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  • WWE NXT Live Results (May 3rd, 2022) - Bron Breakker retains title over Joe Gacy.

WWE NXT Live Results (May 3rd, 2022) - Bron Breakker retains title over Joe Gacy.

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What will happen on NXT Spring Breakin'?


02:06 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Full results for NXT Spring Breakin' (3 May 2022).
Cameron Grimes defeats Solo Sikoa and Carmelo Hayes by pin.
Nathan Frazer defeats Grayson Waller by pin.
Nikkita Lyons and Cora Jade defeat Lash Legend and Natalya by pin.
The Creeds defeat the Viking Raiders by pin.
Bron Breakker defeats Joe Gacy by pin.

02:05 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

The NXT Women's Breakout Tournament kicks off next week, but Roxanne Perez, who seems like she will be a part of it, will team with Wendy Choo next week to battle Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin.

02:04 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Breakker celebrates in the ring as two hooded people appear on the ring apron. The show goes off the air with that lasting image.

02:03 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

02:03 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Bron goes to pick Gacy up, but his shoulder is hurt. Gacy comes off the ropes and Bron lands some headscissors followed by a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. He looks up to notice the hooded figures in the crowd. Bron goes for a move in the corner, but Gacy evades it. He hits an elbow to Bron's back followed by a powerbomb for another close call. Gacy foes for his finisher but Bron ducks under and hits a spear off the ropes to pick up the win.
Result - Bron Breakker defeats Joe Gacy by pin.

02:00 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Gacy hits a boot that knocks Breakker out of the ring. The challenger goes for another move but Bron decks him in the face. Breakker lands a Bulldog off the top for two.

01:59 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

After hitting a move, Gacy flips upside down on one of the turnbuckles. He hits a move after Bron recovers. He lands a legdrop for a near fall. Hooded figures randomly show up in various spots around the arena. Breakker recovers to land a few moves, but Gacy takes control again with a reverse DDT for a near fall.

01:54 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Bron and Gacy fall out of the ring right off the bat. Gacy knocks Bron off the ring apron and halfway up the entrance ramp. Gacy retrieves Bron, but Bron sends Gacy back to the ring. Gacy counters into a clothesline.

01:49 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

01:44 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

01:43 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

01:43 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

01:43 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

We go to the parking lot to see Tony D'Angelo leaving. Santos Escobar calls over to AJ Galante because Tony D values his "experience" in business. Santos says it would be a shame if something happened to Galante. He then knees him in the gut as the Legado SUV rolls up. THey toss Galante into the SUV and drive off. That's classic Legado right there.

01:41 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

After the match, the Creeds see what Roddy did during the match. They are upset that he intervened.

01:41 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Ivar goes to the top but Julius meets him and lands a superplex. He goes for another move but Ivar hits a spinning heel kick on Julius. The Raiders land a legdrop off the top rope for a near fall. Ivar neutralizes Brutus and Erik hits a knee on Julius. As the ref turns his back, Roddy flies in and hits a knee on Erik. Julius hits a move to pick up the win.
Result - The Creeds defeat the Viking Raiders by pin.

01:37 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Erik lands a knee to the back of Brutus' head for a two-count. Ivar hits a sit-out powerbomb for two. Ivar powerbombs Erik onto Brutus and then hits a flying splash for another near fall.

01:35 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Julius and Ivar tag in for their teams. Julius clips Ivar's knee but starts to celebrate. He gets decked but recovers when Erik comes in. Julius tags Brutus in and they hit a tandem powerbomb for a near fall.

01:33 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

01:30 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

The Creeds go for another tandem move, but Erik blocks it with his knees. Brutus gets thrown out of the ring. Erik tags Ivar in and he hits a splash on Julius on the outside.

01:29 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Erik and Ivar bully the Creeds early on, using their size to take control. They immediately hit the finisher, the Viking Experience, but Julius kicks out. Brutus Goob comes in and he lands some chops. He hits a gut-wrench suplex before tagging Julius back in. Julius drops his brother onto Erik for a near fall.

01:27 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Wendy Choo continues her tricks on Gigi and Jacy as they head to the beach. She and Roxanne Perez steal the car keys and TA's sandals. Choo and Perez head to the parking lot and move their vehicle. It forces Gigi and Jacy to walk across the hot top without their sandals.

01:24 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

01:23 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

01:18 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Legend falls awkwardly out of the ring as she tries to land a move on Jade in the corner. Jade makes the tag to Nikkita and she kicks Nattie. Lyons hits a flipping neckbreaker for a near fall. Nattie goes for the Sharpshooter but Lyons kicks out of it. Nattie tags Legend in and she lands a dropkick. Lyons and Legend counter pin attempts but Nattie accidentally kicks Lash. She tries to apologize to Legend but gets thrown out of the ring. Lyons lands her split drop on Lash before Cora Jade hits a Senton to pick up the win.
Result - Nikkita Lyons and Cora Jade defeat Lash Legend and Natalya by pin.

01:14 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Nattie and Legend neutralize Cora Jade, but Jade rolls Nattie up when she mocks Lyons.

01:09 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

01:09 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

01:08 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

After some back-and-forth, Nattie makes the tag to Lash Legend. Legend hits a suplex on Lyons. She ends up clotheslining Lyons and herself out of the ring before the commercial break.

01:06 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Legend makes the tag to Nattie but Cora gets several near falls on Natalya. Nattie retreats to the ropes and tries to shake hands with Cora. She extends the hand but catches the expected kick. In comes Lyons.

01:05 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Legend starts off with Cora Jade. Wade Barrett says that Legend is a Legend in WNBA because of her "exploits" in that league. If that was the case, wouldn't she still be in the WNBA??

01:03 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

So instead of some other women getting time on SmackDown, we get Nattie two times a week. Yay.

01:02 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Pretty Deadly tries to thank the Viking Raiders for beating on the Creeds tonight, but because they interrupted, the Viking Raiders set their sights on Pretty Deadly. This is followed by a pre-title match promo from Joe Gacy.

00:56 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Santos offers up a truce and both men say that peace is best for both sides. They share a toast but this doesn' tseem like it's over at all. 

00:54 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Tony D says he'll overlook the lack of respect that Santos has shown him. Santos says he doesn't respect the businessman that Tony D claims to be because of the games he played with his two goons costing them a match as well as the fish on the hood deal.

00:47 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Fallon Henley will enter the Women's Breakout Tournament. After her introduction, we see both Legado Del Fantasma and Tony D'Angelo's crew arriving for their "Sit Down." 

00:46 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

00:45 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Frazer whiffs on a move off the top, allowing Waller to hit a jumping Unprettier variant for a near fall. Waller decks Frazer with a right. Both men go to the top but Waller knocks Frazer off the top. Waller looks like he's going to go for a jumping elbow drop to the outside, but Andre Chase blows an airhorn to distract Waller. It distracts Waller as he falls neck-first on the top rope. Frazer lands a reverse Phoenix Splash for the win.
Result - Nathan Frazer defeats Grayson Waller by pin.

00:42 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Frazer hits a dropkick but Waller adds a Scissors kick and a pancake slam. Waller trolls the fans and Seth Rollins by kicking the mat to load up for the Curb Stomp. It awakens Frazer and he lands a thunderous Suicide Dive. He goes for a springboard move but Waller evades it. Frazer hits a Superkick for a near fall.

00:38 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

00:37 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Frazer goes for a move off the top ropes, but Waller catches him and drops him neck-first on the top rope. He then hits a clothesline on the outside before heading off to commercial.

00:35 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Waller uses that to turn the tides on Frazer. He takes a minute to look into the crowd, and he sees Chase University well represented.

00:35 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Frazer eludes several moves from Waller, leading to a dropkick to the chest that sends Waller out of the ring. Frazer loads up for a move off the ropes, but Waller retreats and sits in a lounge chair.

00:33 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Frazer lands a dropkick off the ropes. The crowd is loud and annoying tonight. Remember when there weren't any fans in the crowd during the pandemic??

00:32 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Before Frazer comes out, we get a Diamond Mine pep talk from Roddy Strong. It's the first time since the release of Malcolm Bivens. They say they're "locked-in" but roddy tries to get them to take the Viking Raiders more seriously. After that, we see Duke Hudson and Indi Hartwell looking sad-faced as well after their significant others were also released last week. Awkward.

00:27 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

00:26 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

Nathan Frazer cuts a pre-match promo about his official NXT debut. He's all giddy inside. Grayson Waller comes out to the ring and hugs a guy who needs to get a real job (he's from the Road Rules/Real World Challenge nonsense that won't end).

00:25 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

After the match, we see Mandy Rose at a salon to tan before she goes to the beach. She lays down in the tanning bed and plans on being in there for only 10 minutes. Once she closes the lid, we see Wendy Choo creeping around the spa. She turns the setting up higher. It gives Mandy a sunburn. Gives new meaning to the term Strawberry Blonde. Well, she used to be blonde.

00:23 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

00:22 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

00:21 (GMT)4 MAY 2022

A lot of creative moves and usage of the three men in the match. Good way to kick off the show.
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