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  • WWE NXT Live Results: NXT Updates & Highlights (13th July 2021)

WWE NXT Live Results: NXT Updates & Highlights (13th July 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 14, 2021 02:49 GMT

Catch all the live results from this week's episode of NXT!


02:14 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

If that doesn't mean that Joe is nearing a medical clearance, I don't know what is!!! Thanks for tuning in this week!!! Join us next week as the Breakout Tournament continues and Raquel Gonzalez defends her belt against Xia Li.

02:13 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

02:13 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Full results for July 13, 2021.
Dakota Kai defeats Ember Moon by pin.
Tyler Rust defeats Bobby Fish by pin.
Sarray defeats Gigi Dolin by pin.
Santos Escobar defeats Dexter Lumis by pin.
Duke Hudson defeats Ikemen Jiro by pin.
Kacy Catanzaro/Kayden Carter defeat Aliyah/Jessi Kamea by pin.
Karrion Kross defeats Johnny Gargano by pin.

02:09 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

02:08 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

02:07 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

02:07 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

After the match, Joe and Kross get in each other's faces. Scarlett stops the men before they rip each other's heads off. Joe goes to leave but Kross runs at him and attempts to lock in the Kross Jacket. He does just that and it looks like Joe could be cleared for action soon . . . .

02:06 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Kross lands the elbow to the back of Gargano and then three power bombs. He drops Gargs with his Doomsday Saito and then waits in the corner. Joe asks Gargs if he's done. Kross levels Gargano in the back of the head with his elbow for the win.
Result: Karrion Kross defeats Johnny Gargano by pin to retain NXT Championship.

02:04 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Kross slams Gargano into the ringside fence, leaving him in a heap. He takes the steel steps off of the base but Joe stops him before he can use them. They stare each other down again, giving Gargano the chance to hit a suicide DDT to Kross on the outside. He lands One Final Beat for a two count.

02:03 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Gargs hits the rope to break the move but Kross doesn't break it. Joe rips Kross off of Gargs and shoves him away. The two have a staredown as Kross goes outside the ring.

02:02 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Joe is REALLY close to the action . . .

02:02 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Kross puts Gargs on the top rope and goes for a move but Gargs counters it into a body slam. Gargs hits two kicks but Kross stands up and levels Gargs. He rams Gargs into the ring post in powerslam position but as he goes for another, Gargs hits a DDT for a quick count. Kross lands some brutal strikes on Gargano but he fights back. He counters into the GargaNO Escape but Kross simply stands up and swings him into the Kross Jacket.

02:00 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Gargs hits a suicide spear on Kross, sending Kross into the ringside barricade. Gargs goes for his DDT but Kross catches him and lands two suplexes for a two count.

01:59 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Back from the break and Kross has control. Gargs tries to fight back and does a bit. Kross runs through Gargs and into the ring post. Gargano tries to clothesline Kross but Kross shrugs it off twice. Gargs hits an Enzuguri kick to the Champ. Gargs goes to the outside and hits his slingshot spear for a near fall.

01:56 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

People who say wrestling is fake should take that bump and talk to us after.

01:55 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Joe tells them to get back into the ring but the action continues outside. Kross lands a vicious two-armed choke slam on Gargs, right into the announce table.

01:54 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Main event time. As Joe holds the title, Gargano jumps Kross before the bell. He lands a few shots in the corner before Kross takes over. He suplexes Gargs before Gargs kicks him out of the ring. He lands two more kicks before landing a Torpe Con Giro. He trots around the ring like a big boy before Kross stands right up, follows him, and drops him.

01:52 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

01:52 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Announced for next week are:
Xia Li vs. Raquel Gonzalez for NXT Women's Championship.
Tyler Rust/Roddy Strong vs. Kushida/Bobby Fish

01:50 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

01:49 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Interesting confrontation backstage as it appears as if the Robert Stone Brand is under new management. Franky Monet seems to be in charge and Stone is okay with it. They run into Mandy Rose. 

01:48 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

01:47 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

01:42 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Cole then calls out Samoa Joe, but says he won't come out because he's a coward. No one in the locker room is "man enough" to step to Adam Cole, he says. Out comes Bronson Reed who says he has nothing to lose.

01:39 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Back to the ring and we have Adam Cole in the ring saying he's better than KOR and the Greatest NXT Superstar in the history of the brand.

01:38 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Back to LA Knight's house. Knight shows up as Grimes in in the chair by the pool. He's paid a kid to mow the lawn. Knight says he wants him to do it when he asks him to do something. Knight says he has a strict "NO KIDS"  policy and the kid kicks Knight in the shin. Grimes attempts to clean things up but instead bumps into Knight, pushing him into the pool.

01:33 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

01:32 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Prior to the main event we see Joe giving the same speech to the Way before it gets heated. As he leaves the Way's locker area, he and Pete Dunne have a staredown. 

01:31 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Monet trots out and Kamea follows her to the back. Stone says "it's okay, just go." Am I the only one who feels bad for Stone??

01:30 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Stone gets in the ring after the match to help Aliyah up. She is pissed off and slaps hims in the mush. He sells it like a champ and then Aliyah beats on him in the corner. I guess the partnership is over??? And headed to Franky Monet??? Jessi Kamea seemed surprised by the actions of her tag partner.

01:29 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Some chaos ensues as Stone tosses his shoe to Aliyah. Miscommunication also ensues and then Kacy lands her 450 splash move for the win.
Result: Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter defeat Aliyah/Jessi Kamea by pin.

01:27 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Kamea drags Kacy's face against the ropes and kicks Kacy in the back. Kacy counters into a rolling pin but continues to get worked on. She makes the tag to Carter and Carter takes control.

01:25 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Up next is Team 4'11" against Robert Stone Brand, or Kacy and Kayden against Kamea and Aliyah. Right off the bat Kamea kicks Kacy down and into her corner. Aliyah tags in and hairdrags Kacy.

01:22 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

01:20 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

01:20 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

McKenzie Mitchell talks to Pete Dunne to get his pick for the main event. He says it doesn't matter because he's the best technician and baddest man in NXT. That brings out Timmy Thatcher to ask him "which one is it"? They stare at each other for a  second before Ciampa blindsides Dunne and Lorcan.

01:18 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Hudson goes for what looks like a Razor's Edge but Jiro counter into a headscissors, sending Hudson into the turnbuckle. Hudson falls out of the ring and Jiro hits a springboard moonsault on the outside. Jiro tosses Hudson back into the ring and lands some kicks. Hudson ends things quickly by landing a Bossman/Black Hole Slam for the win.
Result: Duke Hudson defeats Ikemen Jiro by pin to advance in NXT Breakout Tournament.

01:16 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

01:15 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Jiro goes for a Sunset Flip but Hudson pulls him up. Jiro lands a few strikes to the face and locks Hudson into the Tarantula sub in the ropes. Jiro goes for a springboard move but Hudson catches him and hits him with a belly-to-belly suplex.

01:14 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Jiro works some elusive offense combined with jacket-based shenanigans. Hudson stops the action by hoisting Jiro on his shoulders and kicking him in the head. He tosses him neck first onto the ropes and then lands a sledgehammer to the chest.

01:13 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Wade Barrett: "This Ikemen Jiro is a strange man. Who competes in a jacket?"

01:12 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

The Jacket vs. The Vink or the Wink

01:11 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

01:11 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

The first match of the 2021 Breakout Tournament takes place as Duke Hudson takes on Ikemen Jiro. Who ya got????

01:10 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

If Hit Row and Legado are going to tangle, Legado needs a loud fourth person that also doesn't wrestle.

01:10 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

01:09 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

Back to LA Knight and Grimes. Knight wants Grimes to call him sir or Mr. Knight. He orders Grimey to mow his lawn with an old-timey push mower, not a machine mower. Knight seems more bothered by this than Grimes.

01:09 (GMT)14 JUL 2021

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