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WWE NXT Live Results: NXT Updates & Highlights (17th August 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 18, 2021 08:08 IST

What will happen on the final NXT episode before TakeOver 36?


07:39 (IST)18 AUG 2021

Don't forget to join us this Sunday for TakeOver 36!!!! This is Matt Serocki, signing off!!!!

07:38 (IST)18 AUG 2021

07:38 (IST)18 AUG 2021

Full results for August 17th, 2021.
Ilya Dragunov defeats Roderick Strong by pin.
Cameron Grimes defeats Josh Briggs by pin.
InDex defeats Robert Stone/Jessi Kamea by submission.
Carmelo Hayes defeats Duke Hudson by pin.
MSK defeats Imperium by pin.

07:34 (IST)18 AUG 2021

07:34 (IST)18 AUG 2021

Kross gets in the ring and it takes half a second before it gets physical. Joe tosses Kross outside the ring and lands a suicide dive on everyone. Kross throws Joe into the steel steps. Joe throws him through one of the ringside fences. They go through another barricade as the show goes off the air.

07:32 (IST)18 AUG 2021

Joe and Kross have their face-to-face, and Kross requests that NXT security, AKA WWE PC recruits, come out. Kross says it's not for him but for Joe. The crowd chants "where is Scarlett?"

07:27 (IST)18 AUG 2021

Ridge Holland and Pete Dunne show up to accept the challenge from Tim Thatcher. Oney Lorcan is not present during the segment . . . .

07:24 (IST)18 AUG 2021

07:21 (IST)18 AUG 2021

07:20 (IST)18 AUG 2021

WALTER's music hits but he picks Ilya up and puts him in a choke hold.

07:19 (IST)18 AUG 2021

WALLY beats on Ilya after the match but Wes Lee tries to help. WALLY knocks him down before powerbombing Carter on the ring apron. Ilya hits him before Imperium all gest back in the ring. WALLY chops Ilya hard.

07:18 (IST)18 AUG 2021

OL WALLY comes out to the ring as Lee tags Carter. Carter works the hot tag, hitting several strikes on Aichner. He tags Lee back in and they hit their push-off finisher. Barthel breaks up the pin as WALTER tries to interfere. As Imperium goes for its finisher, Ilya comes out to even the odds. MSK hits their finisher for the win.
Result - MSK defeats Imperium by pin.

07:16 (IST)18 AUG 2021

Lee goes for a head scissors but Barthel counters it. Lee almost looks like he got knocked out. With Lee dazed and in their corner, Imperium hits a double kick from outside and inside of the ring. Two count.

07:15 (IST)18 AUG 2021

Fabian clotheslines Lee to hell back from the break. He gets a two count before tagging Barthel in.

07:13 (IST)18 AUG 2021

07:13 (IST)18 AUG 2021

This also happened before the tag title match.

07:12 (IST)18 AUG 2021

After controlling the action, MSK takes control. They toss Imperium out of the ring and go for suicide dives. Imperium catches them and bodyslams both Carter and Lee before heading to commercial.

07:09 (IST)18 AUG 2021

MSK has control early on as Carter tags in. He hits a Bronco Buster but Aichner tags Barthel in. Advantage Imperium.

07:02 (IST)18 AUG 2021

06:58 (IST)18 AUG 2021

06:57 (IST)18 AUG 2021

Jacy Jayne cuts a brief promo in what appears to be Anna Jay's pre-Dark Order costume.

06:56 (IST)18 AUG 2021

Finals take place next week. This guy is rooting for Hayes.

06:55 (IST)18 AUG 2021

Hayes is interviewed after his match. He's had to face guys two or even three times bigger than him. He says it's like a video game where you have to face the final boss. Hayes says the plot twist is that HE is the final boss.

06:53 (IST)18 AUG 2021

The men exchange a few strikes before Hayes lands a Tornado slam for a near fall. Hayes goes to the top but Hudson grabs him from the top. Hayes counters into a small package but only gets two. Hayes hits a lung blower and another move to knock Hudson down. Hayes goes to the top and hits a flying leg drop for the win.
Result - Carmelo Hayes defeats Duke Hudson by pin.

06:51 (IST)18 AUG 2021

Hayes lands a few moves but Hudson tosses him a few times. Hudson goes for the Winds of Change but gets tossed out of the ring. Hayes hits a scissor kick to keep him outside of the ring. Hudson climbs back up and Hayes grabs his arm. He kicks him in the mush four times and lands a DDT on Hudson to the ring apron.

06:47 (IST)18 AUG 2021

Right before heading to the commercial, Hudson tosses Hayes out of the ring and onto the outside. Looked painful.

06:46 (IST)18 AUG 2021

06:46 (IST)18 AUG 2021

06:45 (IST)18 AUG 2021

Hudson uses his power and size advantage early on. Hayes tries to cut him down with leg kicks but Hudson kicks him back.

06:42 (IST)18 AUG 2021

Up next is Carmelo Hayes against Duke Hudson. Who will advance to face Odyssey Jones in the finals?

06:42 (IST)18 AUG 2021

The crowd can be heard in the background cheering after Kai talks. Gonzo's last words call Kai a "sidekick."

06:40 (IST)18 AUG 2021

We next have a split-screen of Gonzalez and Dakota Kai. Beth asks her if she ever thought she would have to face Kai. Gonzo says she thought it would be possible since she betrayed Tegan Nox.

06:38 (IST)18 AUG 2021

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Bivens and Strong. He says this match doesn't count because Ilya is a heavyweight.

06:35 (IST)18 AUG 2021

06:34 (IST)18 AUG 2021

See!!! Stone is comedic gold!!!!!

06:34 (IST)18 AUG 2021

06:34 (IST)18 AUG 2021

06:33 (IST)18 AUG 2021

Indi goes to Beth Phoenix at the announce table and she gives Indi a ring box. Indi gets on her knees and . . . proposes I guess? Dexter shakes his head yes and Phoenix says "we have a wedding to plan." WTF, this is shorter than most of Kim Kardashian's marriages.

06:31 (IST)18 AUG 2021

Indi gets to the ropes to break the hold. With Lumis on the apron, Kamea kicks him off of it. Stone attempts a move over the ropes but misses by a mile. Kamea decks Dexter in the face and that sets Hartwell off. Hartwell locks in Dexter's finisher on Kamea in the ring while Lumis does the same to Stone outside the ring.
Result - InDex defeats Robert Stone/Jessi Kamea by submission.

06:29 (IST)18 AUG 2021

Dexter offers Stone a hand up but he turns it into a spinebuster. Kamea tries to break up the pin but lands on Stone. Dexter tags in Indi and she gets a near fall. Kamea body slams Indi and locks in a single leg Boston Crab.

06:28 (IST)18 AUG 2021

Back from the break and Jessi Kamea has brief control over Indi. Indi kicks Kamea into the corner and she inadvertently tags Stone in. That means Dexter has to come also. He lands a bunch of moves of Robert Stegal.

06:26 (IST)18 AUG 2021

06:25 (IST)18 AUG 2021

06:23 (IST)18 AUG 2021

InDex has stereo attacks in the corners. Stone attempts to bash Dexter on the back to no avail. Franky Monet grabs Dexter's leg when he's by the ropes, but he drags her in the ring. Monet gets tossed.

06:22 (IST)18 AUG 2021

Barrett says Stone is dressed as the "Toughest Man In Hollywood" Steven Segal. That makes sense. He looks absolutely hilarious. Comedic wrestling isn't easy, folks, but Stone does great.

06:21 (IST)18 AUG 2021

Hartwell mimicks Lumis' machinations down to the ring and before the match. 

06:20 (IST)18 AUG 2021

Back to the ring, we have Bobby Stone and Jessi Kamea in action against InDex. Stone has a hilarious hairstyle to go with his hilarious ring gear.

06:14 (IST)18 AUG 2021

Gargano and Gargano talk about how Indi and Dexter are still dating. The lovebirds have a mixed tag match next.

06:12 (IST)18 AUG 2021

After the match, Knight decks Ted. Grimes tries to come to his aid but gets hit with Knight's finisher for his efforts.
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