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  • WWE NXT Live Results: NXT Updates & Highlights (27th April 2021)

WWE NXT Live Results: NXT Updates & Highlights (27th April 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 28, 2021 02:37 GMT

What does Adam Cole have in store for us?


02:06 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Thanks for joining us this week for NXT!!! Tune in next week. This is Matt Serocki, signing off!!!

02:05 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Full Results for NXT, April 27th, 2021
Mercedes Martinez defeats Dakota Kai by DQ.
Zayda Ramier defeats Toni Storm by pin.
Bronson Reed defeats Austin Theory by pin.
Imperium defeats Drake Maverick/Killian Dain by pin.
Shotzi/Ember vs. Jessi Kamea/Aliyah No Contest.
Legado Del Fantasma defeats MSKushida by pin.

02:03 (GMT)28 APR 2021

02:00 (GMT)28 APR 2021

02:00 (GMT)28 APR 2021

The winners hoist the titles of the men they just defeated. Foreshadowing much?

01:59 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Kushida rolls back into the ring against medical advice and Escobar hits a Phantom Driver on him. Mendoza and Wilde hit their finisher on Nash Carter for the win.
Result: Legado Del Fantasma defeats MSKushida by pin.

01:57 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Lee gets som control as he sends Wilde and Mendoza into each other. Escobar tries to hit a splash off the top but misses. Lee continues to hold his own as Nash gets back to the apron.

01:56 (GMT)28 APR 2021

The medical team comes out to check on Kushida. Legado does a flurry of strikes in the corner on Lee. Legado hits some tandem offense for a near fall.

01:55 (GMT)28 APR 2021

That leaves Wes Lee by his lonesome against Legado. He tries to fight back but Wilde pounds on him.

01:54 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Kushida comes in and turns the tides. MSK hits one of their finishers but Escobar breaks up the pin attempt. Kushida holds up the ropes so MSK can do a tandem suicide dive. Escobar takes out Kushida by power bombing him through the announce table.

01:54 (GMT)28 APR 2021

01:53 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Escobar has control on Nash as an NXT Women's Championship match is announced for two weeks away. Gonzo vs. Martinez.

01:47 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Mendoza comes in but MSK hits a flurry of offense to send him out of the ring. Wilde gets tandem-offensed by MSKushida and we go to break.

01:47 (GMT)28 APR 2021

01:46 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Kushida and Wilde start things off. In comes Nash and then Wes. Wilde tags in Mendoza and they plant Lee on the mat. Mendoza gets a near fall. Another quick tag.

01:44 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Main event time as Escobar and Co. come out in masks. MSK and Kushida are all wearing white with neon trim. 

01:42 (GMT)28 APR 2021

A street fight for the NXT Women's Tag titles is announced for next week as is the Falls Count Anywhere fight for Ruff and Swerve.

01:39 (GMT)28 APR 2021

01:39 (GMT)28 APR 2021

01:38 (GMT)28 APR 2021

We pan out from the interview to see that O'Reilly was watching it. A promo for the Diamond Mine airs. Who could that be?????!

01:37 (GMT)28 APR 2021

He also says he's upset that people are thinking that O'Reilly took his spot. but he says wherever he goes next, he'll be the best. Interesting.

01:36 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Cole says he's been carrying NXT on his back for the last four years. "Kross is good but is he great yet?" Cole says and that he "Kross" hasn't had to deal with him yet.

01:33 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Next up is the interview with Adam Cole BAY BAY.

01:32 (GMT)28 APR 2021

In the ring, Jessi Kamea and Aliyah celebrate as if they won the titles.

01:32 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Out come Shotzi and Ember to fight Robert Stone Brand. Before they can get in the ring, some gifts from someone are waiting for them ringside. Before they can get in the ring, Candice and Indi blindside them.

01:31 (GMT)28 APR 2021

We go back to Cameron Grimes in the jewelry store. He's settled on a watch but "it's not a million-dollar watch" says Hall-of-Famer Ted DiBiase. He does his signature laugh before exiting.

01:28 (GMT)28 APR 2021

01:25 (GMT)28 APR 2021

01:25 (GMT)28 APR 2021

After the match, Pete Dunne is saying that the entire NXT roster is afraid of him after he proved he's the toughest. Says he can go after any title he wants, calling out everyone from WALLY to Karrion Kross.

01:23 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Inside the ring, Maverick and Aichner battle it out. Imperium hits their finisher on Maverick for the win.
Result: Imperium defeats Maverick/Dain by pin.

01:22 (GMT)28 APR 2021

After sending Barthel outside, Dain follows but is kicked in the face. Barthel tells Wolfe to hit him a chair while he distracts the ref. Wolfe hesitates . . .  Interesting.

01:21 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Dain waits on the apron for the tag but is pulled off the apron by Barthel as Drake attempts to tag out. they stomp on Drake in their corner as Dain comes in and houses both opponents.

01:20 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Drake Maverick's belt falls off mid-ring as he's down . . .

01:19 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Barthel stands over Drake smiling as we come back from break. They stop him from tagging his partner in as Drake kicks out at two. Aichner swings Drake around by the seat of his big boy jeans.

01:15 (GMT)28 APR 2021

01:14 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Dain tags the little guy in and Drake is shocked. He hits a few basement dropkicks to Barthel before Barthel takes over. It doesn't last long as Drake hits a Hurricanrana. Drake goes to the top but gets pulled off by Barthel. In comes Aichner.

01:12 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Dain asserts his power early on but Aichner tags Barthel in. He jumps on Dain's back but Dain sends him outside.

01:11 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Drake is still acting paranoid but Dain starts the match. against Fabian "looks like a grown baby in a man's body" Aichner. 

01:09 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Up next is Imperium vs. Dain/Maverick.

01:03 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Reed stares the champ down after the win.

01:02 (GMT)28 APR 2021

He follows Indi around the ring and she gets in it. She stands by the ropes with Lumis on the apron. Theory comes storming off the ropes and Lumis pushes Indi out of the way. Gargano tries to interfere but Reed pops him one. Reed goes for the Tsunami off the top rope and lands it.
Result: Bronson Reed defeats Austin Theory by pin.

01:00 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Theory hits a super kick and then tries to end things, but Reed counters it into a suplex. After a near fall, here comes Lumis down the ramp.

01:00 (GMT)28 APR 2021

00:59 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Reed stops the momentum and gets a near fall. He picks reed up and attempts to hoist Reed onto his shoulders. Reed throws him into the rings and hits a Samoan Drop as Indi Hartwell looks on forlorn that "Lumis" sent flowers to someone else.

00:57 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Reed gains control with a press slam and some other offense. He hits a splash in the corner and a chokeslam followed by a Senton. Two count.

00:56 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Theory still has the momentum back from the break.

00:56 (GMT)28 APR 2021

00:52 (GMT)28 APR 2021

The Way is ringside to distract Reed and the Colossal One has a staredown with Johnny Wrestling. Theory hits a move on Reed that knocks him out of the ring. Candice Wrestling distracts him so Johnny can superkick Reed. Lumia should be showing up soon . . .

00:51 (GMT)28 APR 2021

Theory tries a shoulder block off the ropes but Reed literally shrugs it off, sending Theory flying. Hilarious.
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