NXT Results: WWE Hall of Famer makes surprise appearance; Top champions attacked

Adam Cole has a message for NXT; Imperium dominates
Adam Cole has a message for NXT; Imperium dominates
Greg Bush
Modified 28 Apr 2021
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Welcome to another episode of NXT. It was action-packed this week, as two matches had championship implications. Mercedes Martinez and Bronson Reed were hoping to earn shots at the NXT Women's and NXT North American Titles, respectively.

In the main event, the NXT Tag Team Champions MSK and NXT Cruiserweight Champion Kushida went to war with Legado Del Fantasma. From start to finish, it was a nonstop, high-octane six-man tag team match worthy of the main event spot. Cameron Grimes had a special night as well, as he ran into a WWE Hall of Famer.

Indi Hartwell's heart was shattered tonight in a gut-wrenching act of betrayal by Dexter Lumis...or was it? All that and more tonight on NXT.

We kicked things off with Mercedes Martinez who went one-on-one with Dakota Kai. This was step one of her two-step plan in capturing the NXT Women's Championship. Will she bring down the Captain of Team Kick?

Dakota Kai w/Raquel Gonzalez vs Mercedes Martinez on NXT

Mercedes Martinez wanted to earn a shot against the NXT Women's Champion and in order to do that she had to best Dakota Kai. Martinez slapped the taste out of Kai's mouth early on before catching her flying with a single leg takedown.

A series of clotheslines and a spinebuster left Kai hurting but she was able to kick out of the pin.

Dakota Kai recovered and spiked Mercedes with a DDT before driving her boot through her opponent's face in the corner. Kai began to work the arm of Martinez but was nearly pinned by a counter.

Another running boot in the corner missed, as Mercedes rolled to the apron. With her leg caught, Kai couldn't escape Martinez's onslaught. Mercedes went for that spider German suplex but couldn't connect. Instead, she pulled Kai off the top for a cliffhanger.

It wasn't enough to bring NXT's Captain of Team Kick down for good, and Kai knocked Martinez to the floor with another running boot. During the break, Kai went back to the arm, driving Martinez's shoulder into the ring post repeatedly.

Kai lost control when a wild spinning elbow left her dazed in the corner. A series of strikes nearly took her out, as did a trio of butterfly suplexes. An over-the-shoulder falling armbreaker left Kai in serious pain on the floor. Before Martinez could capitalize, she was stopped by the NXT Women's Champion.

Martinez rocked her with a right before rolling in to finish Kai. Raquel Gonzalez followed and hit her with a big boot.

Results: Mercedes Martinez defeated Dakota Kai via DQ on NXT.

Grade: B+

After the match the NXT Women's Champion destroyed Martinez. Gonzalez has sent a message to everyone that she is holding on to the title for a very long time.

Backstage, Millie McKenzie was interviewing the NXT Women's Tag Team Champions when they received flowers. Franky Monet walked in and read the card. "With love, Dexter Lumis." They both vehemently denied being involved with Lumis.

Indi Hartwell's not gonna like that.

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Published 28 Apr 2021
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