NXT Results: Sarray impresses on debut; Former IMPACT Wrestling star interrupts Io Shirai

Raquel Gonzalez has message for challengers; LA Knight impresses
Raquel Gonzalez has message for challengers; LA Knight impresses
Greg Bush

This week's episode of NXT gave us quite a lot of big moments. Sarray made her in-ring debut with the company, and Kushida defended his newly won NXT Cruiserweight Championship in an open challenge.

LA Knight and Dexter Lumis' feud has been brewing for sometime. Tonight, Knight had Lumis in a one-on-one match and vowed to make him regret what he did at NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver.

Kyle O'Reilly returned to NXT tonight, two weeks after his forty-minute war with Adam Cole at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver. Tonight, the multi-time NXT Tag Team Champion revealed what was next for him on the black and gold brand.

All that, plus a bit more intrigue into the Imperium equation, as Wolfe ran into a former ally of his. Welcome to the results of this week's NXT.

Kyle O'Reilly returns to NXT

The Air Guitar King made his return to NXT this week, kicking off the show by going over his big win at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver. Kyle O'Reilly said he felt good to finally be done with Adam Cole. Kool Kyle was ready to get back to what was important and prove that he was the best in NXT.

It was time to move on, but what did that mean? What was next for Kyle O'Reilly? Well, to succeed on the black and gold brand, superstars needed a killer instinct.

O'Reilly found it at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver when he broke his former best friend in the main event of night two.

Now that he's found the killer instinct, what's next? Would he go for the workhorse championship (North American Title) or the NXT Championship?

O'Reilly hinted that he would in fact be hunting down Karrion Kross, but was interrupted by Cameron Grimes.

The Thousand Dollar Man congratulated Kyle for what he pulled off two weeks ago. He said he put his money on O'Reilly to win and earned a ton of money on Draft Kings.

Grimes wanted to make some more money with O'Reilly going forward and got a Kool Kyle chant going with the NXT crowd.

O'Reilly said that he was a genius, and thanked him for the tips on the "Doggy coins."

He revealed that he was cleared to fight tonight, but promised that his first opponent wouldn't be Grimes. After all, they were business associates. Grimes fell for it, unfortunately, and fell with a right hand from Cool Kyle O'Reilly.

NXT GM William Regal met with newcomer Sarray earlier in the night, as did Zoey Stark, who was hoping to be Sarray's first opponent.

Regal was excited about the possible match-up and made it official. Stark would face Sarray in her debut tonight.

LA Knight was attacked by Dexter Lumis after being eliminated from the Gauntlet Eliminator at NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver. Tonight, he aimed to get revenge on NXT's Tortured Artist.

LA Knight vs Dexter Lumis on NXT

Dexter Lumis
Dexter Lumis

NXT's smack talker was nearly beaten by Dexter Lumis with a jackknife pinfall attempt. LA Knight kicked out and ran through his opponent with a big boot. However, when he went to talk some trash, he was nearly locked in The Silence. Knight escaped to the apron where he hit a slingshot shoulder tackle on Lumis.

During the break, Knight used the ringside area to his advantage, driving Lumis into the barricade and dropping him on the apron. Inside the ring, a suplex was countered into a hangman's neckbreaker from Knight.

Lumis eventually recovered, hitting a running bulldog and belly-to-back suplex/leaping leg drop combination. A dazed Knight was dropped with a slingshot suplex for a two-count.

Again, when the match moved to the floor, Knight took over. The Tortured Artist of NXT was driven into the apron once again, and even when he tried to fight off Knight, he was distracted by Indi Hartwell. Knight tried to get between their stare, but Lumis took him down with a slingshot double axe handle.

Unfortunately, Lumis was too infatuated with Mrs. Indi Wrestling. He was dropped by Knight with a headlock driver.

Result: LA Knight defeated Dexter Lumis via pinfall on NXT.

Grade: B-

After the match, Indi Hartwell was about to share a kiss with Dexter Lumis. Sadly for her, their loving embrace was broken up by The Way. Austin Theory carried her away while Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae told off Lumis.

Io Shirai gets interrupted by Franky Monet

Io Shirai was interviewed tonight by NXT announcer Beth Phoenix. They briefly went over the night she won the NXT Women's Championship before getting to NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, where Shirai's 300+ day reign officially came to an end.

Raquel Gonzalez was Shirai's toughest challenge, and she promised that she'd get her rematch soon.

Before she could continue, they were interrupted by Franky Monet. La Wera Loca congratulated Shirai on her title reign and gushed over Phoenix before promising she'd fill Shirai's shoes at the top of the division while she was away resting.

Shirai didn't seem to take that well, staring at Monet's dog and claiming that she liked cats.

Breezango vs Grizzled Young Veterans on NXT

Before their NXT tag team matchup, Breezango appeared in the CWC dressed as the Queen's Royal Guards. The Grizzled Young Veterans took offense to the portrayal and looked to make a statement by dominating the former Tag Team Champions.

Breezango got the better of GYV early on. Tyler Breeze worked on the arm of Zack Gibson before tagging in Fandango for a near fall. Fandango battered Gibson with punches and chops but fell to a suplex for a two-count. James Drake tagged in but was sent to the floor, along with Gibson, courtesy of a pair of running kicks.

A wrecking ball dropkick from Breeze stunned the former NXT UK Tag Team Champions, and Fandango followed with a big dive.

Back in the ring, James Drake seemingly injured his left knee on a dive. The NXT official looked into the injury, but as soon as he was distracted, Gibson poked Fandango in the eyes.

GYV took over, hitting their flatliner/missile dropkick combo for a two-count. Fandango managed to get back to his partner, and Prince Pretty took on the Grizzled Young Veterans successfully in a two-on-one situation.

Breeze, unfortunately, missed a tag between his opponents, and GYV hit the Ticket to Mayhem for the win.

Result: Grizzled Young Veterans defeated Breezango via pinfall on NXT.

Grade: B

Backstage, McKenzie looked to get an interview with Indi Hartwell, but she was stopped by The Way. Bronson Reed came in and asked why they didn't approve of Indi's love. Gargano asked what he was even doing here, as he lost at TakeOver and was at the back of the line.

Austin Theory popped in, claiming that Reed would get a rematch for the NXT North American Championship if he could beat him. This match that was made official earlier in the night by NXT GM William Regal. Needless to say, Johnny Gargano wasn't pleased.

NXT's Thousand Dollar Man Cameron Grimes was furious about what happened with Kyle O'Reilly in the opening of the show. Grimes received some mail regarding his purchase of a NFT, which he'd successfully bid on.

Unfortunately, someone came in after the bidding time had closed with a massive bid and won the NFT. Much to Grimes' displeasure, the bidder was none other than 'The Million Dollar Man' Ted Dibiase.

Are we about to see confrontation between Grimes and Dibiase on NXT?

Zoey Stark vs Sarray on NXT

Sarray's debut on NXT saw her face off against one of the brand's shining new stars, Zoey Stark.

Stark brought the newcomer down with her power advantage. Every time Zoeytook her to the mat, though, Sarray slid out of her grasp. A running dropkick took Stark down, and Sarray got a Muta Lock.

Stark broke away and used her strength advantage to wear down Sarray. A suplex slammed the Japanese star in the middle of the mat, and a series of elbows to the neck weakened her for a sleeper hold attempt. Sarray fought back and sent Stark to the floor giving her time to recuperate.

When Stark came back in, she was hammered hard with a series of big rights. Zoey responded with a running knee but was met with a pair of leaping dropkicks that nearly took her head off. A fisherman's suplex with a bridge almost pinned Stark.

Stark caught Sarray with a series of running kicks and knee strikes but missed the 450 Splash. A roll-through from Sarray earned another near fall, and she was dropped with a thrust kick for her trouble.

A spinning heel kick and forearm from Sarray set Stark up for a sleeper suplex, and that was all she wrote. The Japanese star was successful in her NXT debut.

Result: Sarray defeated Zoey Stark via pinfall on NXT.

Grade: A-

After the match, Toni Storm blindsided Zoey Stark, sending her headfirst into the steel structure near the ramp. Sarray made the save, but the damage was already done.

The NXT Women's Champion and Dakota Kai were interviewed by McKenzie backstage. Raquel Gonzalez and Kai were confident in the champ's ability and weren't phased by Io Shirai's statement earlier in the night. As far as the Mercedes Martinez's of the world, step up and be prepared to get knocked back down.

Throw 'em up!
Throw 'em up!

At NXT TakeOver, The Way failed to take the NXT Women's Tag Titles from Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon. Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell looked to confront the champions. However, Hartwell ditched LeRae to go find Dexter Lumis.

The NXT Women's Tag Champs then took LeRae into a locker room to beat her down.

We got a highlight package for the new NXT Cruiserweight Champion Kushida. The Time Splitter won the belt in an open challenge last week and issued the same tonight. His challenger? Former NXT Tag Team Champion and 205 Live and NXT mainstay Oney Lorcan.

NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match: Oney Lorcan vs Kushida (c)

Oney Lorcan took the fight to Kushida early on, but in no time was locked in a cross armbreaker. He made it to the ropes but was sent to the floor by the champion as we cut to commercial.

During the break, Lorcan took over with a series of stiff strikes, in classic Oney fashion.

However, some palm strikes to the jaw dazed the Boston Bruiser. Lorcan lifted himself up on the ropes but Kushida dropped his knee onto the extremity, setting up for that Hoverboard Lock.

Lorcan responded with his running uppercut and a running blockbuster, nearly getting the upset win. Kushida just kicked out at two.

The Champ went back to the injured arm, and after a series of kicks and the Hoverboard lock, Lorcan was forced to submit

Result: Kushida defeated Oney Lorcan via submission on NXT.

Grade: B

After the match, Santos Escobar appeared on the stage. Legado del Fantasma jumped Kushida from behind, and the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion continued to guide the beatdown.

That is until NXT Tag Champions MSK made the save, helping Kushida send LDF to the ramp.

Indi Hartwell helps The Way get a shot at the NXT Women's Tag Team Titles

NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano was speaking with Austin Theory about how he went about making this match with Bronson Reed. Before they could get to that, Candice LeRae walked in, beaten and battered by the NXT Women's Tag Team Champions.

Speaking of those titles, Indi Hartwell walked in and revealed that she'd also seen Regal, and said that she and LeRae got another shot at the titles.

Ever-Rise vs Imperium on NXT

The former NXT Tag Team Champions dominated Ever-Rise in this match-up. Fabian Aichner demolished Matt Martel early on before Chase Parker tagged in. Aichner cut off his momentum and tagged in Marcel Barthel.

Imperium hit their tandem baseball dropkick combination, which could've gotten the win had Killian Dain not made a distraction.

Drake Maverick ran in as well, trying to attack Alexander Wolfe. Dain caught his partner and took him to the back. Imperium shook off the distraction and hit the European Bomb on Parker.

Result: Imperium defeated Ever-Rise via pinfall on NXT.

Grade: C

Kyle O'Reilly was making his way to the ring when he met NXT Champion Karrion Kross and Scarlet at the Gorilla Position. After a brief staredown, O'Reilly made his entrance. It appeared that Kool Kyle got the attention of Kross, quite easily in fact.

Kyle O'Reilly vs Cameron Grimes on NXT

To. The. Moon
To. The. Moon

The former NXT Tag Team Champion brought Cameron Grimes to the mat with ease. Kyle O'Reilly used his mat prowess to his advantage, repeatedly taking Grimes down. O'Reilly worked over the arm of Cameron, looking to dismember and even disarm him.

As Grimes managed to break away, he set up for an early Cave In. It was not the best choice as O'Reilly brought him down again with an arm breaker.

A cross-arm breaker was countered as Grimes rolled through to get to the ropes. As O'Reilly went for an over-the-shoulder arm breaker, Grimes gouged his eyes. A German suplex planted O'Reilly on his neck, finally giving Cameron some time to breathe.

During the break, Grimes amped up the pressure on the back and neck, looking to bring that injury back.

O'Reilly withstood the pain, lighting the Thousand Dollar Man of NXT up with a series of kicks. A heel hook was locked in, but Grimes just barely got to the ropes.

Grimes escaped another submission hold before spinning O'Reilly out with a spin-out sidewalk slam for a two-count. Kyle kicked out of a rollup and dazed Grimes with a pop-up knee strike.

A Superman forearm rocked O'Reilly, and the Collision Course brought him down for another close call. A superkick sent O'Reilly into the ropes where he rebounded with a wicked clothesline.

Another combination and brainbuster set O'Reilly up for the flying knee to the back of the head. O'Reilly defeated Cameron Grimes to put the major champions in NXT on notice.

Result: Kyle O'Reilly defeated Cameron Grimes via pinfall on NXT.

Grade: A

With The Undisputed Era behind him, Kyle O'Reilly found a new opponent in Karrion Kross. Will he be able to beat the dominant NXT Champion?

Edited by Alan John
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