Slam variant for a two-count.

00:32 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

I'm also guessing this is where the Creeds will get yet another title shot in a long line of them.

00:31 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Julius hands him off but tags back in to finish off the suplex for a near fall. Fowler makes a blind tag to Reid and he hits Julius with an Enzuguiri before hitting Julius with one. Reid locks in a Koji Clutch on Julius. As is usual in wrestling, the babyface powers out of the hold by lifting them up. 

00:29 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Booker gives a comparison of NIle to Sherri Martel of how Martel helped to "legitimize" Harlem Heat. Brutus tags in and gets sent to the corner right away. Jagger Reid tags in. Booker keeps calling Ivy Nile "Ivy Niles." Brutus fights out with a suplex that allows him to tag Julius in. He hands Reid off to Julius and he drops him. He wastes time as usual, allowing Reid to hit him with an elbow. He tags Rip Fowler in but Julius hoists Fowler up in a suplex before handing him off to Brutus.

00:26 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Ava accompanies the Dyad to the ring as Ivy Nile did so for the Creeds. We'll get Nile housing Ava at some point.

00:21 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Dijak cut another hard justice promo. He says Ilja learned what "Hard Justice" was last week. Ilja walks up to him and says he's unbreakable and likes pain. Dijak says there isn't anyone he can't break in NXT, but Ilja welcomes him to try. Up next is the Creeds beating the Dyad.

00:19 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Dempsey and Gulak are upset that they're original match is off due to the Dyad's attack on Lee/Bate. Trick and Melo then offer to fight them, and the two duos come to blows.

00:18 (GMT)17 MAY 2023

Before the next match, Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes show up in a flashy car and get out shirtless. Melo says "message received" after another attack from last week. He says things will be different in his "yard" since he's from Massachusetts. He calls Bron out to the ring, but Dempsey and Gulak come out instead. They're mad that Trick and Melo brushed past them when they walked into the building. The crowd is chanting "Willy Wonka" at Dempsey because Dempsey is dressed in purple and has Wonka-ish hair.
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