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  • WWE NXT Live Results: NXT Updates & Highlights (20th April 2021)

WWE NXT Live Results: NXT Updates & Highlights (20th April 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 21, 2021 08:21 IST

Catch all the live results from this week's episode of WWE NXT!


07:35 (IST)21 APR 2021

Tune in next week for Theory/Reed, Martinez/Kai and Legado vs. MSK/Kushida. This is Matt Serocki, signing off!

07:34 (IST)21 APR 2021

07:33 (IST)21 APR 2021

Full Results for April 20, 2021
LA Knight defeats Dexter Lumis by pin
Grizzled Young Veterans defeat Breezango by pin
Sarray defeats Zoey Stark by pin
Kushida defeats Oney Lorcan by submission
Kyle O'Reilly defeats Cameron Grimes by pin

07:30 (IST)21 APR 2021

Grimes goes for the Cave In but misses. He hits Kyle with a kick but O'Reilly turns the tides. He hits a brainbuster before going to the top. He hits a flying knee to the back of Grimes' head for the win.
Result: Kyle O'Reilly defeats Cameron Grimes by pin.

07:28 (IST)21 APR 2021

Grimes goes for German Suplex but it's reversed. O'Reilly and Grimes exchange strikes before Grimes hits his flying slam for a near fall.

07:27 (IST)21 APR 2021

O'Reilly almost puts Grimes to sleep with a Guillotine but only gets a quick count. Grimes counters back with a move of his own.

07:27 (IST)21 APR 2021

07:27 (IST)21 APR 2021

O'Reilly locks in a knee bar but Grimes gets a rope break. 

07:25 (IST)21 APR 2021

O'Reilly gains control and hits a flurry of kicks and strikes that knock Grimes down.

07:23 (IST)21 APR 2021

After an impressive German Suplex before the break, Grimes maintains control. He nails Kyle with a strong clothesline.

07:19 (IST)21 APR 2021

Kyle O'Reilly maintains control for much of the early stages.

07:15 (IST)21 APR 2021

Announced for next week are the following matches:
Mercedes Martinez vs. Dakota Kai
Austin Theory vs. Bronson Reed
MSK/Kushida vs. Legado 

07:14 (IST)21 APR 2021

07:09 (IST)21 APR 2021

As he walks to the Gorilla Position for his main-event match with Cameron Grimes, Kyle O'Reilly runs into Karrion Kross and Scarlett. They stare each other down.

07:08 (IST)21 APR 2021

Drake Maverick comes out to try and attack Wolfe but he is stopped by Dain. Dain carries his son off to bed as Imperium finishes off Ever Rise.
Result: Imperium defeats Ever Rise by pin.

07:07 (IST)21 APR 2021

Fabian starts the match against Martel. In comes Chase Parker, more of the same. Double kicks to Parker in the corner. Kililan Dain comes out to distract things and Parker almost rolls up Fabian.

07:04 (IST)21 APR 2021

Looks like they'll be destroyed by Imperium.

07:04 (IST)21 APR 2021

Time for Ever Rise. Yay.

07:04 (IST)21 APR 2021

Apparently, the way to get a title shot is to lose a match? Indi says she secured another title shot from William Regal.

07:02 (IST)21 APR 2021

06:59 (IST)21 APR 2021

We cut to Mercedes calling out Gonzalez again. Says Dakota is the one calling the shots. Martinez says she'll take Dakota out before challenging for the title. Yes, please! 

06:58 (IST)21 APR 2021

06:57 (IST)21 APR 2021

Before he can truly enjoy his win, Santos Escobar and Legado come out to blindside Kushida. MSK comes out to even the odds.

06:57 (IST)21 APR 2021

06:56 (IST)21 APR 2021

Lorcan chops Kushida four times but Kushida likes it. The champ goes on offense before locking in the Hoverboard Lock for the win.
Result: Kushida defeats Oney Lorcan by submission.

06:55 (IST)21 APR 2021

Kushida break out of it and gets control. He stomps on Lorcan's arm off the top rope. Lorcan changes the tide and hits a spinning Euro Uppercut and then a Blockbuster for a near fall.

06:53 (IST)21 APR 2021

Lorcan gets a few quick falls before locking in an Abdominal Stretch.

06:52 (IST)21 APR 2021

Lorcan has control as we come back from the commercial break.

06:50 (IST)21 APR 2021

06:49 (IST)21 APR 2021

After trading some more submission attempts, Kushida kicks Lorcan off the top rope and outside the ring. Commerical time!!

06:47 (IST)21 APR 2021

Things start off on the mat as Kushida locks in a leg lock. Lorcan counters in to an armbar

06:46 (IST)21 APR 2021

Out comes Baby Cesaro, Oney Lorcan. Get ready for some red chests.

06:46 (IST)21 APR 2021

06:43 (IST)21 APR 2021

Candice LeRae wants another shot at Ember and Shotzi, but Indi gets distracted as Lumis pops up behind a door. LeRae runs into her foes and gets dragged into a random room for a beating. Guess you have to have green, purple or reddish hair to get into that room . . . .

06:40 (IST)21 APR 2021

Who will answer Kushida's Open Challenge? A current star, a former star or someone making a debut?

06:39 (IST)21 APR 2021

06:37 (IST)21 APR 2021

We go backstage to NXT Women's Champ Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai in a winter jacket - inside the building. They mention Mercedes Martinez and her challenge but Gonzo says she'll knock everyone down until no one is left.

06:37 (IST)21 APR 2021

06:36 (IST)21 APR 2021

Sarray celebrates in the ring as Stark departs. Before she leaves, Toni Storm appears in leather pants to blindside Stark. Sarray comes to her aid.

06:36 (IST)21 APR 2021

06:35 (IST)21 APR 2021

Stark goes for a 450 Splash and misses. Sarray gets a roll up for a quick count. Stark gets two near falls. Sarray hits what looked like a T-Bone Suplex for the win.
Result: Sarray defeats Zoey Stark by pin.

06:33 (IST)21 APR 2021

Stark regains control and hits a flurry of offense for a near fall.

06:32 (IST)21 APR 2021

After some back-and-forth action, Sarray hits a basement dropkick to Stark while stuck in the ropes. She hits a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count.

06:31 (IST)21 APR 2021

Stark maintains control with some rest moves. Sarray gets out of the hold and dropkicks Zoey Stark off of the ring apron. Stark re-enters the ring and hits Stark with some forearms to the chest.

06:30 (IST)21 APR 2021

06:29 (IST)21 APR 2021

After a test of strength showcase, Sarray locks in a Last Chancery submission. Stark breaks it by getting to the ropes. Stark hits a sliding clothesline for a near fall.

06:26 (IST)21 APR 2021

Up next is the debut of Sarray against Zoey Stark!

06:21 (IST)21 APR 2021

06:20 (IST)21 APR 2021

McKenzie Mitchell tries to get some words out of Indi Hartwell but as expected, she is stopped by the Way. It turns into Bronson Reed having to beat Austin Theory in order to get another shot at "Papa John" and his NA title.
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