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WWE NXT Live Results: NXT Updates & Highlights (3rd August 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 04, 2021 03:14 GMT

Catch all the live results from this week's episode of WWE NXT!


02:12 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

This is Matt Serocki, signing off!! Thanks for joining us this week!!!

02:12 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

02:10 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Full Results for August 3rd, 2021.
Hit Row defeats Legado Del Fantasma by DQ.
Ridge Holland defeats Ikemen Jiro by pin.
Roderick Strong defeats Bobby Fish by pin.
GYV defeats LA Knight and Cameron Grimes by pin.
Trey Baxter defeats Joe Gacy by pin.
Johnny Gargano defeats Dexter Lumis by pin.

02:07 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

02:06 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

The Way walks out but Indi storms back to the ring. She jumps into Dexter's arms and they make out in the middle of the ring. Johnny and Candice walk out flabbergasted.

02:05 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

The two men exchange moves in the middle until Lumis lands a pop-up chop and a kick to knock Gargs down. Lumis goes for a springboard elbow drop but Gargs moves. He locks in the GargaNoEscape submission right in Indi's face. Lumis hits the ropes to break the move and he touches Indi's face. Lumis almost rolls up Gargano but misses. Lumis gets knocked into Indi, knocking her off the ring apron. As they're waiting outside the ring, Gargs hits a suicide DDT. He lands One Final Beat on Dexter for the win.
Result - Johnny Gargano defeats Dexter Lumis by pin.

02:02 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Lumis lands a falcon arrow for a near fall. He goes to the top rope and misses a move. Gargs hits a superkick for a near fall.

02:01 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

So now that three members of the Way are ringside, will one interfere in the match? Lumis hits a spinebuster and some strikes to gain the upper hand. Lumis gets a near fall but falls out of the ring. Gargs hits a suicide dive and yells that "this is your fault" to Beth Phoenix.

01:57 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

01:56 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Lumis falls out of the ring, and after eyeballing Gargs, crawls under the ring. Indi then also crawls under the ring. Candice comes down to the ring, pulling Indi out from under the structure. She's holding the hands of Lumis. Gargs tosses Lumis into the barricade and it's commercial time.

01:55 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Indi Hartwell comes out after both men fall outside the ring. She tries to plead with Gargs but he rolls back into the ring.

01:54 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

The main event is the "Lover her or Lose her" match between Dexter Lumis and Johnny Gargano. The Way wants "to end InDex" while Indi wants a "Shot at Love". Please don't turn this into a stupid reality dating show!!!!

01:50 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Next week's show features Raquel Gonzalez breaking her silence, a sit-down with Ilya Dragunov, Ember Moon vs. Sarray and more!!

01:49 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

01:45 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

01:40 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Karrion Kross storms out to the announce table and grabs a mic. He yells who provoked who, and that brings a rage-filled Joe out. Security tries to hold him back, but as Joe does, he makes security look foolish. He beats on the poor WWE PC guys and chokes one out.

01:34 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Next is the bonding lunch at a sushi house for Io Shirai and Zoey Stark. Io orders a bunch of stuff that Zoey looks at as gross, including some squid. Zoey tosses it on the floor or out of sight. Io leaves while giving Stark the check. Shirai hugged the waiter, making it look like they've known each other for years. Stark asks her how long they've known each other, and the waiter says just met today.

01:31 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Gacy continues to bludgeon Baxter with strikes to the chest. He lands a cannonball to the corner WITH Baxter on his shoulders. He hoists Baxter onto the top rope but gets knocked off. Baxter hits a 450 splash chest stomp for the win.
Result - Trey Baxter defeats Joe Gacy by pin.

01:27 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Gacy tosses Baxter to the corner twice before landing a clothesline. Baxter knocks Gacy out of the ring. Baxter then goes for a suicide dive but Gacy catches him. He hits a forearm to the mush to get his control. The action heads back into the ring.

01:25 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Gacy looks like he could be a cousin of Kevin Owens.

01:24 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

The last match of the 2021 NXT Breakout Tournament takes place as Trey Baxter takes on Joe Gacy. The winner faces Odyssey Jones in the next round.

01:24 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Looks like Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly will have ANOTHER face-to-face on next week's NXT. Cole isn't medically cleared apparently.

01:19 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

01:15 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Dakota Kai speaks about her "betrayal" of  Raquel Gonzalez last week. "Stand behind me and learn." "I plucked her out of obscurity and put her in the spotlight." She's not wrong.

01:11 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

01:08 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

01:08 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

After the match, Ted DiBiase comes down to talk to Grimey. He tells Grimes that he needs to find some way out of this situation. Another TakeOver match perhaps???

01:06 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Grimes goes for a move and Drake hits a blind tag to Gibson. They hit the Ticket to Mayhem on Grimey for the win.
Result - GYV defeats Cameron Grimes and LA Knight by pin.

01:05 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Grimes hits a back-body drop on Gibson and goes to tag Knight. Knight drops down off the apron, rejecting the tag. He says deal with that to Grimes before Grimes fights back against GYV. He hits a double Hurricanrana and his flying body slam on Drake for a two count.

01:03 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Gibson tags in Drake and Drake maintains control. He goes for a suplex on Knight but misses it. Knight tags Grimes in but GYV takes advantage of a brief moment of distraction between butler and boss.

01:01 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

01:01 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

LA Knight and Cameron Grimes (in his butler suit) take on the GYV. Suit man starts it off but he tags in Knight.

00:52 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

00:52 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Fish attempts to go for a move off the top rope but Roddy pushes him off the top and outside the ring. Fish rolls Strong up for a near fall before Roddy hits a move. He lands the End of Heartache for the win.
Result - Roderick Strong defeats Bobby Fish by pin.

00:50 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Fish gets control, landing some strikes and a sliding elbow for a two count. Strong lands a suplex to make it even. He hits some strikes and his own suplex for a two count.

00:46 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

As usual, the heel had control. Strong still has the upper hand for now as Diamond Mine celebrates outside the ring.

00:42 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Things are even early on. Fish gets control for a few moves until Roddy attempts to roll out of the ring. Here comes the commercial!!

00:38 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Bob Fish faces Roddy Strong next. Strong is flanked by Tyler Rust, Malcolm Bivens, and Haichiman.

00:34 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

00:32 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Franky Monet is interviewed by Mitchell. She blames Robert Stone's interference. "I get it. You're both used to losing." "If this little group is going to work, it needs to be rebuilt in Franky's image." Stone is low-key one of my favorite people in NXT cuz he's such a goof.

00:30 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

After the match, Holland tosses Jiro out of the ring and Pete Dunne gets a mic. Dunne calls out Ciampa and Thatcher. "Holland is going to knock out the rest of your teeth. How are you going to pick them up with broken fingers?"

00:29 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Holland then rips the jacket off completely and tosses it out of the ring. Jiro tries to fight back but Holland hits two suplexes to stave off the attack. Holland lands what looked like a Snow Plow (from Al Snow) for the win.
Result - Ridge Holland defeats Ikemen Jiro by pin.

00:27 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Jiro gets in some early licks before Ridge puts him on the top ropes and pushes him off. He then hits a pounce on Jiro, sending him into the barricade. Holland hits a suplex and then assaults Jiro's jacket. The audacity!!!!

00:25 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Up next we get the in-ring return of bully Ridge Holland. Pete Dunne and Oney Lorcan take their time coming out to go to the ring with him. Ridge will destroy Ikemen Jiro and his jacket-based offense.

00:24 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

00:20 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

00:19 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Billy Regal confronts Samoa Joe backstage, bringing security with him. He says he wants to make sure that nothing happens between Karrion Kross and Joe until TakeOver: 36.

00:18 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Oh it was Swerves' "grill" not an actual piercing. My bad.

00:18 (GMT)4 AUG 2021

Legado attacks Top Dolla and Swerve after the match. Escobar rips something off of Swerve's face (a piercing) and then attempts to Pilmanize him. Swerve rolls out and then B-Fab hits Wilde in the back with a chair. 
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