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  • WWE NXT Live Results: NXT Updates & Highlights (31st March 2021)

WWE NXT Live Results: NXT Updates & Highlights (31st March 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 01, 2021 02:49 GMT

Catch all the live results from the go-home episode of NXT before TakeOver: Stand & Deliver.


02:11 (GMT)1 APR 2021

02:11 (GMT)1 APR 2021

This is Matt Serocki, signing off! Tune in next week for NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver!!!! Night 1 is on USA and Night 2 is on Peacock.

02:10 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Full NXT Results for March 31, 2021
Cameron Grimes defeats Roderick Strong by pin.
Santos Escobar defeats Tyler Breeze by pin.
LeRae/Hartwell defeat Dolin/Ramier by pin.
Raquel Gonzalez defeats Zoey Stark by pin.
LA Knight wins the Gauntlet Eliminator Battle Royal, will enter match last on Night 1 of TakeOver.

02:06 (GMT)1 APR 2021

NXT goes off the air with a feral Shirai yelling at a laid-out Gonzalez. Tune in to NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver Night 1 next Wednesday!!!

02:06 (GMT)1 APR 2021

02:05 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Io Shirai comes storming out to the ring and calls Gonzalez out. The NXT Women's roster immediately comes out to stop things. In the end, Shirai hits a springboard moonsault on to the roster. Can't wait for Stand & Deliver the TakeOver, not the movie!!!

02:04 (GMT)1 APR 2021

02:03 (GMT)1 APR 2021

02:03 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Lumis stands on the ring apron and Knight goes after him. He misses, but falls out through the middle ropes. He's not eliminated because of this and pulls Lumis down off the ring apron to win.
Result: LA Knight wins Gauntlet Eliminator Battle Royal and will enter Gauntlet last on Night 1 of TakeOver.

02:02 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Gauntlets always work best when a heel enters last so Knight winning makes sense. Let's watch!

02:01 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Wade Barrett says he just made about 3 grand from the money Grimes tossed. LOL

02:01 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Lumis decks him and then tosses him over the top rope. Down to Knight and Lumis.

02:01 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Grimes pulls out a stack of money to try and bribe LA Knight and Lumis to eliminate themselves.

02:00 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Lumis finally moves as he, Knight and Grimes team up to eliminate Bronson Reed.

01:59 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Ruff and Swerves are battling on the top rope. Reed comes over and puts them both on his shoulders and tosses out Ruff and then Swerve in that order. Knight immediately attacks Reed after the eliminations.

01:58 (GMT)1 APR 2021

01:58 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Apparently Johnny Gargs has come out to the ring to commentate!

01:58 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Back from the break and Knight has joined Lumis in the corner doing nothing. But he does it louder than Lumis.

01:56 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Lumis hasn't even moved in the corner.

01:56 (GMT)1 APR 2021

We are down to the final 6 with LA Knight, Bronson Reed, Cameron Grimes, Leon Ruff, Dexter Lumis and Swerve.

01:54 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Dunne and Kushida square off and offer up a taste of best technical wrestler. They eliminate each other as Kushida has the Hoverboard Lock on Dunne as they spill over the rope.

01:53 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Bronson Reed butt-checks Austin Theory out of the match, his feet catch the ropes but let go. He's not eliminated, but has the bright idea to kip up. Theory eliminated.

01:51 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Tyler Rust gets tossed over the top of Swerve by Ruff. Dexter Lumis stares on.

01:51 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Swerve eliminates Jake Atlas after Malcolm Bivens distracts him.

01:49 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Back from the break, Dunne is the last to enter and everyone pairs off.

01:48 (GMT)1 APR 2021

01:45 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Out first is a man who needs a serious push up the card, Isaiah "Swerve" Scott. Before he gets in the ring, Leon Ruff blindsides him. 

01:44 (GMT)1 APR 2021

We get the rules for the Super Awesome Gauntlet Eliminator Qualifying Battle Royal. Good luck following them cuz I'm not going to list them here.

01:43 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Finn Balor cuts a promo saying he will also win at Stand & Deliver.

01:40 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Here we go with the battle royal with 754 people where 73 get to go to Stand & Deliver!!!!

01:38 (GMT)1 APR 2021

01:38 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Back from the break and we get Papa Ciampa talking about WALTER. He says he got that necklace form his wife and baby girl prior to his neck surgery. He's gonna chop WALTER'S damn head off.

01:35 (GMT)1 APR 2021

01:34 (GMT)1 APR 2021

01:33 (GMT)1 APR 2021

We then get a shot of the cute lil pup and a person wearing some fashionable boots. A message reading "See You April 13th" runs across the screen. It's signed by Franky, so I/Sportskeeda/Taya fans are hoping that is only the dog's name.

01:32 (GMT)1 APR 2021

After the match, McKenzie Mitchell, wearing her finest white linens, attempts to interview Raquel Gonzalez again. Before she gets out a few words, Shirai literally jumps on her back and the ongoing fight continues. Gonzalez throws her through a wall backstage!!! She screams "STAY DOWN!!!!"

01:31 (GMT)1 APR 2021

01:30 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Back to the ring and Kacy hits a kick. She goes for another move but Li hits a hard strike and then a spinning kick for the win.
Result: Tian Sha (Xia Li mostly) defeats Kacy/Kayden by pin.
Ying also breathed some smoke into Carter's face, so that happened.

01:29 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Xia Li is tossed outside the ring but gets control. She throws Kacy back into the ring and gets a suplex reversed into a two count. Kacy hits a spinning codebreaker. Both women are on the floor and Kayden walks up the ramp trash talking Mei Ying. Ying chokes Carter out in five seconds.

01:27 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Kacy and Kayden have control early on as the friends make quick tags.

01:26 (GMT)1 APR 2021

We get the swordplay display from Xia Li as she enters the ring. The bell rings and it's two on one, until the master somehow teleports to the ring I'm guessing.

01:24 (GMT)1 APR 2021

01:21 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Up next is Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter vs. Tian Sha. First match for the leader?

01:18 (GMT)1 APR 2021

01:17 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Gigi Dolin's partner's name was Zayda Ramier, a name I most certainly knew I'd mix up until I saw it printed. 

01:15 (GMT)1 APR 2021

This video package looks like they're being interrogated for breaking TUE up.

01:14 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Up next is a video package or Prime Target for Mr. Bay Bay and Faux-Hawk O'Reilly.

01:13 (GMT)1 APR 2021

01:13 (GMT)1 APR 2021

Kushida gets a few words out before he is interrupted by Peter Doone.
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