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WWE NXT Live Results: NXT Updates & Highlights (10th August 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 11, 2021 02:50 GMT

What will happen when Cole and O'Reilly come face-to-face?


02:10 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

Thanks for following along with us for NXT!!! This is Matt Serocki, signing off!! Tune in next week for two title matches and a face to face between Karrion Kross and Samoa Joe!

02:10 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

Full results for August 10th, 2021.
Dakota Kai defeats Sarray by pin.
LA Knight defeats Andre Chase by pin.
Gigi Dolin defeats Amari Miller by pin.
Odyssey Jones defeats Trey Baxter by pin.
Pete Dunne defeats Ilya Dragunov by pin.

02:09 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

02:07 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

WALTER gets in the ring after the match and slaps Ilya. He goes for a throw but Dragunov counters it. He hoists the NXT UK title as this week's show ends.

02:06 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

He walks down to the ring. Dunne tries to hit the Bitter End off the distraction but Ilya counters. Dunne eventually gets the Bitter End for the win.
Result - Pete Dunne defeats Ilya Dragunov by pin.

02:05 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

Ilya counters out by slamming Dunne with the sub locked in. He then hits a forearm from the top for a near fall. After several more counters and counters, Ilya hits a move for another near fall. He goes to the top rope and lands his flying Senton. He waits in the corner for Dunne to get up, but WALTER's music hits. The man stands atop the entrance ramp to distract Ilya.

02:02 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

Ilya eludes a move from Dunne, but Dunne kicks his hands out from under him. They hit a lot of counters until Dunne locks in an armbar. Ilya rolls out but Dunne transfers to a triangle choke

02:00 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

Dunne has Ilya by the hand and kicks him in the face. Ilya gets up and lands some clotheslines. Dunne counters with forearms to the mush. Ilya hits some clotheslines off the ropes, but Dunne kicks his arm on the third attempt. Ilya lands a spinning clothesline off the ropes for an impact.

01:56 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

01:56 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

Ilya goes to the top and jumps right into a forearm from Dunne.

01:55 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

Dunne lands some kicks and then a straight-up slap to the face. Ilya strikes back with a big clothesline. Dunne stands on his feet after a German Suplex attempt. Ilya lands a kick and a throw, followed by a flying knee off the top for a two count.

01:54 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

Dunne tries to rearrange Ilya's fingers, leading into a pin attempt. They work through some counters and submission attempts.

01:51 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

01:50 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

01:40 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

Back to the date. Indi is stuffed but "can always make room for dessert." The waiter shows up with a cake, and it is clearly Johnny Gargano in a costume. Indi and Johnny fight over the cake and it ends up on Dexter's face. Indi looks like she's going to eat it off of his face, much to the chagrin of Gargano.

01:36 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

01:35 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

01:35 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

01:33 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

After the move, Drake turns around and Mei Ying blows mist into Drake's face. He stumbles back into the ring and gets kicked in the head for doing so.
Result - Boa defeats Drake Maverick by pin.

01:32 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

Boa takes on Drake Maverick, who doesn't even get an entrance. Boa lands some strikes and stomps on Drake's hand. Boa has control for most of the early match but Drake counters with a Hurricanrana. Boa falls outside and Maverick hits a Tope Con Giro.

01:29 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

Kushida comes out of William Regal's office, followed by Malcolm Bivens. Kushida defends his title against Roddy Strong next week. Bivens then hands his card to the two rather large security officers outside of Willy Regal's office. They are the Creed brothers, Brutus and Julius.

01:26 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

With a lot of storyline set up for TakeOver: 36, A LOT of different faces are getting air time - Gigi Dolin, Sarray, Amari Miller, Andre Chase, the Breakout guys. 

01:25 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

01:22 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

Jones uses his 405 lbs to take control early on. The CWC is rooting for him. Baxter uses quick offense to get in some offense before getting launched by Jones. Baxter chops Jones down like a tree and gets a near fall. He goes for a move off the top but misses and gets splashed in the corner. Jones hits a choke slams variant for the win.
Result - Odyseey Jones defeats Trey Baxter by pin.

01:17 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

The Breakout Tournament continues as Odyssey Jones takes on Trey Baxter in the semis. Geezus, Jones is 405 lbs!!!

01:16 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

Imperium attempts to cut another promo, but they are interrupted by MSK cosplaying as them. It was pretty funny for the few seconds they stayed in character as Barthel and Aichner. They basically accept Imperium's challenge.

01:12 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

01:11 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

01:10 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

Ciampa and Thatcher address how Ridge Holland attacked them last week. Ciampa says that he and Timmy are all that is good and right about the industry. Ciampy then tries to challenge the big man to a match, but Thatcher respectfully cuts him off and says he wants him instead.

01:08 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

Predictably, Regal picks a steel cage for the third fall if necessary. It's goin to the cage, folks.

01:05 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

The first fall will be a straight-up pin or submission match. The second fall will be a street fight.

01:03 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

Regal says the match will be 2-out-of-3 falls, with KOR and Cole able to pick a stipulation for the first two falls. Regal will determine the third if it goes to a third fall.

01:02 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

01:00 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

We head to the restaurant with Indi and Dexter. Indi orders half the menu and apparently loves chicken fingers. She catches LeRae spying on her from a nearby table because her walkie-talkie is too loud. 

00:59 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

00:57 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

00:54 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

Miller attempts a pin but barely gets a one count. Dolin wrenches Miller's arm on the ropes and then stomps on her hand. She lands a forearm to Miller's jaw twice before locking in an abdominal stretch slam finisher.
Result - Gigi Dolin defeats Amari Miller by pin.

00:53 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

Gigi Dolin comes out alongside Jacy Jayne for a match against Amari Miller. Dolin big leagues Miller after some back and forth with a face plant.

00:50 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

00:47 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

Gigi Dolin (FINALLY) cuts a quick promo where she's cutting the heads off of roses. She mentions, Kai, Shirai, Gonzalez and going through all of them. But she isn't doing it alone . . .

00:46 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

Knight cuts him off, yelling "why are you out here?" but Ted says he needs to shut his mouth. Ted says that Knight should put the Million Dollar Belt on the line. "It's scientifically proven that he can't be me," says Knight. LA accepts the challenge but says if Grimes loses at TakeOver 36, DiBiase has to be his new butler.

00:44 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

After the match, Ted DiBiase hits the ring. He says "this has gone too far" and that "he knows Cameron is a man of his word." This is heading to another match at TakeOver . . .

00:42 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

Knight beats Chase in under a minute.
Result - LA Knight defeats Andre Chase by pin.

00:41 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

Knight will be taking on Andre Chase, one of the few Evolve guys still around. 

00:38 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

00:36 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

LA Knight is backstage with Cameron Grimes and McKenzie Mitchell. Knight blames Grimes for the loss last week against GYV. Grimey and Knight are heading out to the ring.

00:34 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

Ilya essentially challenges Dunne to a match tonight and Dunne accepts. Lots of red chests in the future for those two . . .

00:33 (GMT)11 AUG 2021

Dunne says that Ilya owes him a thank you for putting NXT UK on the map after working all over the world. "If I had stayed in the UK, I would have put you in your place a long time ago." Hopefully, Dunne re-signs so that these two can beat the tar out of each other.
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