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  • WWE NXT Results (July 4, 2023): Bron Breakker's next move, the Creeds leaving NXT, and more!!

WWE NXT Results (July 4, 2023): Bron Breakker's next move, the Creeds leaving NXT, and more!!

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 05, 2023 02:11 GMT

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02:11 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

02:10 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Full Results for NXT for July 4, 2023.
Blair Davenport defeats Roxanne Perez by pin.
Mustafa Ali defeats Tyler Bate by pin.
Kelani Jordan defeats Tatum Paxley by pin
Eddy Thorpe defeats Damon Kemp by referee stoppage.
Lyra Valkyria defeats Jacy Jayne by pin.
The Dyad defeats the Creeds by pin.

02:08 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Ilja says the only thing in the way of him and the NXT Title is Bron. He then kicks Bron, and the two brawl. Refs and recruits come out to try and break things up. They are not successful in their attempts. 

02:06 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Bron says he almost beat Seth Rollins two weeks ago with only 78 matches under his belt. He didn't have "the luxury" of wrestling across the world and on the independent circuit. Bron says he's ready to take on more top-caliber stars but Ilja Dragunov interrupts him. 

02:02 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Finn Balor also accepts the invitation from Carmelo Hayes, saying Judgment Day will be on NXT next week.

02:01 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Stacks Lorenzo vs. Joe Coffey and Ivy Nile vs. Tiffany Stratton is announced for next week. Andre Chase and Duke Hudson take on Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey.

01:59 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

01:57 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Kelani Jordan vs. Cora Jade is announced for next week.

01:54 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

The Dyad drops Brutus on the outside with a Doomsday Device move. Julius is left alone in the ring. He lands a double suplex and a moonsault on both members of the Dyad after a one-legged kippup. Ava gets in the ring to distract Julius but Ivy takes her out. A masked figure in a red hoodie hits Julius with his mask, allowing the Dyad to hit a Double Codebreaker for the win.
Result - The Dyad defeats the Creeds by pin.

01:51 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Brutus locks Rip in an ankle lock but Rip gets out by kicking Brutus in the face. He hits a jumping Codebreaker off the top rope for a two-count.

01:50 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Fowler decks Julius as the match resumes. He locks in a single-leg Boston Crab. Julius makes the tag to Brutus, who is nursing a shoulder injury. He hits a slam and a springboard 450 Splash. Okay, that was impressive.

01:46 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Julius hits a powerbomb, but Fowler breaks up the pin. Julius then pounds on Fowler, allowing Reid to chop block his "hurt" knee. Rip then tosses Julius into the steel steps knee-first. 

01:44 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Julius gets the tag and hits a few suplexes and then a Plancha before tossing Rip back into the ring. He tries to re-enter, but Jagger grabs his leg. Rip gets a two-count. Julius hits a jumping knee before tagging Brutus in. They hit a tandem move for a near fall. Jagger gets another near fall.

01:41 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Rip Fowler works on Brutus until the inevitable hot tag to Julius.

01:39 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

01:36 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Reid and Fowler attack the Creeds before the bell. Once the Creeds get control, however, the ref calls for the bell. Julius hits a Shooting Star Press, but Gacy pulls Reid out of the ring. The ref then ejects Gacy from ringside.

01:35 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

01:34 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

A vignette for next week airs promoting the debut next week of Bronco Nima and Lucien Price.

01:32 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Von basks in the cheers from the crowd. 

01:32 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

We then cut quickly to ringside as Von Wagner is dismantling Javier Bernal. He keeps trying to destroy Bernal, but Mr. Stone keeps pleading with Von to do it in the ring. Von eventually puts Javy through the announce table to the delight of the crowd.

01:31 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

We then see Kiana James outside her office on the phone. She's mocking Gigi Dolin and how she draped her in the paint last week. Dolin has wrecked Kiana's office. She leaves a note that says she can't run from her past. She also calls Kiana a "phony" with pain on the wall.

01:30 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Noam Dar professes his love to a photo of the Heritage Cup. The Meta Four figure they have to fix Noam.

01:28 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Jacy attacks her after the match and rips up her feather wings. She leaves the ring after saying "I always have the last laugh, b**ch."

01:28 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Valkyria lands a suicide dropkick before tossing Jayne back into the ring. She goes for a move off the top but Jayne moves. Jayne lands a Senton for a near fall. She goes for a spinning kick but Lyra lands a kick of her own, as well as a spinning heel kick for the win.
Result - Lyra Valkyria defeats Jacy Jayne by pin.

01:26 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Jayne has Lyra locked in the Walls of Jericho off the commercial break. She breaks out of it and gets a two-count on a roll-up. Jayne whiffs on a Cannonball in the corner, allowing Lyra to hits a flurry of clotheslines and kicks. She adds a legdrop for a near fall. 

01:24 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

01:23 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

01:21 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Lyra works on Jacy's arm early on. A dropkick sends Jayne to the outside. She tries one through the ropes but Jayne catches her and bashes her head into the apron.

01:18 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Tony D meets with Stacks and Joe Coffey. Tony D is understandably angry as Stacks is working with "the rat" rather than ending them. Stacks also says he worked with Joe to come up with a match next week. If Stacks wins, D'Angelo is set free and they get a title shot. If Joe wins, Tony D stays locked up. Up next is Lyra Valkyria taking on Jacy Jayne.

01:11 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

01:11 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

01:10 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams mention Judgment Day and how Damian Priest has the Money in the Bank contract. Please don't waste it on anything but the World or Undisputed Championship. Melo then invites the entire stable to NXT.

01:09 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Gable and Eddy celebrate until some random recruits come in to try and test Gable. He suplexes three guys because he is an Olympic hero.

01:07 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Thorpe locks in a flying triangle choke to eventually pick up the win.
Eddy Thorpe defeats Damon Kemp by referee stoppage.

01:06 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Thorpe recovers by landing some kicks and a German Suplex of his own. He lands another throw but Kemp decks him when he tries to take advantage. Thorpe lands a knee as Kemp goes for a takedown. Kemp sends Thorpe to the outside with a belly-to-back suplex. Kemp runs into the ring post and screams that his arm hurts as he is tossed.

01:03 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Kemp sends Thorpe over the barricade but Thorpe locks in a Triangle Choke. Kemp breaks out of it by slamming Thorpe onto the ring apron. He adds a German Suplex and another throw before locking in another Rear Naked Choke.

01:02 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Kemp lands a takedown early on and uses some ground and pound. He lands another throw on Thorpe before hitting a reverse Uranage. Kemp locks in a Rear Naked Choke and then a knee. He locks in another choke but Thorpe sweeps to top control. Kemp does the same. Both men roll off of the platform. Kemp hides behind a female PC recruit and then shoves her into Thorpe. He takes advantage by sending him into the barricade. Kemp and Gable lock eyes and argue.

00:57 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Will Gable Steveson interfere since Damon Kemp is his real-life brother??

00:54 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

00:53 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

00:52 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

We then head to Chase U as the students welcome Andre Chase back to work. He thanks Duke Hudson for taking over in his absence. Duke tells a guy named "Nick" to move out of his seat. Ander then praises Thea for her making Stratton tap out last week. He then yells at Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak for interfering last week. It ends with Duke yelling at Nick like Andre Chase would. They'll be tangling with Gulak and Dempsey in tag team action at some point.

00:50 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Cora Jade then comes out to mock Jordan's first win. She mocks the fact that she has Dana Brooke by her side. She calls her an enemy by association with Brooke. Jordan challenges her to a match RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW. Jade declines.

00:48 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Paxley goes for a suplex but Jordan counters it into a cutter for the win.
Result - Kelani Jordan defeats Tatum Paxley by pin.

00:47 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Jordan lands some kicks and arm drags early on to maintain control. Paxley drops her after being controlled early on. She hits a backbreaker and a spinning Senton before locking Jordan in a cravat.

00:44 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Up next is Tatum Paxley taking on the debuting Kelani Jordan.

00:40 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

00:40 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Mac Mitchell interviews Ava and Gacy before the Loser Leaves NXT match, and he says the right team will win.

00:38 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

As he leaves the ring area, Ali looks into the camera to challenge Wes Lee for the North American title at the Great American Bash.

00:37 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Ali gets sent over the top rope. Bate hits a flying crossbody over the top. He tosses Ali into the ring but he lands a suicide dive. They both get back into the ring and Bate lands a huge clothesline for a two-count. Bate bodyslams Ali twice before whiffing on a corkscrew Plancha off the top. Ali then climbs to the top but he's met by Bate. The two try to balance atop the ropes but Bate gets crotched. Ali hits a 450 Splash for the win.
Result - Mustafa Ali defeats Tyler Bate by pin.

00:34 (GMT)5 JUL 2023

Bate goes for Bop and Bang but Ali kicks him in the head. He goes for his rolling neckbreaker from the outside but Bate catches with a Bop. Ali lands a kick and transitions into a Crossface. Bate counters into the airplane spin but as he spins too long, Ali counters into a DDT for a near fall.
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