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  • WWE NXT Live Results (September 26, 2023) Carmelo Hayes and Ilja Dragunov face to face; Trick Williams earns a shot at "Dirty" Dominik Mysterio.

WWE NXT Live Results (September 26, 2023) Carmelo Hayes and Ilja Dragunov face to face; Trick Williams earns a shot at "Dirty" Dominik Mysterio.

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02:20 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Who will leave No Mercy as the NXT Champion?

02:19 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Someone was watching old WCW footage and Cincinnati Bengals training camp footage . . .

02:16 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Butch defeats Joe Coffey by pin.
Trick Williams defeats Joe Gacy by pin.
Baron Corbin defeats Josh Briggs by pin.
OTM (Lucien Price and Bronco Nima) defeat Hank Walker and Tank Ledger by pin.
Eddy Thorpe defeats Dijak by pin.
Thea Hail defeats Dani Palmer by submission.
Trick Williams defeats Axiom, Tyler Bate, and Dragon Lee by pin.

02:09 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

The Don of NXT is a giving man, handing a title shot out to three other teams.

02:07 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Bron dumps Baron on the hood of the car but Baron hits him with a low blow. He then drops Bron on the roof with a chokeslam. Bron sits up like Kane, no selling the move. The fight ends up breaking down the walls (no pun intended) of HBK's office.

02:06 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Melo tries to say that he's not like anyone Ilja has faced before, accidentally saying Trick's name. Ilja laughs as he catches him in the words he shouldn't have said. He adds that he does not doubt that Ilja could be NXT Champion, just not with him as Champion. 

Vic Joseph then reveals that Dragon Lee will be the special guest referee for the match between Dominik Mysterio and Trick Williams. He then hears that Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker are still fighting, only they're in the dangerous parking lot this time. 

Corbin tries to escape into a car. Bron runs into it shoulder-first as the battle continues around the building.

02:03 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

We're just as shocked as you are, Trick!

02:00 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Melo and Ilja make their way to the ring for a contract signing without a moderator. Melo says they don't have anything left to say so just sign the contracts. Ilja says Melo struggles out of his comfort zone.

01:56 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

As the show returns to the air, we see a random TV in a dark room. A hand with a remote turns it on, and it shows some old footage from WCW and a Cincinnati Bengals practice. It was quick but a tease for Brian Pillman, Jr.

01:51 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Dirty Dom tries to address Trick Williams as his opponent for No Mercy, but Dragon Lee attacks him from behind. Following that, Carmelo Hayes is on his way to the ring until he runs into Trick. He congratulates Trick as they both claim they'll leave No Mercy with titles.

01:49 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Lucien Price, Bronco Nima, and Scrypts show up last because they won two matches in NXT. The Creeds are still happy eating, but Lotharios and OTM aren't there to "break bread." 

The street tough guys try to act tough until Tony D calls in his backup. He and Stacks agree to a Fatal Fourway match for No Mercy.

01:46 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

That's disappointing for Tyler Bate and Dragon Lee. Why was Lee such a big deal if he kept losing big matches? The only explanation is if he's headed to the main roster soon.

01:45 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Bate drops Axiom, Trick drops Bate, and Axiom hits a Superkick on Trick. Lee hits a kick on Axiom, nearly folding him in half. Lee goes to the top, but Bate stops him. Axiom kicks Bate off the top, allowing him to hit Spanish Fly off the top for a near fall.

Lee breaks the pin by grabbing Axiom by the neck and standing up. Some chicanery allows Trick to fall lifeless on top of Axiom to pick up the win.

Result - Trick Williams defeats Tyler Bate, Axiom, and Dragon Lee by pin.

01:43 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Trick decks Axiom as he comes off the top rope. He hits a Uranage on both Axiom and Bate for a near fall. Trick is REALLY getting the super babyface push in this match. Bate counters a move into a DDT on Trick. He spins Lee until Axiom tries to stop it. 

He then spins Lee and Axiom with Lee on his shoulders and Axiom like a Big Swing. Bate tries to get a pin on Williams, but Axiom breaks it up with a Canadian Destroyer on Lee OFF of Bate's back.

01:41 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Axiom almost gets the win with a pin on Bate. He hits a scary-looking German Suplex on Bate, but luckily, he's okay. 

Dragon Lee hits kicks on Axiom and Williams in opposite corners. Bate tries to strike a move, but Lee hits a sit-out powerbomb. Williams and Axiom break up the match.

01:37 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Before heading off to the commercial, Trick drops Lee with a Capoeira Kick. He pancakes both Bate and Axiom.

01:36 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Bate drops Trick with a flying crossbody on the outside. Axiom drops Trick with a kick. Lee hits a Tope Con Giro on all three men. He tosses Trick in the ring, but Trick locks him in a Boston Crab. Bate locks in an armbar while Axiom locks in a Sleeper on Trick. Bate breaks everything up.

01:34 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Baron Corbin tries to leave the arena and talk tough, but Bron rushes him again. Next is the Fatal Fourway to determine Dom's challenger for No Mercy: Axiom vs. Tyler Bate vs. Dragon Lee vs. Trick Williams. Axiom and Bate hit a stereo Superkick on Trick to knock him from the ring.

01:31 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Dijak really heeled it up by mocking Eddy Thorpe's family during their strap match.

01:28 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

After the match, Jacy celebrates with Hail. She locks eyes with Duke and Chase in the arena pulpit. Backstage, Trick runs into Carmelo. He is hyped that he beat Gacy and could challenge Dom at No Mercy. 

Carmelo is too busy to show enthusiasm because he's more concerned about his phone. He says he has a lot going on but acts like a terrible friend. 

01:27 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Vic reveals that the Women's Breakout Tournament bracket will be announced this weekend. He also says that Dani Palmer will be involved in the tourney.

Thea controls things early on. She goes for an armbar, but Palmer breaks out. Palmer hits a few kicks and lands a handstand kick. She goes for what looks like a Phoenix Splash, but Hail moves. She locks in a Kimura for the win.

Result - Thea Hail defeats Dani Palmer by submission.

01:23 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Jacy Jayne comes out to stop Thea's original theme music. Thea comes out in essentially the same type of gear but in all black. Before the match, Vic tried to give an update on Gigi Dolin, but Blair Davenport interrupted to say she's in charge.

01:16 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

As Thorpe tries to bask in his win, Dijak blasts him with a Feast Your Eyes. He ties Thorpe up in the corner with the strap before whipping him with the white belt. Dijak points at Eddy's niece as he blasts Eddy with strikes. He made her cry!! It's still real to them, darn it!!!

01:14 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Dijak brings the action back to the ring. He takes off his white belt and wraps it around his hand. He misses the punch as Eddy lands a big boot. Eddy then lands some strikes on Dijak with the strap. Thorpe blasts Dijak in the head with a strap strike.

He then decks him with the belt wrapped around his fist. Thorpe hits an elbow off the top for the win.

Result - Eddy Thorpe defeats Dijak by pin.

01:12 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Dijak drops Thorpe on his spine on the ring apron. He then tosses Eddy on the ground in front of his family. His niece is adorable. 

The family cheers him on as Dijak starts to whip Eddy with the strap. Dijak teases his niece :(

01:06 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Thorpe's family is present in the front row for tonight's match. After the two are joined by the strap, Dijak immediately leaves. Thorpe pulls the strap and Dijak into the ring post. Both men get in the ring, with Thorpe tripping Dijak. 

Eddy tries to control Dijak's position, but the big man uses his elbow to break free. Dijak lands the first strap strike of the match before sending him to the outside.

01:02 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Back at the restaurant, Stacks asks what the Tiger Claws mean. They say it represents their grandfather. The Creeds enter next as Brutus is very hungry. He asks if this is the place where Vito got food poisoning as Humberto and Angel are eating. 

After that, Trick informs Tyler Bate and Axiom that he's a part of their match. Up next is Eddy Thorpe taking on Dijak in a Strap match. 

00:55 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Tank and Hank land more offense on Bronco Nima until Scrypts interferes. Nima pushes Hank into Tank and OTM hits a move to pick up the win.

Result - OTM (Lucien Price and Bronco Nima) defeat Hank Walker and Tank Ledger by pin.

00:53 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

The "from the streets" guys get a team name OTM or "Out The Mud." Hank and Tank are wearing matching jorts and shirts. They single Price out with a bunch of tandem offenses. He drops Tank with a kick, and he tags NIma in. 

He hits a stomp and brags about minimal-effect moves. He tags Price back in, and he hits a clothesline in the corner. Booker also calls Scrypts a "legitimizer," like he's Paul Heyman or Paul Ellering. Hah.

00:50 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

We get a video package rehashing the feud between Tiffany Stratton and Becky Lynch. It's the standard stuff with Becky saying she'll still be champion while Stratton says she'll become a two-time titleholder after No Mercy. 

Up next is Hank and Tank, taking on Lucien Price and Bronco Nima. Yay.

00:47 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Before the next segment, we see Trick Williams entering Shawn Michaels' office. Will he be added to the triple threat later tonight? It would make sense since the match was so quick.

00:43 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Trick Williams wants a title to call his own.

00:41 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Corbin grabs a mic and says Bron's future is the same at No Mercy with an End of Days. Bron comes out in his heel black colors. He bashes Baron with the mic, causing security and refs to try and break things up.

00:40 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Corbin and Briggs exchange strikes in the middle of the ring until Corbin pulls the ref before him. He decks Briggs, hits another punch, and hits End of Days for the win.

Result - Baron Corbin defeats Josh Briggs by pin.

00:39 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Corbin slaps Briggs twice, and Briggs returns fire with a punch. He tosses Corbin to the outside before throwing him into ringside barricades. Briggs lands a big boot to drop the hairless Superstar. Corbin fights back with a Uranage for a two-count. Corbin mockingly claps in Fallon Henley's direction. It allows Briggs to take advantage briefly. He hits a jumping splash for a near fall.

00:37 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Duke Hudson and Mr. Chase are still worried about Thea Hail. They run into Jacy Jayne, who calls "the new and improved" Thea Hail. She's wearing a leather ensemble that leaves Hudson and Chase speechless.

00:31 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Mac Mitchell interviews Blair Davenport ahead of her match with Gigi Dolin. She calls Gigi pathetic because when she dropped someone, they didn't get back up. When Gigi hit her, she got back up. Up next is Tampa Bay Bucs Enthusiast Baron Corbin taking on Josh Briggs.

00:30 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Kelly Kincaid interviews Trick after the match. She asks him if Carmelo Hayes will walk out as Champ. He takes exception to the question since he just had a match. He gives props to both Melo and Ilja. He says Melo will retain at No Mercy and that it's time for him to get his (title).

00:28 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Gacy hits a DDT by the ropes before trying to control Trick with a headlock. Trick hits a Kick, but Gacy recovers and hits a few strikes. He goes for his finisher, but Williams hits a jumping knee to end the match relatively quickly.

Result - Trick Williams defeats Joe Gacy by pin.

00:27 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Noam Dar might not leave with the same number of fingers . . .

00:24 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Before the next match, we see Tony D and Stacks sitting at a restaurant ahead of hosting their potential challengers. 

Arriving at the establishment at Humberto and Angel. They say they didn't come to apologize but only for the tag titles. Tony D says that there will be a six-course meal. Count me in!

00:18 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Up next is Trick Williams taking on Joe Gacy.

00:18 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

The Meta-Four dressed up like they were at the Kentucky Derby. Following the match, Mac Mitchell interviews Dominik Mysterio about his last few days. He thinks he has No Mercy off, but Mac informs him that he's defending the title against the winner of tonight's triple threat. 

Mac Mitchell holds up a huge phone or small tablet (they look about the same size, but I'm old and have a phone-sized phone) to show him the tweet Michaels sent before NXT started.

00:16 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Coffey hits a powerbomb and the Glasgow Sendoff before landing his big Lariat. Butch kicks out of the pin, befuddling Joe. He tosses Butch outside and plants him in front of the steel steps.

He moves out of the way as Coffey hits the steps while attempting ANOTHER Glasgow Sendoff. Butch tosses Coffey back into the ring and hits the Bitter End for the win.

Result - Butch defeats Joe Coffey by pin.

00:14 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Coffey has Butch against the ropes after the commercial break, but Butch grabs Coffey's digits. He then lands 10 clubbing strikes to Coffey's chest. He then DDT's Joe on the ring apron. 

Joe lands a popup uppercut and a reverse crossbody. He goes to suplex Butch and hits a German Suplex after two attempts. Coffey hits a Glasgow Sendoff, but Butch hits two kicks to stall his momentum. Butch hits an Enzuigiri while Coffey drops Butch with a Lariat.

00:08 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Coffey goes for a springboard headbutt, but Butch punches him in the face. Gallus tries to regroup on the outside, allowing Butch to hit a moonsault on all three men. Wolfgang and Mark Coffey get on the apron to try and intervene, but they are kicked out of ringside by the ref.

00:07 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Butch grounds the bigger Joe Coffey early on, complete with a stomp on his hand. Coffey returns the favor by grounding Butch and grabbing him by the nose. Joe knocks Butch to the ground as they collide mid-ring. 

Butch then fights back by doing the Gallus pose while working on Coffey's arm. He stomps the arm on the mat and then jumps off the top and does the same. He locks in an armbar, but Mark Coffey distracts the ref. Wolfgang grabs Butch's leg and decks him.

00:03 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

The Invitational has been more exciting to me than actual Heritage Cup matches. Just a personal preference.

00:02 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

Kicking off tonight is Butch vs. Joe Coffey in the finals of the Global Heritage Cup Invitational.

00:01 (GMT)27 SEP 2023

NXT GM Shawn Michaels announced earlier today that a triple threat match would determine Dominik Mysterio's challenger for No Mercy this Saturday. Axiom, Tyler Bate, and Dragon Lee will face off for a shot at "Dirty" Dom!
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